How to enable multi-user support for professional plans

Multi-user support is available on ProtonMail Professional and Visionary plans. 

  • Users within a Visionary plan can add up to six users.
  • Our Professional plan allows only one user by default, but you can add up to 5000 users, who you can then add to your organization. (If you wish to add more users, please contact to discuss your needs). 

To enable multi-user support for a Professional plan, you must:

1. Add at least one user to your plan.

Learn how to add users and addresses to your Professional plan

2. Connect a custom domain to your account. You must create an organization to add multiple users to your ProtonMail professional account. To do this, you need to connect a custom domain to your account.

Learn more about how to connect a custom domain

3. Enable multi-user support. Sign in to and go to SettingsGo to Settings → Organization → Enable multi-user support.

Enable multi-user support

You will now be guided through the process of creating an organization. 

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