Disable Conversation View

Conversation view groups messages from the same conversation together in your Inbox, so they are easy to follow and respond to. This article explains how to disable this feature.

Image of conversation view

How does conversation view work?

ProtonMail cannot read the contents of emails because all messages are stored using zero-access encryption. We therefore use advanced heuristics on the email headers, subject line, and conversation participants to match and thread messages. 

This does leave a small amount of room for error, however, particularly if some of these elements are missing (for example, not all email providers include all the standard information in their email headers). 

How to disable conversation view

If you prefer to disable this feature, simply log in to mail.protonmail.com, go to SettingsAppearanceOther and turn Conversation grouping off.

Image of disable Conversion grouping

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  1. Anonymous

    I dont like conversation group. I dont like gmail for that.

  2. Joe

    Wow, you’ve made some great improvements in the time I’ve been exiled to Version 2! Great that you can now turn off conversation view.

  3. Nancy

    I have been clicking to use the old V2 because the new version has the emails shown very large and I cannot see a lot of them at once so I can scan the subjects and choose what to open. If this happens with the new version you are about to change to, I would like to know if there is a setting that would let the inbox emails be smaller so I can see the same number of emails at once that V2 shows.
    Also, when your new (now old too) version was added, I could not see the “sent” “trash” etc files on the left hand column as the V2 had. You may have changed that since, as I have used no other version but V2 since shortly after the new version came out, and do not know.
    I am very grateful to you all for offering this free privacy email service. Thank you!

  4. ProtonMail Support

    If you want to change to row view, you can do this in the top right corner, under the Report bug button. The folders and labels are still shown on the left side of the screen. If you experience issues please contact us via the Report bug button, or on contact@protonmail.ch.

  5. nannaungshwe

    my mailbox no receved message :'(

  6. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, support@protonmail.ch, via the report bug button or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  7. timberline

    Thank you for adding the ability to disable conversation mode and giving us the message view capability.

    I want message view so again thank you.

  8. Carol Devlin

    I have not found a way to copy and paste email addresses from a previously sent email in the new version. I have been using V2 because I can easily copy and paste 25 email addresses from a previously sent email and paste them into the new email.

    I just tried it again in the newer version and I get an Invalid Emails error message because of the format the emails are in on the SENT email when using the new version.

    I have not found the option to create email lists from the contacts. Not being able to copy and paste in the new version will make sending emails to the group very difficult and time consuming. I just tried going to contacts and selecting each email and then selecting compose. The problem I encounter with this method is that I always send the group emails using BCC and selecting each one individually from contacts automatically places the address in TO not BCC and I can’t figure out a way to copy from TO and paste to BCC.

  9. ProtonMail Support

    Thank you for pointing out this problem. Can you please use the report bug button, so this can be forwarded to our developers?

  10. Anne

    Thanks for this!

    The “helpful” button doesn’t work.


    Anne Schmidt

  11. Roger

    Thank You!
    At last, now I can leave v2,

  12. Andrew Thompson

    Thank you! I hate conversation view with a vengeance! It was the biggest drawback to an otherwise wonderful service. I will now support ProtonMail.

  13. Pepe

    Thank you guys. Definitely it is one of the things that I missed from ProtonMail 2!

    One more thing: I have had problems to enter to my e-mail account once I installed the last version of Safari (version 10). This has happened both in version 2 and version 3. Do you know something about this?

    Thank you very much for your support!

  14. ProtonMail Support

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try to disable your browser extensions and clear cache and cookies. If you are still experiencing this problem please contact us at contact@protonmail.com.

  15. odr


    good job…

    some lacks from me for the future….
    1) permit to set max numbers of messages per page
    2) permit to view the next message after a trash instead of returning to the message list

  16. Ollie

    Thanks so much guys, now I will go to the new version. Amazing work. Have been on the old version because of this and now you have fixed my problem. Many thanks

  17. Anonymous

    I do not have any need for conversation mode. I do not want any changes whatsoever to the email I am using now.

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you for this! This is the only reason I was still using v2. You guys rock, keep up the amazing work.

