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The ProtonMail iOS Application provides the ease of use of ProtonMail’s Web app in the palm of your hands. Custom built from the ground up, the mobile application truly makes privacy the default without compromising on user experience. Stay up to date with push notifications and easily read, respond, and organize all your messages.


ProtonMail tests all updates for the application with our dedicated Mobile Beta group. This group gets access to the latest features and interfaces directly with the ProtonMail team playing a distinct role in the continued success of ProtonMail’s development.

Join ProtonMail Beta

ProtonMail in a mobile browser

You can also visit ProtonMail on most iOS devices, through an updated browser.

ProtonMail with a third party mail application

At this time ProtonMail does not integrate with third party email clients (IMAP/SMTP) on iOS due to the technology ProtonMail utilizes within web browsers to encrypt and decrypt your messages.

We also have a dedicated Android app if you have an Android device.

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  1. 4rt20iv

    to me it seems less important to create an iPhone App but to keep it secure!
    No compromises!

  2. Anon

    I would say iOS APP is no 1 on my list of getting protonmail into my life.
    The app should have the option of at least 2 or 3 protonmail accounts with easy switching (work/home/etc)
    Also have a phone pin when opening or finger print auth. So we dont have to type in the email decoding password (like my 20 character random num/letter/symbol combo). That would drive me mad. As most of us check email all the time!
    All I can say is make it good but make it faster! Please time is flying!

  3. DrL

    Count me in for a alpha/beta testing of the app 😉
    Keep up the great work !

  4. pha

    i would like to be in a testing team as well 🙂

  5. Kate

    I, too, would love an iOS app for Proton Mail. But security is #1. Not convenience.

  6. Anonymous

    Agree with above; security first – but an app so we can access easily would make ProtonMail more useable.

  7. Swordfish

    I’ll be a tester also.

  8. Anon Y Mouse

    I seriously can’t believe how bad the quality of the interface we are stuck using via the IOS browsers has gotten. It’s to the point where text entry in email body fields is jerky and keeps moving the text cursor to random points in the text field, erasing and typing over what you have already written. The sizing of the text fields means if you exceed the immediate space provided, your typed text goes off the visible screen and it cannot be scrolled to or edited at all because one cannot see what is happening. The spacing between lines is completely random; one return, semi normal, another exaggeratedly far. These problems manifest both in current versions of Safari and less specifically but with the same issues sporadically in Google Chrome for IOS. Additionally, the mailbox decryption password field in Safari does not allow typing and sends one to the “reset password” form unless carefully tapped away from the normal beginning of the password field.
    Password entry is also difficult and the seeming issue with text entry makes entering the password problematic and prone to misentry, causing login issues.
    The situation of the combination of this and the lack of instant notifications has made things very, very difficult. I am completely dependent on your otherwise excellent system for my job, due to the security, and it has caused several serious communication issues with my employer, near misses were they serious enough, I would have been “written up” for this. Please improve this, or, you could make a very popular and positive decision and simply release the IOS and Android already and avoid the negative press of so many people like me who believe you have the best email system existing and will be loyal completely despite serious usability flaws who cannot but help feeling somewhat manipulated by the beta releasing process and worried that even if we pay for the beta, we will not get the link in a timely manner despite paying.

    Thank you for your attention to these matters. I hope improvements can be made and the situation with frustrated users deescalated.

  9. Ryan

    Yeah yeah I agree with the anon y mouse above. The interface on the IOS browser has serious problems. It is not recognizing where my finger touches down and thus all sorts of unintentional things happen 🙁

  10. Why_cufs

    I would like to beta test but I don’t don’t want to pay to do so especially for something that may not even work correctly

  11. Peter

    “We will go live on the Apple Store on 18th February 2016.”
    It is still beta on 1th Mar.
    When will you go live?

  12. Kennedy

    Is this still in beta? March 10th today…

  13. ProtonMail Support

    The app is available for free on the App store.

  14. Bryan Klingler

    I do not check my e-mail as often as I should. Is there a way I can get a text notification that I have received an unread e-mail to my iPhone?

