The difference between the Mailbox Password and Login Password.

One of the first things you will notice when logging into ProtonMail, is you are required to have two passwords. While having two passwords increases the security of your account, each of your ProtonMail passwords have their own unique purpose.

The Login Password is used as the first line of defense to ensure no intruders are allowed into your account. This password is stored on ProtonMail servers and allows ProtonMail to confirm your identity.

The Mailbox Password allows you to read your encrypted messages. It is the key that allows you to encrypt and decrypt messages sent to and from your ProtonMail account, ensuring that you are the only one who can read your messages, even if they end up in the wrong hands. This password is not stored on ProtonMail’s servers. It is decrypted within your browser every time you login.

You can read more about Encryption here.

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  1. Jon

    Small typo: “comfirm” instead of confirm.
    Also, am I reading this right? Your encryption password is gathered by your browser once logged in, and not stored on the server. The Login password is stored on the server. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? If someone gets into the server and gets user login passwords, then they also get the encryption keys.

  2. hannak

    thank you for your prompt reply but I do not know if it is necessary I created this password or I actually find it? to make it work?
    sorry for inconvenience
    Best regards

  3. sandy

    They have several typographical errors on their websites

  4. Raju Talukder

    I cannot use my protonMail account please help me.

    Raju Talukder
    My email

  5. Tom

    Can my logon password be saved in a Password Manager (e.g. LastPass)?

  6. Tom

    Can my logon password be stored on a Password Manager on my laptop?

  7. skoville

    Is is possible to restart sign up without getting the usual “That password is taken”?

  8. ProtonMail Support

    Once an account is created, it can’t be reset or deleted and recreated. If you need assistance you can contact us at or via the Report bug button.

  9. Rodger

    I have used what I believed was my username (protonmail email address) but it does not seem to work. When I requested my username sent to my email address I set up. It never shows up. So I am now locked out of my account.

  10. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please use the Report Bug button or send us an email on with more information about the issue you are experiencing?

  11. Vladimir Romanov

    Forgot my password but that’s not all, I also do not remember which e-mail I used for recovery – tried every one of them with no success. Is there any way to reset password?
    Username – vg.romanov

  12. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please use the report bug button or contact us at ?

  13. Jepps

    I have problem signing into my email please i need new password as i am not able to access my box.
    It seem some one hack into my account and i need a new password , my email is :

  14. ProtonMail Support

    Please contacts us at

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