  19. Anonymous

    great ! thank you it works fine

  20. Anonymous

    yes yes yes
    omg, now i can go to v3.0

  21. przemek poland

    yes yes yes
    god bless you
    now conversation mode gone to hell
    i hated this
    thank you so much

  22. Vicenç

    Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass Sie die Möglichkeit, für den Benutzer über die Verwendung von zu entscheiden, bieten “Gespräch-Modus.”

  23. Mike

    Please add PGP key export to version 3.

  24. ProtonMail Support

    We will be providing this option back in the future.

  25. M

    Nancy– whenever a site displays text that’s too big, just hit Ctrl_- (hold down Ctrl while pressing the – (minus) key) .. Ctrl_+ makes things bigger. I use these constantly– pretty universal across different browsers.

  26. Anonymous

    Sorry if this is a repet, I haven’t read other comments:
    I like the look of version 2 better than 3. Conversation mode aside, the specific reason that bothers me about v3 is the “softening” (or “smoothing”?) of the fonts that makes reading difficult, as each letter is not only its nude pixels but includes a shadow that makes it nicer but also more ilegible.
    It would be great if you include a “v2 Theme” in v3 that allow us to have the look and feel of v2 within v3.
    Thank you for listening.

  27. Geoff

    So awesome! Finally I can use version 3 – goodbye, Conversation View, and good riddance.

  28. nanotech


  29. former-happy-user

    I will Never use “conversation view” and allow an arbitrary algorithm decide how I view, order, and delete my correspondence. I like Protonmail, but if you try to force this unwelcome and, in my case, completely unusable rule on me, I can switch to another private email service and recommend to everyone that they do so as well.

  30. William

    How do I view all the replies to a message without having to click on each reply to open the annoying accordion thing?

    I want to set it up so I can view all replies to a message by simply scrolling. Is this possible ?

  31. Martin

    Pretty annoying that trashed messages are displayed in the conversation.
    The conversation subject is even that of a trashed message.

  32. Mike

    Is conversation view available on the mobile client version? I’d like that, but haven’t seen a setting for it.

  33. ProtonMail Support

    Conversation grouping is not available in our mobile apps. We might add it in the future, but there is no ETA for that yet.

  34. Thiti

    Why not? For me and I believe that for many others this option is essential. Is it really so hard to implement this in mobile app?

  35. Barbara Kueber

    It’s horrible, I hate it, make it stop!!! Can’t stand conversation view!!!

  36. Nick

    Is conversation view available for the iOS app? If not, please introduce it ASAP! Thanks!

  37. ProtonMail Support

    This is planned for a future update of the app.

  38. Anonymous

    Conversation grouping is a disservice

  39. Anonymous

    Is there any update on the conversation view for the iOS app? Thanks!
    I am a paying user but don’t way to display my details below.

  40. William

    I HATE conversation view. I can’t figure out how to turn it off.

  41. ProtonMail Support

    This article explains how to do just that!

  42. Gert

    The conversation question view coming back. Any chance for that feature for Android app, with option to enable or disable.

  43. ProtonMail Support

    We’re working on adding this in both mobile apps. Thank you for your patience.

  44. Tarmo

    One thing I dont understand is why the conversation view is in reverse order?? It is so counterintuitive. Why Do I have to search new mwssages in the middle of hundreds of messages?

    Inbox view:

    Latest mail
    older mail
    the oldest mail (looks logical right?)

    Conversation view:

    Oldest mail
    old mail
    old mail
    old mail
    previous mail
    NEW MESSAGE!!!!!
    Quote from older message
    quote from even older message
    quote from even older message
    quote from even older message

    And there is no option to reverse the order, as a result of this the conversation view is unusable, sorry.

  45. ProtonMail Support

    We’ll see if this can be improved in the future.

  46. L

    So there’s no way to keep conversation view but just see each email, rather than seeing each email with the whole thread below it? That’s quite frustrating and I hope this issue is fixed soon. I hope I have described the problem clearly, let me know if not.

  47. Jeff

    If I delete a message from the conversation it would be great if it were no longer in the grouping.

  48. ProtonMail Support


    You can scroll to the top of the conversation and select “Hide trashed messages”. The deleted messages will no longer show up in the conversation.

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