How to pay, modify, or download invoices

Paid users receive new invoices when their subscription is activated, renewed, or canceled. Users can download, customize, and pay the unpaid invoices.

Download an invoice

1. Each invoice can be downloaded in Settings > Payment. Scroll to the bottom of the page to arrive at the Invoices section, where you will see a list of all your invoices.

invoices section protonmail

2. Under the Action column, click the dropdown menu and select Download.

3. The .pdf invoice will immediately be downloaded to your device, showing the invoice’s status, time period, the plan your account is on, the cost, and any discounts or promotions you have applied to your account.

Note: To preview an invoice, rather than download it to your device, click View in the Action column rather than download. This will open the PDF in a preview pane and will allow you to download, print, or scroll between multiple invoices.

Customize an invoice

Users can set the name, address, and other information on the invoices. This can be done by  going to Settings > Payment then scrolling down to Invoices and clicking the Customize button.

Enter the desired information in the pop-up window and click Save. This information will now be included on any future invoices you download.

Unpaid invoice

Invoices are delivered on the date the previous paid membership period ends. Learn more about the different invoice statuses.

To locate and pay your invoice, go to Settings > Payment and scroll down to Invoices. Any unpaid invoices will be marked Unpaid

unpaid protonmail invoices

To pay an invoice, simply click the Pay button in the Action column. This will trigger a pop-up window where you can enter all your payment information. Once you have filled in the payment information, click Pay and your invoice will be paid.

pay invoice with payment details

The amount of time it takes for an invoice to be paid after sending the payment can vary depending on the payment method.