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Get started with ProtonMail and increase your storage for free

December 10th, 2021 in Articles & News

At ProtonMail, we’re always looking for new ways to optimize your email experience. Here are four quick actions that will help you get the most out of your inbox: Import your emails or contacts Send your first message Set up a recovery method Try our mobile app (Available on iOS and Android) As a bonus, …

Swiss court ruling strengthens privacy for email providers

October 26th, 2021 in Articles & News

Since the founding of Proton in 2014, we have fought to advance privacy and freedom around the world. We do this not only through technology and advocacy (Proton has contributed over $500,000 toward defending these values around the world) but also through the courtroom.  As part of these efforts, in May 2020, we launched a …

Privacy Decrypted #3: Can encryption be broken?

October 14th, 2021 in Privacy Decrypted

Privacy services often rely on strong encryption to protect privacy and confidentiality. Some terms that you have heard probably include AES, RSA, or maybe even elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC). However, is encryption actually bulletproof and a guarantee of safety? Beware the buzzwords Sometimes, vendors will use terms like “military-grade encryption” to try to illustrate how secure …

Proton launches new bug bounty program with partner Bug Bounty Switzerland

October 12th, 2021 in Security

Our top priority has always been the security of our community, which is why we are happy to announce our partnership with Bug Bounty Switzerland and our new private bug bounty program made up of expert ethical hackers and security researchers. Bug Bounty Switzerland has successfully led some of Switzerland’s largest bug bounty programs and …

Introducing Privacy Decrypted

September 29th, 2021 in Privacy Decrypted

ProtonMail was founded in 2014 to build a better internet where privacy is the default, and to protect activists, journalists, and ordinary people from online surveillance. We are activists ourselves, and over the years we have supported movements around the world from Hong Kong to Belarus to Myanmar, both with our products and through direct …

It is time to ban surveillance-based advertising

July 7th, 2021 in Articles & News

Recently, the Norwegian Consumer Council published a report calling for a ban on surveillance-based ads. In solidarity, Proton joined the other undersigned organizations in sending the following letter on Wednesday, July 7th, to EU and US regulators. We encourage them to take action against surveillance-based advertising during legislative sessions and any relevant privacy discussions. Surveillance-based …

讓我們為您介紹全新的 ProtonMail

June 8th, 2021 in Releases

繼我們推出第一個ProtonMail 公開測試版的7 年多後,我們很高興再推出全新設計的ProtonMail網頁版! 新版 ProtonMail 開放所有人訂閱,提供用戶全新、具備更多客制化選項且易於使用的介面,並持續支援端到端加密功能以保護用戶的訊息、通訊錄和日曆安排。 讓您專注於真正重要的事情 新版 ProtonMail 更時髦且易於操作的介面能節省您管理收件箱的時間,讓您更加享受信箱所帶來的便捷。 新版 ProtonMail 具有: Proton 出品的全新時髦外觀 多種版面和主題,供您依據自身需求客製收件箱 重新設計的鍵盤快速鍵,讓您讀取訊息更加輕鬆 快速篩選器,方便您分類與整理郵件 全新、內建於收件箱中的應用程式選擇器,讓您能快速切換到其他 Proton 的產品與服務 協助您掌控自己的隱私安全 我們重新設計了ProtonMail ,使其更易於使用,但您仍保有對自身資訊的控制權。 新版 ProtonMail 的推出讓我們朝實踐「建構能保護隱私的網際網路」的願景邁出關鍵一步。 您可以使用新版 ProtonMail傳送端到端加密電子郵件給ProtonMail帳戶或其他電郵帳戶。 新版 ProtonMail 能安全地加密您的訊息、通訊錄和日曆安排,而您是唯一可以存取自身資料的人 — 即便是我們,也無法瀏覽您的收件箱。 無論您收到什麼郵件(包裹已寄出的確認信、重要公事的會議邀請,或來自朋友的訊息),新版ProtonMail都讓您自由選擇要與誰共用哪些資訊。 Proton 用強大的加密技術支援與實踐我們所承諾的的用戶隱私。 您自由選擇要與誰共用哪些資訊。 Proton 用強大的加密技術支援與實踐我們所承諾的的用戶隱私。出現錯誤。 請嘗在 上觀看此影片 立即體驗新版 ProtonMail 即日起,新版 ProtonMail 將開放給所有用戶使用。 立即註冊新版 ProtonMail,感受管理電子郵件是如何輕而易舉! 在未來幾個月裡,我們也期待承襲 ProtonMail 網頁版的經驗,推出新版ProtonMail行動應用程式! 感謝您選擇新版 ProtonMail,別忘記分享您的意見與反饋。

