How to login as admin to public users of your organization?

If you purchased the Visionary or Professional plan with 2+ users, you can add sub-users (separate custom domain mailboxes) to your organization.

There are two types of users:
– Public (by default) and
Private users

You can only access the mailboxes of your non-private (public) users. If you have set a user as private, you cannot undo this, and the mailbox cannot be accessed by the administrator.

To access public user’s mailbox, navigate to Settings -> Addresses/Users and locate the user you would like to access. Click on the “More” button (next to the “Add Address” button) and select “Login” from the drop-down menu. You will need to enter your login password for the admin account you are currently using.

If you have more questions about using ProtonMail with your organization, please visit our dedicated Professional FAQ article.

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