User Roles (ProtonMail for Business)

ProtonMail Professional Accounts allows you to create Organizations and then add User accounts for people associated with your enterprise.

There are two types of accounts belonging to an organization, Administrators and Users. In this article, we will discuss the differences between Administrators and Users.


All administrators have full control over your organization and can perform any action. Because of this, make sure you trust somebody before you make them an administrator. There can be more than one administrator for your organization. If there are more than 1 administrator, one administrator will be designated as the Primary Administrator. The Primary Administrator is usually the user that created the organization. The Primary Administrator is responsible for billing for the Organization, and all invoices to be paid will be in the Primary Administrator’s account.


Users are accounts in your organization which are not administrators. They cannot see or view any of the organization level details, but only their account. Users can login using their email address and password and have their own inboxes.

Changing Roles

Any administrator can promote users to administrators, or demote other administrators to users. This can be done via the Actions dropdown next to each user. In order to complete the process of making a user an administrator, one of the existing administrators must share the Organization Password with that user. Then, after logging in, the user must enter the Organization Password in order to complete the process of being upgraded to administrator.

Giving Access to another Admin

The Primary Administrator can also be demoted to a user by another administrator. When this happens, the administrator that demoted the primary administrator becomes the new primary administrator and is now responsible for payments for the organization.

Private Users/Administrators

By default, users and administrators are all public, meaning that any administrator can read their emails. However, it is also possible to create private accounts which are not accessible to administrators. You can find more details here.

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