Custom Domain Support (i.e.

If you are a paid user, you can host email for domains you already own through ProtonMail. You can customize your own email domain while benefiting from ProtonMail’s security, privacy, and ease of use. 

For example, if you own the domain, you can set your ProtonMail account to send and receive emails with addresses, such as

How to connect your custom domain with ProtonMail

  1. Upgrade your existing ProtonMail account to any of our paid plans.

  2. You must have access to your domain’s DNS records. Your domain provider will be able to help you find your domain’s DNS records. Once you have the records, you can change them and point them towards ProtonMail. 

Note that you will not be able to add addresses from domains you do not own or control, such as .edu or .gov domains.

If you do not have your own domain, you can buy one through domain registrars, such as or Learn more about setting up a custom domain here

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  1. Kasper

    I would love to be updated on this feature

  2. Shamas

    I would be interested in this too and would consider it for my domain.

  3. HC

    Up-vote for this.

  4. Andy

    I’d definitely port my family’s domain over (6-7 users) if the price was affordable. In case a couple of them aren’t on board though, it’d be useful to allow e-mail forwarding, just as most hosting services would. Obviously they’d forfeit encryption and privacy and the whole purpose of protonmail. But it would allow them to phase into protonmail on their terms, on their schedule. It’s not easy sometimes to switch e-mail addresses, particularly personal e-mail addresses.

  5. Alain Verglas

    I have the same request of a forwarding facility inside Proton Mail, in order to share a domain with other users of my family.
    It would be nice to know if this improvement is planned and if a date of implementation has been fixed.

  6. Mortamur Gumple

    A domain hosting service would be fantastic, please let me know when this product is available.

  7. Edward

    This would be a fantastic addition and next on my wishlist!

  8. Svein Daniel

    I’d love to be updated on the progress of this :-)

  9. Scott

    Upvote! Please notify me when available.

  10. D Spaulding

    I would like to be updated on Custom Domains.

    Thank you!

  11. Al Laique

    This would be great specially for exchanging encrypted emails when exchanging or setting up users to exchange scientific research and conducting consulting business in infrastructure defense.

  12. Chris

    I have a new Domain that I would would like to use with this service. If you need a tester let me know.

  13. David McWhorter

    Please let me know when this is available!

  14. me

    It should be free

  15. Tyson

    This feature would be very attractive to me to upgrade to a premium account. It would also be great if I could have a number of names to receive and possibly send emails from all using the same inbox.

  16. Al

    Definitely a winner if priced right.

  17. frank

    please make it possible :)

  18. Deb

    Yes please!

  19. NAme

    mid to late 2015!? finally a potential mail service hosted in swiss and it does not support custom domains!

  20. Greg

    I wouldn’t consider paying for a service that didn’t provide this feature. Looking forward to this being available very soon.

  21. Isabelle

    Please keep me posted about this feature, I would like to know when it will be available.

  22. Jason

    Please include me when sending out information on this! I would absolutely port my immediate family over to this service if it was reasonably affordable for 4-7 users.

  23. Chris

    If there’s an ETA for this, I’d wait for it rather than switching my email to another host.

  24. Fetze

    Yep, this would be a sweet feature!

  25. Bob


  26. Marc Mercer

    Definitely interested in this, can’t wait for it. Want to get off google for good….

  27. Pilskalns

    Yes, the pricing should be also suitable for individuals and small teams. Maybe protonmail can host or forward also regular addresses. For example, if I have a small team with 3 members and we have corresponding between us and others in secure manner. But for public address, like we would like to receive and send emails without passwords like newsletters, press releases, inquiries, offers etc. I know, I can have multiple sending mail hosts, but not receiving.

  28. Tom

    This would be an excellent service !!

  29. Peter M.

    please add it

  30. Nammut

    Obviously a feature needed for many (including me).
    If you want to have a leg up in your offering though, please make sure to properly support IPv6 if it does not already. Especially mail seems to lag behind alot on this.

