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The Black Friday sale is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still save on the privacy and security of ProtonVPN.
Here’s how you can take advantage:

Create a Proton account or log in to your existing account

Select your desired plan during signup or in your dashboard

Choose annual billing during the checkout process

ProtonMail gives you secure and private communications



We can't read your messages, and we don't ask for personal information to create an account. The little data we do have is protected by Swiss privacy laws.

Available on:
iOS macOS Android GNU/Linux Windows


Data security is our top priority. Messages are end-to-end encrypted and zero-access encrypted, so you’re secure against mass surveillance and data breaches.



With ProtonMail, you own your data. While other tech companies make billions by invading your privacy, we don’t sell ads and don’t abuse your data.

Building an internet that protects privacy, starting with email

Created in Switzerland in 2014 by scientists who met at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN), ProtonMail protects millions of users, including journalists, activists, doctors, lawyers, businesses, and ordinary citizens who want email that is both safer and more private. Because messages are end-to-end encrypted, we cannot read your emails, sell your data to advertisers or compromise the privacy of your communications.

What experts are saying about us

New Yort Times

"ProtonMail offers a host of privacy features, including anonymous sign-up and end-to-end encryption."


"ProtonMail promises users full privacy via client-side encryption, meaning nobody can intercept and read their emails."


"If you want a Webmail service that's going to handle encrypted messages, ProtonMail is considered the top of the heap."

Why do over 20 million people use ProtonMail?

Swiss privacy

End-to-end encryption

Self-destructing messages

Bring your own domain

Open source

Easy-to-use apps

Professional support

Encrypted contacts

What our users are saying about us

Antonín 🌈

"@ProtonMail . It’s fantastic. App is snappy, web app is fantastic. Fully encrypted. And it’s just amazing all around"

David Hansard
David Hansard

"Your occasional reminder that @protonmail is an excellent, secure and private email service. I've been using it for quite a while and have no complaints. And the support is very good.
Also recommend @ProtonVPN."


"Because privacy is a basic human right, I just upgrade my ProtonMail account. You’re doing a great job @ProtonMail Keep up!"

Get 20% off on annual subscriptions


ProtonMail Black Friday FAQs

Do you offer a Black Friday deal every year?
Each year we decide whether to offer Black Friday deals or not.
Who is eligible to get the deal?
Black Friday deals are generally only available for new users or free users who take advantage of the discount to upgrade. However, eligibility is also something we review on a yearly basis.
How can I get notified about new deals?
The best way is to create a free account and subscribe to the newsletter. You can also follow us on social media and check our blog, where we always post service updates.