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Other email providers are adapting their business models to comply with new privacy laws. At ProtonMail, privacy is our business model.

Join thousands of organizations in switching to encrypted email.

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GDPR рекомендує шифрування

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation imposes tough new rules for securing personal data — and steep penalties for non-compliance.

ProtonMail makes email security easy with automatic encryption and an easy to use interface.



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Угода про обробку даних

ProtonMail has a Data Processing Agreement with business users detailing the specific rights and obligations of each party, as required for GDPR compliance.

Наскрізне шифрування

Because emails are protected with end-to-end encryption, your ProtonMail inbox meets GDPR data protection-by-design standards.

Нульовий доступ

ProtonMail does not have access to the contents of emails on our servers thanks to zero-access encryption. This limits your vulnerability (and liability) in case of a data breach.

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ProtonMail is the world's largest encrypted email service

Founded by scientists who met at CERN in 2013, our mission is to build a more secure Internet.

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GDPR чи ні, але безпека важлива

Organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large government agencies, are using ProtonMail to safeguard their communications against cyber attacks. ProtonMail Professional allows you to quickly protect your entire organization from email breaches that can cause catastrophic damage.


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