  31. leboural

    Yes, need it !

  32. albatr0ss

    Yes would like this feature very much.

    Now that I have access to may protonmail on my mobile devices I’d switch all email accounts over to protonmail

  33. John

    If this was priced reasonably, I would move my family domain over in a heartbeat!

  34. Jeff

    Yes please

  35. Nate

    Definitely! Going to be keeping an eye out for this feature… If it is reasonably priced, I will very much consider moving my mail hosting to you.

  36. Freek

    The price will be an important factor, any hints?

    Also, I understand your encryption will make IMAP impossible (right?) but will there be Linux/osX/Windows local apps then? Ways to use protonmail with a larger spous approval factor than the webclient en double password? Or does this defy the purpose? I’m asking because my wife shares my domain but not my “paranoia”. Or can I forward just her email to another service (like my own mail server)?

    Many questions, I understand you can’t serve everyone perfectly but I I’d like it if the costs structure is finely grained so that I can pay separate for custom domain, more space, and whatever more will follow. It would be nice if enthusiast like me are not forced to the same package as companies who have larger budgets :)

  37. Michael Shea

    Please let me know when this feature is available. Definitely interested!

  38. RT

    Very interested in this! This is the final string holding me to gmail! Very much look forward using protonmail for my custom domain email. Please make priority.

  39. Selim

    Would be nice to have

  40. RT

    As we enter the September with only a few months left in the year is it possible to get an updated timeline on this feature / if it is still scheduled for late 2015 or if its been moved to the new year. Would love to start planning my migration.

  41. JR

    Agree with above regarding an update on this and some idea of pricing. This is all that is holding me back from switching to ProtonMail and have been waiting for this feature for a long time :-)

  42. Anonymous

    Please do it

  43. MrRobot

    I’m interested to this feature.

  44. MrRobot

    I’m interested to this feature, please let me know when it’s available.

  45. Simon Duncan

    Yes… need this feature. Please email when ready.

  46. Gabriel

    Oh yeah that would be awesome. :)

  47. Woody

    Yes this would be an awesome feature together with a “WhoIs Privacy” option.

  48. Bob

    Would gladly pay for this.

  49. Jesper Myhre

    With this feature available (+calender) I’ll be moving everything to Proton :)

  50. Marc Riera

    Commenting to keep updated

  51. flava kid

    Please expedite this feature

  52. Vishal

    +1 for updates.

  53. Jim G

    I look forward to using my domain.

  54. Linus

    I’d love to get updated on this feature!

  55. Jen

    definitely want this feature, happy to pay for it too.

  56. Fetze

    Custom domain support is required for me to fully switch from my current email set-up to ProtonMail.

  57. Lenny

    Great feature/idea – would port away from GMail to Proton when available.

  58. ASK

    Yes please

  59. panos

    I would definitely be keen on having my personal domain hosted by protonmail.

  60. Max

    I would use it, its the only feature keeping me from using protonmail full time.

  61. Anonymous

    As it is “mid/late 2015” is there any updates on this?

  62. John

    Absolutely yes, please!

  63. keb

    i eagerly await this

  64. chad merritt

    This would be a great feature if priced correctly. Especially if it has all the right features like forwarding accounts, lists, etc. I’m already in the beta of proton mail, I’d be happy to beta this too. Please keep me up to date.

  65. Todd

    I too would like this feature + calendaring/reminders + a more robust addresss book. Obviously, I would be willing to pay for these features. Please update me on this in the future.

  66. Paul

    I would like to be updated when this is available

  67. Pere

    For me this is a must to start using protonmail. And I’m willing to pay a humble price for having it.

  68. Levi

    Yes! I would pay!

  69. Bartek

    I’d love to use this premium feature.

  70. hakr

    You should give it free to individuals or small groups with their own domain.

  71. igloo

    I’d love to be told when this happens.

