Desktop notifications

We offer a notification feature that allows you to receive desktop notifications while you are logged in to your ProtonMail account.

How to enable desktop notifications

The first time you log in to ProtonMail, you will see a banner at the top of the ProtonMail screen asking for your permission to enable desktop notifications. If you dismiss this banner (click X to the right of the banner), it will disappear, and we won’t ask again.

Banner asking permision to enable desktop notifications

Once you allow desktop notifications, the next time you receive a new message, you will see a notification pop up in the lower right corner of your screen:

Notification in your browser

Alternatively, the notification may be shown by your operating system’s default notification manager.


Windows desktop notification


macOS desktop notification

Similar system notifications are shown in Linux and Chrome OS.

To check if you have allowed the notifications:


Click on the permissions icon to the left of your address bar (nexdt to the padlock icon).

 Firefox notification permissions

Chrome, Brave, and Edge Chromium

Click on the View site information icon (the padlock) to the left of your address bar.

How to check notification status in Chrome

Safari works a little differently. Go to the menu barSafari →  PreferencesWebsites tab → Notifications.

 How to check notifications are enabled in Safari

ProtonMail also supports email notifications. Click on the link to find out more.

How to disable desktop notifications

You can disable notifications for individual websites using the instructions above. If you want to prevent all notifications from your browser:


Go to ≡ → SettingsPrivacy & SecurityPermissionsNotificationsSettings.

Notification settings in Firefox

Here you can see and block all websites that have notifications permissions, remove all permissions, and even block all websites from asking if they can send you notifications.

Chrome and Brave

Go to the three-dot Customize and Control Google Chrome icon Settings Privacy and security Site settings scroll down to Permissions Notifications.

Notification settings in Chrome

You will see a list of Allowed and Blocked sites. Click the three-dot icon to the far right of the site to change its notification permissions. You can also block all notifications from this screen or select Use quieter messaging (this blocks notification prompts from interrupting you).


Go to Settings Privacy and security Site and Shield Settings scroll down to Permissions Notifications.

You will see a list of Allowed and Blocked sites. Click the three-dot icon to the far right of the site to change its notification permissions. You can also block all notifications from this screen or select Use quieter messaging (this blocks notification prompts from interrupting you).

Edge Chromium

Go to the three-dot Settings and more icon Settings Cookies and site permissions Notifications.

Notificiation settings for Chromium Edge

Changing notification permissions in Safari is described above. Note that there is an option to disable websites from asking permission to send notifications.

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  1. Gregory

    Hi guys, I ( love what you are doing and I am ready to upgrade once I see my account working. But I couldn’t figure out how to make my Android app to frequently download my emails and for my Outlook I need some more information. So since fag has nothing on these (quite common topics) I guess this is not possible for the time being? KR

  2. ProtonMail Support

    At this time, you are able to save individual emails by using the “Print” function found inside each email in your account. We plan on adding this feature in the future.

  3. Managed Network Services Dallas

    Thanks for another great article. Where anyone written such a perfect way of that kind of information might be? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such information.

    Managed Network Services Dallas

  4. abeizer

    Hi how do I disable desktop notifications now I have them?
    I’m using Firefox.

  5. ProtonMail Support

    You can click in the left side of the address bar, where the certificate is shown. Then choose Block under the Receive Notifications permission.

  6. Will

    I get to ProtonMail via Tor.
    You mention above (when using Firefox), that to disable the Desktop Notifications, the way to do it is click the Certificate which again, you have said is in Firefox, is the LH of the Address Bar.
    It ain’t there on Tor’s page.
    Where is this Certificate when using Tor?

  7. ProtonMail Support

    Please try clicking on the “Proton Technologies AG” field and block the desktop notifications on the permissions tab.

  8. Art

    Using Opera how do I block desktop notifications? The cert area at left of URL space where it says Proton Technologies AG[CH] has no available selections.

  9. ProtonMail Support

    On Opera you can go in Settings>Websites and find the Notifications section. There you can edit settings for the notifications of certain web pages.

  10. Tom

    Edge supports protonmail notifications. I just checked it, works. :)

  11. Steve

    I also am trying your free subscription to see how easy it is,if not I moveon to next Email subscription IPVANISH has you recommended on their site and several others to try.I do hope it works effortlessly so I can use effortlessly…..I love my privacy and the American dream of living in privacy….until Mr. Snowden spilled the beans on government spying on us,spy on the rich like Trump….He’s a danger to this Democracy!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    I had IPVanish. In the first three days I was hacked from one of the servers they had me connect to and then they were so hard to get a hold of it finally after four months took me to get my money back! I heard safer vpn and others were better, but for now I stay off of WiFi! My iPhones and iPad was down for a month due to ipvanish connections!

  13. D


    For this to work, do i have to have PM open in a tab?

    Or can i just have it signed in and have the site closed and when i get new mail it will pop up?

  14. ProtonMail Support

    You need to be signed in on your browser in order to receive the desktop notifications.

  15. mark williams

    is it possible to get notified when sent mail is opened or read?

