Restoring encrypted events in your calendar

Password reset

If you reset your password while using Single Password Mode, or if you reset your Mailbox password while using Two Password Mode, you will no longer be able to access the events saved in your calendar due to how we encrypt user data.

This only happens when you reset your password, but not when you change your password. Before you can change your password, you must enter your current password. After you change your password, you will automatically be able to access to your encrypted events.

However, if you cannot enter your current password (if you forgot it, for example), then you will need to reset your password.

Your ProtonMail email address acts as your identity for Proton Calendar, and each of your calendars is linked to it. Your calendar’s encryption key is itself encrypted using the encryption key linked to your ProtonMail email address. So if you forget your password, you will not be able to decrypt your calendar’s encryption key.

Note that these instructions also apply to our mobile apps for Android and iOS. You must restore your email encryption key using the web interface.

Reactivating your calendar after a password reset

Reactivating your calendar after a password reset is easy, if you can remember your old password.

  1. To restore your encrypted calendar events, you need to restore your email encryption key.

Screen capture of restoring your encryption key in ProtonMail.

  1. Once you restore your keys, you will need to open your calendar or restart your calendar app again in order to reactivate all the encryption keys. 

Image showing how to re-activate the calendar keys

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