  72. Luke

    Commenting to stay updated on this feature. Looking to use protonmail for my business and would be willing to pay a premium fee for this feature.

  73. Khan Hannan

    I’d like to upgrade to be able to take advantage of the custom domain. Please keep me informed along with the others here. Thanks.

  74. Josué Berríos

    Interested here!

  75. Raphael PRIVAT

    This is the only missing feature that prevents me from migrating to protonmail

  76. RT

    Please update on status of this feature and the possibility of it appearing this year.

  77. Tony

    Certainly looking forward to this feature. Will be my primary email once it supports this.

  78. Pau

    I want to be updated on this feature.

  79. C

    I absolutely need this as well to replace “don’t be evil” guys.

  80. Irene

    I would love to be updated on this feature since it’s the one missing piece that has prevented me from switching to ProtonMail. I’d be willing to pay. Since we’re at mid-October, any chance of getting an updated timeline on when custom domains may be available?

  81. ThinRhino

    Would be great if you can provide this feature ASAP. Would immediately move two of my emails here. Willing to pay.

  82. Rembert

    I’m still on GMail but with the termination of the SafeHarbor act and the ever existing Patriot/Freedom act I’d prefer to move away to a European mail solution which does support my own mail domains: commercial ones – I’d pay for it. But also for a domain I use for a foundation – I’d rather not pay for this.

  83. jason

    Please update me on this feature.

  84. Filip

    I’d gladly pay for that – in fact it’s the only thing that prevents me from migrating my email to Proton.

  85. John

    This is the only thing holding me back from using ProtonMail.

  86. Benjamin

    Same for me, this is the only thing holding me back from using ProtonMail – please update me on this feature.

  87. Dave

    Count me in also – once this feature is enabled, I’ll become a full-time user of ProtonMail.

  88. Jeppe

    I would be extremely interested in a Protonmail hosted service for my company (happy to pay for it), and grateful for any update you can provide.

  89. J

    Shut up and take my money!

  90. chemical business

    I have a few domains, and your mention of mid late 2015, has me waiting!! Great work guys!

  91. hang soo

    I definitely need it.

  92. h

    right on!

  93. Sarah Louise Ferrara

    yes please

  94. Leonard

    Yes please let me know when this feature is available

  95. Edan

    I need this, too!

  96. Ian Bradbury

    I am eagerly awaiting this feature, please keep me updated.

  97. Vishal

    Interested in this.

  98. Jogo


  99. Keith


  100. Adam

    I want it !

  101. Robert

    Waiting for this feture

  102. Stanley

    Upvote – A definite must have on an already excellent offering

  103. Rachel

    I would like to see this too!

  104. Ron

    Please keep me updated on this feature.

  105. Keith

    Any news on custom domains..?

  106. Anthony

    Very interested! Please keep me updated.

  107. antonio

    Keep me update

  108. antonio

    Have you a web hosting and cloud hosting?
    If not, can you recommend one that has your kind of security?

  109. island

    VERY interested.

  110. Marek


  111. Ian Bradbury

    My credit card is really – please get this feature out the door soon.

  112. Pete M.

    I am extremely interested in this.

  113. Alex

    Make it affordable and im moving off gmail tomorrow ;D

  114. Uwe


  115. Stefano Tranquillini

    news here?

  116. Bruno Barreto


  117. Mark

    I’d move my small business over to Proton Mail if I could host my domain

  118. T. Slater

    – What do you mean by “up-vote”?

    – I would also much appreciate this feature.

  119. Curiosity

    It’s late 2015 (only 11 days left in the year), any status updates?

  120. Nate

    Any updates on this feature? I’d love to switch over to ProtonMail, but require this feature first.

  121. Dan

    This would be the icing on the cake.

  122. Randy

    I would love to be updated as thus feature becomes available.

  123. Anon

    Would love to know when this becomes available

  124. John

    It is now close to the end of the year and this feature was supposed to released mid/late 2015. Any updates as this is all I am waiting for to swap to ProtonMail for good.


