Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

Keyboard shortcuts can be used in the ProtonMail mailbox. This is done so the navigation through your mailbox is easier by decreasing the amount of time spent moving between keyboard and mouse.

You can enable and disable your hotkeys into Settings -> Account. By default the Hotkeys are enabled.


Hotkeys on ProtonMail
Hotkeys on ProtonMail


To use them you will only need to tap certain letters on your keyboard.

For most of the shortcuts, the message you wish to perform the action on needs to be marked with the purple indicator on the left.

You can use the following shortcuts on the selected message/s:



? - Opens the help modal.

/ – Focus the search input.

enter – Confirms the active modal.

escape - Closes the active modal.



c – Opens a new composer.

ctrl + enter – Sends the message.

escape – Closes the active composer.



* – then a Select all conversations.

* – then n Unselect all conversations.

r – Marks the message/conversation as read.

u – Marks the message/conversation as unread.

. – Marks or unmarks the message/conversation as starred.

i – Moves the message/conversation to inbox.

t – Moves the message/conversation to trash.

a – Moves the message/conversation to archive.

s – Moves the message/conversation to spam.



shift + r – Reply to a message/conversation.

shift + a – Reply to all recipients for a message/conversation.

shift + f – Forward a message/conversation.



g then i – Goes to inbox.

g then d – Goes to drafts.

g then s – Goes to sent.

g then . – Goes to starred.

g then a – Goes to archive.

g then x – Goes to spam.

g then t – Goes to trash.



 arrow up – Marks the previous message/conversation.

 arrow down- Marks the next message/conversation.

 arrow left – Marks the last message.

 arrow right – Unmarks the message.

k – Displays the newer conversation.

j – Displays the older conversation.

enter – Opens the markedmessage/conversation.

escape – Back to the list.

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