macOS Keychain is corrupted

Keychain is the macOS password management program. It stores the various passwords, encryption keys, and certificates you regularly use on your Mac device. Bridge uses Keychain to store your account login information.

Like any file, Keychain can sometimes be corrupted, meaning that a bug is affecting the performance of the program. When this happens, your Bridge account information cannot be securely added to Keychain, and users will see a “macOS Keychain is corrupted” error.

To resolve this issue, first try locking and unlocking your Keychain. Find the Utilities folder in the Applications folder on your Macintosh HD. Go to the Keychain Access app.

There you can click to lock/unlock the keychain on the upper right side.

If you still receive the error message, go back to Keychain Access. Click on File -> Lock Keychain “Login”.

Then click on File -> Unlock Keychain “Login”.