How to block email stalkers

Harassing someone on the internet is called cyberstalking, and is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions. Unfortunately, it can be hard to enforce these laws because the internet spans so many jurisdictions, and because online stalkers often hide their real identities. This means the best solution is often simply to block the stalker.

ProtonMail allows users to deal with email stalkers by setting up an advanced sieve filter. Please note that you can use simple filter rules to send an email stalker’s posts to your spam folder, but the following instructions allow you to completely block the digital stalker.

Stop stalker email with ProtonMail advanced Sieve filters

1. Login to either the V3 or the V4 web interface. Please note that the screenshots for this support article reference the V4 interface, but the instructions are more or less identical if using the V3 interface.

2. Go to Settings -> Filters -> Custom filters -> Add Sieve filter.

3. Enter a descriptive name for the Sieve filter, then click Next.

4. Delete all text in the text field and paste in the following code:

if anyof (address :all :comparator "i;unicode-casemap" :is "From" ["", "", ""]) {

Replace, etc., with the email addresses you want to block. You can add as many email addresses as you like, inside quote marks (“ ”) and separated by a comma. 

Click Save, and your new Sieve filter to block email stalkers will be created. 

Emails sent from the email address(es) specified by the filter will simply be dropped.  Neither you nor the sender will receive any notifications about the dropped emails.

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