KeePass with ProtonMail

KeePass is an open source password manager that is hosted on your own computer. This has the advantage of not trusting your data to a third party service. The disadvantage being the lack of connected access between devices. Below you will find a guide on how to setup KeePass for use on your desktop device:

After downloading and installing KeePass, you will need to create a new database by selecting New Entry.

KeePass application on Windows, adding new entry

You will be prompted to enter a Master Key which will be used to secure this database of passwords.

Enter Master key on KeePass

Once the database is created, you will need to add 2 entries to the data base to store your login credentials, one for your login password and one for your mailbox password.

Enter login credentials for your ProtonMal login and mailbox password

After you have opened the login page URL by selecting Open URL, ensure you have the browser selected as your last click before returning to KeePass. Once back at KeePass, select Perform Auto-Type. This will automatically enter the Username and Password and enter it, moving you along to the Decryption page.

KeePass AutoFill

The mailbox password requires a slightly different approach than the login password when using KeePass. Since the Mailbox password does not contain a username, you can not use the Perform Auto-Type feature found in KeePass. Instead, you will make an entry with just your mailbox password. When you have gotten to the Decrypt Mailbox page on ProtonMail:

KeePass Mailbox Password on ProtonMail

Select your mailbox password entry in KeePass. Select “Copy Password” in the menu bar. Once this is selected you will have 12 seconds to paste the password into the password field on the Decrypt Mailbox Page. After 12 seconds, the password will automatically be deleted from your devices clipboard to prevent it from being compromised.

KeePass Copying Mailbox Password

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  1. Anonymous

    Actually you can use the Auto-Type Feature to put in username, password and mailbox password with a single stroke. An instruction can be found here:

  2. sam

    Hi KeePass User,

    This is more convenient: Define Field name “DECRYPT” with value “pwdMailDecryption” under Tab Advanced.
    Use this field under Tab Auto-Type as follow: {USERNAME}{TAB}{PASSWORD}{ENTER}{Delay 1500}{S:DECRYPT}{ENTER}


  3. Anonymous

    Thanks. After may different attempts with various tricks, this finally worked. I used a longer delay though (3500).

  4. somany0ne

    Hi guys,

    Sorry but I don’t really understand… I check for auto-type on both forms (login+mailbox) too.
    Please someone can explain step by step?

    Thanks for your help.

  5. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please contact us at

  6. RuRu

    It would be helpful for additional security to mention that copy-pasting is less secure than enabling the 2-channel obfuscation option in KeePass. This can be found for each Entry in the KeePass database under the ‘Advanced’ tab.

    It helps greatly in defeating keyloggers as it does not store the whole password in the clipboard, unlike the suggestion made in the guide above.

  7. IanH

    I highly recommend KeePass and use it for Protonmail. I’m not an IT geek and have found it really easy. No connection with either company, just a fan of Privacy!

  8. Khimaira

    Will be nice if you guys offer a password manager solution, like lastpassword

  9. Mick MacDonald

    The lastpassword idea is brilliant. Quite important for those of us who can’t seem to remember a thing. Hell, I’ve been online here for less than 30 min and I’ve forgotten my password already! I do hope you’ll consider this in earnest. Cheers,

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