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ProtonMail is built due to the support of our amazing community. Shortly after our first beta launch the ProtonMail launched an Indiegogo campaign. This brought generous support from more than 10,000 members of our community who believed privacy should be the default on the internet. Their support has enabled ProtonMail to continue to grow over the years. ProtonMail promised to deliver services (Perks) based off the amount of funds were donated.

For all those who supported us on our Indiegogo campaign, thank you!

The following will receive the perks outlined in the description. You should have received a notice to your ProtonMail account with instructions on how to setup your perks. If you have any questions, please respond back to that original email or send us a message.

ProtonMail Plus contributor

ProtonMail+ Supporters will receive 1 year of ProtonMail +. Please note that all ProtonMail + accounts will receive a default of 5 GB of storage space.

ProtonMail Visionary contributor

Visionary supporters will receive 1 year of the Visionary plan.

ProtonMail Lifetime contributor

Our highest tier in the campaign was the Lifetime ProtonMail+. A true vote of confidence in ProtonMail’s mission from the earliest days. In return, you will receive a lifetime worth of the Visionary Plan.

All mobile app supporters, the applications will be released out of beta shortly. You should all have received your Beta testing links in August, 2015.


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  1. Arnold J Harriett

    I can not get into my account. I used the name:
    I do not remember my password, please help me.

  2. ProtonMail Support

    You do need to log in only with the username, or with Please contact us on or via the Report bug button if you need further assistance.

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