  15. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment you can add a notification email address that will notify you when you receive new email. For more information, please visit this link:

  16. Marty

    Such a shame there’s no iOS7 version. Why only make it available for people who can afford to change their phone every 18 months? Think about all the people using refurbes iPhones in Latin America and Aftica – is their privacy less important than rich Swiss people?

  17. ProtonMail Support

    We would love to support iOS 7, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources to add iOS 7 support.

  18. Ed

    How do i switch between accounts on App
    Example if i use your service with my domain i may have many users i make how can i check and send mail form all of them without logining in and out of each account like yandex allows ?

  19. ProtonMail Support

    This option is currently unavailable. Our team is working on adding this in the future.

  20. Ami

    On my iPad I am missing a possibility to move several mails (from the same sender) from inbox to a folder in one move instead of having to open each mail and then move them separately. Have I missed something, or is that not possible?

  21. ProtonMail Support

    You can tap and hold on a message for it to become selected. Once it is, you can select other messages, and then apply an action to all of them (Move or apply a Label)

  22. Kris

    iOS 9.3.4 on an iPhone 6.

    I have it set up to validate application access with the touch id (fingerprint) but this frequently fails forcing me to enter long passwords on a tiny keyboard. This is not a good situation as I don’t always have my computer available to log in – which is why I set up the iPhone in this manner. Is there something I should be doing different?

  23. ProtonMail Support

    Hi Kris,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on fixing this problem.

  24. bobby

    I just got an email requesting feedback for the protonmail 4.0 release. The iOS appstore version says 1.4. Are us non-beta users really that far behind?

  25. ProtonMail Support

    Our latest official mobile application is 1.4. The 3.4 version is regarding the web app only.

  26. Paul

    In IOS you can easily share photos, videos, contacts etc from any app with a Share button. But on my iPhone I cannot select the protonmail app to send the content to (just Whatsapp, Mail, etc.). Can I/you make this happen somehow?

  27. ProtonMail Support

    We are planning to implement this in the future.

  28. Evgeniya

    Hello. Do you support print message on the printer on iOS?

  29. ProtonMail Support

    We are planning to implement Print option on the iOS app in the future.

  30. Evlampiy

    Hi! I have many protonmail account. But in ios app I can use only one, yes or not?) Thank you

  31. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, you can only log in to one account on the iOS app. To switch accounts, you will need to log out of the current account.

  32. Kim

    My signature is copied into each email with a different format that in the settings. The spaces are taken out so that it looks crammed together and unprofessional. I can add spaces but don’t know why this is happening. Anyone?

  33. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on improving this behavior, and it should be fixed in one of the future updates to our iOS app.

  34. Koen

    Hi ProtonMail, I’ve been happily using your service on my iPhone with the ProtonMail app. While the app gives an almost superb experience, it’s just not the same as a native mailclient. Proton obviously doesn’t have the immense resources Apple has. So kudos for doing such a great job!

    While updating to the newest iOS (11.2.2) I noticed Apple implemented PGP (seems like a proprietary version called ‘Apple Product Security PGP’). Source:

    Does this change anything? Is there a chance for third party mailclient support on iOS in the near future??

  35. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment we are focusing our efforts on our own ProtonMail app for iOS and have no plans for Bridge support on iOS yet.

  36. Joan deguia

    Can you help about the “Unable decrypt message” i can’t read and open an attachment. What do i need to to?

  37. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  38. Tofit


    Have you planned in the near future to allow when adding a contact via the ios contact application that the added entry be synchronized with the proton mail address book.

    Ideally :

    I add a contact via protonmail webmail: sync to IOS App Contacts
    I add a contact via the IOS contact apps: sync to protonmail’s webmail and Ios Proton app
    Not sure but maybe … / … I add a contact via Proton mail application on Ios: sync to Ios app contact

    Very good day

  39. ProtonMail Support

    We do have plans on adding support for contacts sync, however, we cannot speculate on an ETA.

  40. Roger

    Good morning,

    The feature ToFit mentioned (syncing Protonmail contacts between the web/cloud/Protonmail app and the iPhone’s built-in Contacts app) would be a fantastic feature if you could add that at some point. Thanks for all the work you are doing – it is very appreciated!

  41. Anonymous

    The ability to switch between two accounts would be incredibly beneficial.

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