  125. John

    Any news about custom domain for ProtonMail account ? Where can I buy this option ?

  126. Anonymous

    Yes please.
    I think this is an important point to make Proton be accepted and widely used.
    You could for example buy a few domains and let the user choose which one he want to use with his new account. Plus, full customization for the advanced users that really care.

  127. RS

    Please keep me updated. This is EXTREMELY important to me.

  128. FG

    Please update us on this one.

  129. Matt

    Waiting for this feature. Ready to switch!
    Shut up and take my money.

  130. Tony

    Very interested…

  131. Guillaume LG

    Happy New Year ! I wish you Existing Domain Name Support as a new feature in protonmail !
    I am in !

  132. Brenden

    Any update on the availability of this??

  133. Berco

    Would be great.

  134. Phoebe

    Definitely interested. When will it be available?

  135. Debbie

    VERY interested, hope this will be available soon.

  136. Jean-Marie Galliot

    Is it ready now with 3.0 release?

  137. orel

    Still waiting feedbacks on this topic…

  138. Thomas Nuxn

    I would like this.

  139. Buxsta

    I would be interested in this also.

  140. Jason

    I would love to see this feature.

  141. Joel Dinel

    As soon as this feature is live and the Andoid client stabilizes, I am ready to migrate away from gmail and onto ProtonMail.

  142. Johnny

    Any update on this feature?

  143. Ron ter Burg

    Please keep me updated. Thanks!

  144. B

    new timeline on this?

  145. rene


  146. Ersin

    love to see this feature

  147. Rémy

    I would like to get this as soon as possible.

  148. Henrik

    Upvoted.. Can hardly wait…

  149. Mathis

    Just waiting for this

  150. kal imiri

    Is this here yet? We really want this!

  151. Lulu

    I would like to be updated on Custom Domains.

    Thank you!

  152. Zoran

    feature i’m interested in!

  153. Eduardo


  154. Caio

    I would like to be updated on Custom Domains.

  155. Some Guy

    It’s today! But, I don’t see any mention on the ProtonMail homepage :(

  156. random


  157. Slax

    This would be great !

  158. Anonymous

    any updates on this topic?

  159. Patrick Recher

    I would love to move the email accounts from my domain to proton. please keep me updated! thanks!

  160. Duvrai

    Me too!

  161. Paul Vollmer


  162. Sara Khan

    Thanks for the post. Hope to see more int he future…

    hosting domain registration
    business web hosting services

  163. Anonymous


  164. riton

    This is an awesome feature but it’s terribly missing the possibility to have multiple different users that “share” a custom domain.
    For example:, etc.. each user with its own password and Inbox.

  165. ProtonMail Support

    We are planning to implement sub-users in the near future.

  166. Anonymous

    Custom domain support “.email” suffix?

  167. ProtonMail Support

    We support most of the domains. Please contact us on or via the Report bug button if you need assistance.

  168. Visitor52

    Really need this one !!!

  169. jim

    “Currently, if you add multiple addresses from a custom domain, all the mail will be delivered to your one upgraded inbox.” Looking to move to ProtonMail but not until this is changed. I need multiple mailboxes with the same custom domain for family members. Until then I will keep my trial account open.

  170. Steven Miklovic

    I wish I had known that Custom Domain use is basically just an alias at this point. This is only good for a ‘vanity’ domain for one person — if you have a second user then they lose their mailbox. I did not understand this before I paid for an annual upgrade.

    Please add proper custom domain functionality ASAP, thank you.

  171. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on adding sub users feature together with the business premium plan.

  172. DrKleinfuss

    Hello there. Same as Steven. I upgraded thinking it was not just alias but custom domain with real separated mailboxes.
    Great to hear you are working on this feature.

  173. tridy

    QUOTE: “We are planning to implement sub-users in the near future. ”

    How near is this future, actually? At least approximately. One year or so?


