How to use read receipts

A read receipt is a notification to the sender of an email that the recipient has seen the message. ProtonMail allows you to send read receipts upon request, as well as request read receipts from your recipients. You can also decline to send read receipts, and no notifications of any kind will be sent to the sender. Read receipts in ProtonMail are not generated automatically. 

How to send read receipts

When you receive an email, the sender may ask you to send a read receipt to confirm whether you have seen the message. If a sender has requested a read receipt from you, you will see a line of text in the email header: “The sender has requested a read receipt.”

You may choose either to send the receipt or to ignore the request and no read receipt will be sent.

How to request read receipts

As a sender you can request a read receipt by following the steps below:

1. In the web app at, click on the “Compose” button to open your composer. Then enter the recipient’s email address and draft your message. (You may send to multiple recipients, and each of them will receive a read receipt request.)

2. Click on the arrow on the right side of the composer to open the menu. Select “Request read receipt” from the dropdown options.

3. Click on “Send”.

If the recipient sends you back a read receipt, you will receive a confirmation in your Inbox.

Please note: If you select the “Request read receipt” option and then save your message as a draft, you will need to select the read receipt option again before sending.