Proton Storage Bonuses

An illustration of the ProtonMail Storage Bonus.

To say thank you to our paid users, without whom Proton would not exist, we’re giving out annual Storage Bonuses. 

The general principle is straightforward: 

  • When you sign up for any paid Proton plan, you are automatically eligible for Storage Bonuses. 
  • On the anniversary of you signing up for your paid subscription, you will receive 1 GB of additional storage for free that can be used with your ProtonMail inbox. (In the future, your storage will be shared between your ProtonMail inbox and your ProtonDrive vault.) 
  • This will happen every year, and your Storage Bonuses will accumulate as long as you have a paid plan with Proton without interruption.

And that’s it! As long as you have a paid Proton plan (this paid plan can be for mail, VPN, or any product we launch in the future), you will automatically earn these bonuses. You do not need to take any action.

The current Storage Bonus is 1 GB per year, but this will be increased in the future. 

If you were already a Proton subscriber when the Storage Bonus was announced, then you will receive 1 GB Storage Bonuses for the previous years of your paid plan.

We address some frequently asked questions about the Storage Bonuses below.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve had a paid Proton plan for a long time before you announced the Storage Bonus. Will I get bonus storage for this time?

Yes! The Proton Storage Bonus applies retroactively, which means you will earn bonus storage for the paid subscription you had before this announcement. You can easily calculate how much bonus storage you will receive for your previous paid accounts by determining how many full years you have had your current, uninterrupted paid subscription. 
For example, if you have had a Proton paid plan for two years and eight months, that will count as two years for the purposes of bonus storage. Two years means you will receive an additional 2 GB of storage.

I have received additional storage as part of past promotions on a paid plan. Will I get to keep it?

Yes! Any additional storage you have already received will remain unaffected. The Storage Bonus will be added on top of those previous bonuses.

Is there any limit on how many Storage Bonuses I can receive?

No, there is not. As long as you have a paid plan, you will continue to earn Storage Bonuses each year.

I currently have a Proton Free plan. Is it too late for me to get a Storage Bonus?

No! Going forward, anyone can receive Storage Bonuses. All you need to do is sign up for any paid Proton plan. After one year, you will receive your Storage Bonus (and every year thereafter for as long as you continue with a paid plan).

I have a paid ProtonVPN account but I don’t have a ProtonMail account. Do I still get Storage Bonuses?

Yes! As long as you have a paid Proton subscription, regardless of which of our services it is for (ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, or, eventually, ProtonDrive), you will earn your Storage Bonus. And as a ProtonVPN user, you automatically have a free ProtonMail account. All you need to do is sign into ProtonMail using your login credentials for ProtonVPN, and you will be taken to your ProtonMail inbox where the additional storage you have earned will be automatically applied.

I used to subscribe to ProtonVPN Plus, but I upgraded to a Visionary account. Does switching plans end my Storage Bonuses?

No. If you are switching from one paid plan with Proton to another, as long as there is no period of time between your original paid subscription with Proton and your new one, we will treat it as a single uninterrupted subscription. 
You can even switch from being a ProtonVPN paid subscriber to a ProtonMail paid subscriber and not lose your Storage Bonus as long as these two plans form one, uninterrupted time period (i.e. in this example, you would keep all your bonus storage as long as your new ProtonMail plan began before your old ProtonVPN plan expired).

I had a paid ProtonMail plan for several years, but downgraded to a Free plan. If I upgrade to ProtonMail Plus again, will I get credit for those previous years?

Storage Bonuses only apply to your latest, uninterrupted time period as a paid subscriber to a Proton service. If you ever cancel your plan or downgrade your plan to the Free version, that means you are no longer a paid subscriber to Proton and cannot earn bonus storage. The clock on your Storage Bonus will restart the next time you sign up for a paid plan.

I pay for a ProtonMail plan and have been for several years, but I am considering downgrading to a Free plan. If I downgrade, will I get to keep the Storage Bonuses I’ve already earned?

No. If you cancel your paid Proton subscription or downgrade to a Free plan, the bonus storage you had earned during your previous paid subscription will no longer apply. Your Free plan will have the standard 500 MB of storage.

I have a ProtonMail Plus plan and a ProtonVPN Basic plan. If I cancel my ProtonVPN Basic plan but continue my ProtonMail Plus plan, will I continue to receive Storage Bonuses?

Yes! As long as you have at least one paid Proton subscription that is still in good standing, you will continue to earn Proton Storage Bonuses.
PS: You should consider bundling your ProtonVPN and ProtonMail plans for additional savings.

I have a free ProtonMail account but pay for a ProtonVPN subscription. Do I get Storage Bonuses as well? 

Yes! On the first anniversary of your paid subscription, you will receive 1 GB of additional storage for free. If you have 1 GB of storage space after completing the get started actions, you will receive 500 MB on the first anniversary of your paid subscription and 1 GB for the following years. This is because the storage increase associated with the get started actions cannot be cumulated with Storage Bonuses at this time.

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