How to send messages

Sending a message using ProtonMail is easy and safe. In this guide, we’ll take you through the entire process.

Web app

1. Click the New message button.

Image of New message button

This will open the message Composer window.

Image of composer window
2. Enter your recipient’s email address in the To field.

  • As you type a recipient’s address, ProtonMail will suggest addresses from your Contacts list using auto-complete.
  • Once you’ve entered a contact in the To field, hover over the contact’s name to see the email address and other information associated with it. Double-click a contact’s name to edit the email address or name.
  • You can enter multiple recipients in the To field (up to 100).
  • If you wish, you can also add Carbon Copy (CC) or Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) by clicking on CC, BBC.

Image of  To feilds
The ability to add multiple recipients directly to the To field means that CC is largely a legacy feature. We suggest using it when you’d like to include additional recipients whose responses are welcome but not required. BCC, on the other hand, remains very useful. The email addresses of BCC recipients are not shown to other recipients of the email.

3. Enter an email subject line into the Subject field.

4. Type your message in the main composer window. You can change the font and text size using the formatting ribbon above the message window. 

5. Click Send. If you click Send by mistake (or have second thoughts about sending the message), our Undo Send feature gives you a few seconds to cancel sending the message. 

The web app features a selection of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly perform the tasks you do the most in ProtonMail.

Mobile app

The process for sending a message using our Android and iOS apps is very similar to that in the web app. Tap the Compose email icon (looks like a pen) to start composing your message.

Image of  mobile Compose button

Tap the + button next to the To field to add CC and BCC recipients, and tap the Send button (looks like a paper airplane) to send.

Image of mobile Send message

You cannot change the font and text size in our mobile apps, but you can add multiple attachments, Undo Send, encrypt for non-ProtonMail users, and set a message expiration timer.

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