Account Credit, Proration and Coupons

ProtonMail allows users to change active subscriptions at any time. Remaining unused subscription days will be refunded to your account. Read on for more info on three related terms: Account Credit, Proration and Coupons.


ProtonMail offers a variety of plans, from the entry-level ProtonMail Free plan to the high-end Visionary plan. Users are able to activate, change, or cancel active subscriptions at any time. If you change or cancel your plan, the value of any unused subscription days is added to your account as credits.

This article explains how we calculate these prorated values, along with related information about account credit and coupons.

Account Credit

Account credit (in the currency of your last payment) can be applied toward your next subscription. Credit is obtained when you make a payment through Bitcoin or when you cancel or downgrade an active subscription with any number of days left.


A proration is the amount of credit you receive for unused subscription days when you modify an active subscription (i.e. upgrading, downgrading, or canceling an existing plan). The proration is calculated by dividing the amount paid for the subscription term by the number of days in the term, then multiplying that amount by the number of days remaining.

  • Example: A user paid for an annual ProtonMail Plus plan for 48 EUR. The user then decides to cancel the subscription with 100 days remaining at the time of cancellation. The proration amount will be: 
    48 EUR / 365 days * 100 days = 13.15 EUR


Coupons are used to grant special subscription discounts such as for

  • the bundle discount, which is available for combining ProtonMail with ProtonVPN,
  • dedicated supporters who purchased a lifetime Visionary plan,
  • early supporters who contributed to the ProtonMail crowdfunding campaign.

Coupons can be entered during the checkout process in the Coupon form as shown in the screenshot below.

Example scenario: Upgrading an existing subscription with account credit and no coupon

A user with 20 EUR credit on their account and an existing annual ProtonMail Plus subscription (48 EUR/year) with 100 days left wants to upgrade to an annual ProtonMail Professional Plan (75 EUR/year). The user goes to their Dashboard ( and selects a ProtonMail Professional plan. Here’s how the final price is calculated:

  1. The new plan cost is shown, including an annual payment discount if applicable (75 EUR/year).
  2. Your existing plan’s proration is calculated and deducted from the total cost, in this case: 48 EUR / 365 days * 100 days = 13.15 EUR.
  3. Any coupon discounts are applied, in this case none.
    • Note: If the user were to combine ProtonMail with ProtonVPN, the bundle discount coupon would automatically add a 20% discount
  4. Any existing credit will be used towards this new subscription, in this case 20 EUR
  5. The final amount due equals the amount from step 1, minus the amounts from steps 2, 3, and 4. In this case: 75 EUR – 13.15 EUR – 0 EUR – 20 EUR = 41.85 EUR.

The final amount can be paid with credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments require you to first add credit to your account.

(Note: the amounts in the screenshot do not correspond to the example. The screenshot is meant to show the location where this information is displayed.)


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