Illstration using ProtonMail colors.

Clarification regarding ProtonMail, Belarus, and Ryanair flight 4978

May 28th, 2021 in Articles & News

On May 26, 2021, an email sent to the Minsk airport was made public by investigative journalists working with The email in question was not leaked or obtained from ProtonMail. As an encrypted email service, we do not have the ability to decrypt or read user messages. However, the message is readable on the receiving …

7 years of Proton

Proton 七歲了!

May 19th, 2021 in Articles & News

我們認為要讓世界變得更美好,必須要先建構一個保護隱私的網際網路。基於這個理念,我們於 2014 年 5 月創建了 ProtonMail。 今日,在 ProtonMail 問世 7 週年之際,我們想回顧這個歷程並感謝一路上幫助我們取得今天成就的所有人。 Proton是由相聚於 CERN 的科學家共同創建。CERN 是全球資訊網(World Wide Web)的誕生地,也是孕育Proton的搖籃。 在過去 7 年裡,隨著人們選擇 ProtonMail、ProtonVPN 和其他 Proton 產品來保護自身隱私,我們的規模也急速增長。ProtonMail 在2014 年時,仍被視作小眾產品,因為當時「打造隱私優先的網際網路」被認為是一個瘋狂的想法。但這個理念在今天卻似乎已成為一種共識。 我們認為人們對隱私權態度的轉變將使世界變得更美好,而我們也自豪 Proton 及我們的社群自始一路引領這個趨勢變革。 若要用字面詮釋,Proton 為人類而生,也依人類為生。 那場結果超乎預期的群眾募資以及你們在過去 7 年的持續支持造就了今日的我們 ──  Proton 不斷茁壯,並打造了更多專注於保護隱私的新服務,包括 ProtonVPN、Proton Calendar 和 Proton Drive。 我們一同更活躍於談論隱私權,例如提倡注重保護隱私的服務、對大型科技公司和政府監控提出質疑,並呼籲各界制定更完善的資料保護法。 有你們同在,我們也能一起重建網際網路,讓網路用戶重新掌握自身的資料分享權。 繼續向理想邁進 今日,已有超過 5000 萬人註冊 Proton 的服務,印證隱私權正逐漸成為主流價值。 如果沒有 Proton 社群擁護隱私,這一切都不可能發生。 然而,我們還有許多任務在身。 現在,仍然有數十億人在使用沒有保障用戶核心利益的網際網路,他們的資料仍被用於謀取利益。 …

Choosing the perfect email provider for your business

May 6th, 2021 in Articles & News

Modern business email tools are often built to get you in and out of your inbox as fast as possible, keeping you informed and organized. Often, however, this efficiency comes at the cost of privacy and security. You also need an email provider that helps keep your sensitive data secure, not one that is a …

Illstration using ProtonMail colors.

Proton news and updates

March 26th, 2021 in Articles & News

Over the past year, a lot has happened that we have not always been able to share on our blog due to all the work going on. Recently, we have been focused on building a completely new version of ProtonMail for web and mobile (which you can preview at We’re also working on launching …

An illustration of ProtonMail's multiple layers of security

The Microsoft Exchange hack might be one of the worst breaches of all time – We need a new approach to email security

March 16th, 2021 in Articles & News

Over the past two weeks, Microsoft clients using its Exchange servers, which includes tens of thousands of government agencies and private corporations around the world, have fallen victim to a series of hacks that have compromised their data. The breach started with a group of state-sponsored hackers attributed to China known as Hafnium, but more …

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