  174. ProtonMail Support

    WE are hoping to release them by the end of the summer.

  175. David

    UPVOTE for business. I just signed up and thought I would be able to share email addresses for our domain with my Team.

  176. Chand

    i need business account.

  177. Jeoffrey

    Very good work ProtonMail. I looking forward to transfer my business email account with our own domain name.

  178. lukas

    Is there any date, when the feature will be going live, so companies can also use it easy. I bought custom domain to support this project, but for my business i cannot use it until the several user option is available.

    Could you confirm any release date ?


  179. Ken

    I host about 40 domains @ Godaddy and have been using Godaddy email hosting as well. How can I migrate these email accounts to ProtonMail and get the security level ProtonMail provides.

  180. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment we support up to 10 custom domains per premium account. We will consider increasing this in the future. If you have any questions about setting up domains please contact us via the Report bug button or on

  181. Ryan

    Just singed up looking to switch our company email to this… hopefully this is coming soon?

  182. ProtonMail Support

    You can use your domain with ProtonMail if you are a premium user. At this moment we do not support sub users, which means you can’t have different login credentials for the addresses you add. We are working on adding this feature in the future, as well as adding a new Business plan.

  183. Louis

    Are there any details you can reveal comfortably about the new feature?

    e.g. Will the ability to have sub users on one custom domain be available to PLUS customers or is this going to be a feature only for ‘Business’ customers such that those with PLUS accounts will have to upgrade?

    We’re (our family) anxiously waiting on this feature. ;-)


  184. Giulio Prisco

    I would like some more info about the business plan for domain email hosting, including estimated release time and pricing. I am choosing an email provider for a new business, and would like to consider ProtonMail.

  185. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on this, but we do not have an exact date when it will be introduced. More information will be released on our blog when it is ready.

  186. Anonymous

    would be nice to welcome the family/business/multi-user-one-custom-domain feature in the next time :)

  187. Anonymous

    Do you think the family or business feature will be added in the next time? i bought an account for custom domains and was not aware of that it won’t work for more than one user?

  188. ProtonMail Support

    We are planning to release business plans in the near future.

  189. Anonymous

    what does “near future” means? can we at least expect it this or next month? thank you for any details :)

  190. ProtonMail Support

    For the sub-accounts, it will probably be by the end of this year.


    Where is the inheritance of this system support the year 2018? and how is recent the world security?

  192. MAry Tefel


  193. Phil

    I’d love to use the custom domain for me and my family – my daughter will soon be at an age where she’ll require email and I do not want to start her off on gmail or hotmail! So we’re not strictly speaking business users, but would require the ability to use one domain across multiple user/protonmail accounts. I hope you’ll consider releasing a plan that is suited for this type of scenario (i.e. a very limited number of users), i.e. a “business plan” for up to 5 users for example.

  194. Alex Velasquez

    Could we crowdfund your effort to implement Business accounts faster? I am ready to pledge $100 so that this feature is implemented faster (say by end of October). And then pay for the business account. With this money you could hire more coders, engineers and staff to implement this feature faster.

  195. NL

    Re: business or sub-accounts using a custom domain:
    Will it be an upgrade option on an existing paid account or will we need to create an entirely different account to have multiple users under one custom domain? I just need to be clear on what the payment schedule will be to make plans for this.

    Thank you!

  196. John

    “Business accounts will allow multiple users to use the same domain for their email address.”

    Please put this feature on the top of your priority list! I will switch all e-mails of my organization to proton as soon as this is possible!
    Keep up with the excellent work, many thanks! :-)


  197. Anonymous

    Please implement soon. I would like to use as a family.

  198. Anonymous

    A family domain feature would be a really significant benefit to me and many people I know.

  199. Peter B

    Our NGO needs multiple addresses on custom domain.

  200. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us via the Report bug button, or on for more information.