  16. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail does not support mail read notifications at this time, but we may consider adding this in the future.

  17. JB

    How about instructions for Safari, please?

  18. ProtonMail Support

    Please try the instructions found on this page:

  19. Phoenix

    Can you add how to remove desktop notifications for the Opera Browser. That’s the one I use because it has free VPN. Thanks

  20. ProtonMail Support

    Please try the procedure found at this link

  21. L

    Despite having notifications disabled on Windows 10, protonmail persistently requests to send notifications (with every new message it sends a pop up asking me to turn on notifications in the settings). I use the Edge browser, and this situation is beyond exasperating.

  22. ProtonMail Support

    Setting Notifications for ProtonMail to Off in Edge should fix this and Edge should remember your decision.

  23. Rick

    I have Safari. Anyone know how I can turn on notifications for my ProtonMail?

  24. Yes

    Android- see no way to allow screen notifications in proton mail, just says click here for info.

  25. ProtonMail Support

    If push notifications are not enabled in your ProtonMail Android app, go to Settings > Background Sync and move the slider to the enabled position. You can choose whether the push notifications should have Vibrate and Sound enabled in Settings > Notification Settings.

  26. lauretta

    How do I make the font larger?

  27. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, or using the support form at

  28. Ms Balbir Nicky Matharu

    I am confused about notifications. I do not any pop to tell me there is email because it is visible for others to see. I wish to keep very private.

    My understanding is that I block anyone I chose to receiving mail & then add back is that what it means too.

    `thank you.

    I am great fun for the site & soon be upgrading as I can see (hidden) already getting attacked as one one of the link from one my emails some builders site came.

    `I hope you will be able to remind us if link in the email is spam.

    `thank you

  29. ProtonMail Support

    If you do not want to receive notifications, please follow the instructions in the article for disabling desktop notifications.
    If you suspect you got a spam message in your inbox, don’t click on any links and move the message to the Spam folder. This will add the sender to your blacklist and all future messages from this sender will go to Spam.
    If you need any further assistance, please contact our support team at or using the support form at

  30. User

    Although I have disabled Do Not Disturb and allowed all sites to send notifications, I am still seeing “Desktop notifications are currently disabled” in Is there a way to fix this?
    Thank you very much for your help.

  31. User

    As an addition to the above comment, it should be noted that I am using Opera.

  32. ProtonMail Support

    Please check the “Manage desktop notifications” section at the following link:

  33. Anonymous

    Hi, a feature request of sorts – can you make the “disable desktop notifications” checkbox in “options” more powerful? I have it set to off but every time I log in firefox asks me if I want to enable notifications. I don’t particularly care whether it does or not (prefer not), but the popup box is getting more annoying to me by the day. I can’t ignore it either, because it covers up the dashboard. Yes I know, if I left ProtonMail logged in all the time and saved cookies I wouldn’t see it so much, but that isn’t how I use my computer.

    thanks. When you have time…

  34. ProtonMail Support

    Please try the steps outlined at the following link to disable push notifications in Firefox:

  35. Anonymous

    You really need to put in the instructions for Safari browser too. I accidentally pressed OK when it asked me if I wanted notifications… took me FOREVER to figure out how to turn it off. Not OK.

  36. Juan

    the pop up asking every single time to enable desktop notifications its a pain in the ass! please do something about it. Thanks

  37. ProtonMail Support

    This is a setting in your browser. If you use ProtonMail in Incognito/Private mode, your browser cannot remember the setting and will ask you each time.

  38. Danil Granin

    I want to change signature in end of mail in free plan. Please, dont make ProtonMail corporatocrate company.

  39. ProtonMail Support

    Please see:

    Note: You cannot disable the default ProtonMail signature with a Free account. If you don’t want to include it, you will need to manually remove it with each new messsage.

  40. R&J

    How about an option to block a URL and identifying sites that are phlishing us?

  41. ProtonMail Support

    Please report phishing messages using the Report phishing option so our team can further improve our filters.

  42. mtl

    When I resume my laptop from sleep, sometimes I am bombarded with desktop notifications from ProtonMail and they take a long time to go away, unless I click on one. It would be nice if they could be summarized in one message (e.g., “ProtonMail: You have x new messages to read.”). I’m using Firefox on Linux if that helps.

  43. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team:

  44. hillel batafik

    Can Protonmail provide audible notifications of incoming email? Thank you

  45. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail uses the browser’s default notification system. If your browser supports this, you could activate it in the browser settings.

  46. Joseph Chiarella

    I’am unable to find my the location of the inbox custom folder. Please would you help me to find this as I keep getting messages that I have mail in this folder ?

  47. ProtonMail Support

    All your folders are in the left sidebar in the web client or in the Menu in the mobile apps. You may need to scroll down to find the specific custom folder you need.

  48. Anonymous

    How do I get my replies to show up at the top rather then the bottom of an email?

  49. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, you can’t reverse the message order in conversations.

  50. Stelios-Achilleas

    I use to Opera and it doesn’t function. Why?

  51. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team:

  52. Germany

    Vivaldi,Opera,Brave ?

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