How to merge duplicate contacts

When one of your contacts has more than one email address, duplicate entries may appear in your Contacts manager. You can easily consolidate these duplicate contacts using the Merge feature.

Click Contacts -> Merge, and the “Merge contacts” pop-up window will open.


The program identifies and displays possible duplicate contacts. Within each set of duplicates, you can check the boxes next to those contacts you wish to merge and uncheck those you do not.

You can drag and drop each contact to rank them in order of priority. This determines the order in which the contact’s details will appear in your Contacts manager when the merge is completed.

To see the details of a duplicate contact, click on the “Contact details” button.


To preview how the contact will look once it has merged, click on the “Preview Contact” button.


You can also manually merge any contacts if the merge option is not showing on the left side. (The merge option on the left is available only if there are duplicate names and/or addresses.)

Select the contacts, click on the “Merge” button and follow the same steps from above.