Join ProtonMail beta on iOS Mobile

Update (13/01/2022): The ProtonMail iOS Beta has reached the maximum number of testers. Thank you for supporting the development of privacy-focused products!

To access iOS beta testing, first install the TestFlight app on your device.

Next, follow an invitation link. If you have not installed TestFlight on your device, the invitation will ask you to get it from Apple’s App Store. 

Otherwise, the invitation will ask you to confirm your participation.

Next, you need to install the test version of ProtonMail’s iOS app.

Once you have finished the installation, the ProtonMail app logo will change on your home screen by adding a yellow dot. This indicates that you are using ProtonMail’s test version.

You are now ready to start testing the ProtonMail iOS beta application.

ProtonMail depends on the support and feedback of our beta tester community.

Send us your feedback by using the recommended Report Bugs button. Alternatively, you can send us feedback through the TestFlight app or the ProtonMail beta app by following these instructions.

Thank you for helping us build the best private email service.

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  1. Julien

    The step 3 is not working.
    I got an error and the page can’t load. One time I add the screen from Crashlytics with my email but got an error after clicking on Next.

    Do you know why ?

    Best Regards,

  2. Fred

    I found it very difficult to open the “let me in” email after I deleted the protonmail app.

  3. Anonymous


    Some issue with the step 3. The URL is not opening inside Safari iOS because the server is unavailable or the connection is impossible.

    How can it be resolved ?

  4. JCA320

    I am unable to install to my iPhone 6. I am running IOS9. After clicking the “let me in” button, the server cannot be found. I have tried it through cell towers and wi-fi. It works fine on my desktop. Anyone care to share ideas?

  5. The Limey B.

    I have been unable to locate any details which specifically state that the App is for iPhones (iOS) only. Does the App function on iPads (Air) also? Has anyone tried it?

  6. Carste

    Can’t get the beta app working on iOS. I’m enrolled in the beta. When I follow the “let me in” link in the beta invite, I can download the Crashlytics Beta app, and Crashlytics shows up in settings -> general. But when it comes to download the beta app, nothing downloads. It just says “Latest release” – “You’re all set for now”. It obviously thinks that I have the beta app, but I doesn’t. Can you help me?

  7. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

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