  201. jaro

    Is the way to upgrade my protonmail account only by adding custom domain? I don’t need more storage, or labels.

  202. Graham Anderson

    One thing to consider might be split delivery. So if you have multiple addresses on a domain, but only want one to be a fully encrypted ProtonMail account, any addresses not matching are forwarded on to another service. Google offers this, which lets me use a full featured paid account with Google Apps for Domains, while forwarding other mailboxes to my cheap hosting provider. Their FAQ can be found here:

  203. Dav

    Who do you use for DNS resolvers?

    Who does my super secure mail host trust?

  204. ProtonMail Support

    At ProtonMail, we run our own DNS resolvers.

  205. freek

    To explain a bit further: At the moment my wife and I both use the same domain and have mailboxes with our own first name before the @, is this possible with protonmail? If so, the bridge option took me over the line and I’m signing up right now.

  206. freek

    Ok, just heard from someone else on a forum that the addresses are aliases, not real stand-alone mailboxes. Only “users” get their own mailbox. This would mean for me and my wife (and possible children) I need 2 (or more) users so a least 2 plus plans or professional with multiple users (I guess that last option because otherwise we are not on the same domain). Sorry that is just a bit too steep for 2+ users with my own domain, compared to also being able to have 2 free accounts.

    I’d love it if there would be a family plan, 4-6 mailboxes, 1 domain, a couple of GB combined would be enough. Say 4-6 euros a month? We’re not big users :). I’ve got a good dutch provider now, 3 euros a month for 3 mailboxes. Would pay more for Proton, but not 10x :)

  207. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment, only the Professional and Visionary plans support sub-users. Please note that to create sub-users, you will need to add a custom domain first, as sub-users cannot have addresses.

  208. Anonymous

    Same problem. We have our own domain with one adress for each family’s member , me, my wife and our 2 children. We’d like to have by protonmail something like : dad@my.domain, mam@my.domain, child1@my.domain and child2@my.domain. For us, the bussiness plan or visionnary are too expensive.

  209. gladson

    I can’t able to receive mail to my new customized mail id but mail is going from proton mail account with my new domain name..

    please help me

  210. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at or using the support form at

  211. alistair margetts

    hello ive been having massive problems swapping the ownership of my domaim  !!

    it was succsefuffly swapped to protonmail domain but its become extremely unststable it isnt owned by nameasy anymore however it doesnt seem to under your domain either any help would be massively gratefully receiveid, Alistair

    Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

  212. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, or using the support form at for help with this issue.

  213. Tyler Wahlert

    I’m using Outlook on Windows 10. Are there specific instructions for changing the DNS to use this feature?

  214. ProtonMail Support

    To use ProtonMail in Outlook, you will need to install the ProtonMail Bridge app.

  215. pakolunk hu

    This is a very good email app, thank you.

  216. Anonymous

    When we customize our own domain, is .com required? For example, like domain@support.USA instead of I want to ensure before I upgrade my account.

  217. ProtonMail Support

    The TLD of the domain shouldn’t matter as long as you can set up the required DNS records.

  218. Charles

    Protonmail vs Bluewin ?

  219. Dukers

    Hi, I have a custom domain added to my protonmail account but I wish to replace it with another custom domain (basically I am switching my domains from a .me TDL to a .es TDL and want to cancel my domain registration for the old .me TDL). Is there any way to migrate all my mails and mail account folders to the new custom domain? How would I do that? I do not want to lose everything by just deleting the old custom domain and setting up a new one. Neither do i want to add a second custom domain, as thats a waste of money as I am terminating the old domain strtaight after.

  220. ProtonMail Support

    If you remove the existing domain, the custom domain addresses will become orphaned and unusable, but you can still read all existing messages:

    If you want to remove the orphaned addresses, you will need to delete all messages for those addresses. You can use the Import/Export tool to export the messages prior to deleting them:

    If you need further assistance, please contact our support team:

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