Everyone loves the ProtonMail mobile apps! Help us keep it that way.

This post was updated on February 25th, 2019

If you’re using our mobile apps and you feel the same, we would appreciate if you could rate them and spread the love.

We have had an amazing reception from the community since we launched ProtonMail’s iOS and Android apps in 2016. We are the highest rated secure email app in the Android Play Store, with more than 16,000 reviews.

Millions of people around the world have already downloaded our mobile apps. This is a huge milestone for online privacy because it shows that it is possible to make encryption so easy to use that it becomes widespread.

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The ProtonMail community is bringing about a revolution in how people communicate online, and if this trend continues, the future of online privacy is bright.

Beta users

For users that would like to participate in the ProtonMail development process, consider joining our beta program. New features, advanced performance optimizations, and cutting edge encryption improvements will be released exclusively to beta testers before their public release.

How to report bugs

As you probably know, beta versions of ProtonMail have not gone through all stages of testing and are more likely to have bugs. If you find any problems, please get in touch with our support team by following these simple instructions for web and mobile devices.

The success of ProtonMail has always been directly tied to our community and we are grateful to have your support. We value your feedback a lot so if you wish to propose new features, you can do so by posting your idea here. The most upvoted requests make it into ProtonMail.

With your help, we will create an Internet that protects privacy.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

If you don’t yet have a ProtonMail account, you can get one for free here.

If you love ProtonMail, please consider upgrading to a paid account, as this allows us to keep the service running and continue development.

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.


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87 comments on “Everyone loves the ProtonMail mobile apps! Help us keep it that way.

  • Love Protonmail. The service, the customer support and all. But I’ve got to tell you that the ipad app sucks big time. One has to zoom in and out in order to read the email because the characters are too small.

    Also, it’s nice to see your consideration toward the beta program supporters. But don’t forget those who are supporting the service continuously with a premium account.

  • English:
    Please add the option of automatically deleting e thirty days in the trash if you do not do it manually

    Por favor añadir la opción de que se eliminen los correos automaticamente a los treinta días en la papelera si no hace hace de forma manual

  • So beta user should use google play to update their app ?
    I’m confused, the beta client do not propose any update whereas google play does :-(

  • Loving ProtonMail!
    I highly recommend it to everyone I know! (mostly tech savvy ppl)

    Would love to see a conversation view in the app, customs filters to organize messages better and an enhanced address book added soon! (I know it’s all planned, just anxious to see those features added!)

    Keep it up guys/gals! Amazing work! :D

  • Hi,

    This is offtopic but it looks like an issue that should be discussed in public.

    Today I wasn’t able to access ProtonMail’s log in page using Firefox web browser.. This was the first time that that happened to me. I found out why, but I don’t understand if it’s a bug or what…

    I use an add-on called “Privacy Settings”. I always have “full privacy” option activated. This option automatically disables “dom.storage.enabled”. With dom.storage disabled, neither https://app.protonmail.ch/login or https://mail.protonmail.com/login work.
    I would like to kindly ask you why is that? It was working just fine yesterday…

    (More info about this http://kb.mozillazine.org/Dom.storage.enabled)

    Thank you for your reply.

    • This is required to store some data locally on your browser that is required for ProtonMail to work.

  • Well, what can I say except a huge: Congratulations!

    A short critical comment:
    I really think the “Sent from ProtonMail mobile” being un-removable in the settings, yet are removable manually in the email itself should go. It is just an annoyance step that sort of takes away from the experience without providing much benefit at all.

    • No security and no privacy??? we all know how invasive google is, sure. but having loose apk’s floating around that can’t be reliably or assurably updated are infinitely more insecure. F Droid depository is great but it doesn’t provide the same reliable authentication and certification that google play does.
      what google play offers is certifiable secure applications. you can be sure that what proton mail
      gives them is the same as what you are installing on your phone. google can’t actually mess with this. Not even because it’s open source – but thats even better
      And, if you are using anything else at all on your android, then google knows you have installed the proton mail application. So what ;)

    • I guess we all appreciate and share your default skepticism towards Google, and I can understand why you’re concerned.

      But fact is, this is not a problem after all. Like an other poster commented, Google provides reliable authentication and certification for all apps that are distributed through Play Store.

      No one expects you to just trust Google, they (and e.g. Edward Snowden) have shown beyond doubt they can’t be trusted. If I were Google and the NSA, I’d undoubtly try to find a way to secretly manipulate every single Android app that was ever available to increase my ability to steal every last bit & byte out of everyone’s digital luggage. But, to the NSA’s disadvantage, it’s not that easy, and Google needs to provide all the security possible for the integrity of everything that’s supposed to be installed and work with Android OS. This is the only way to make sure there won’t be a monumental amount of problems for average users and severe security issues for Googles own backend and eco systems. So, that backdoor is actually very well closed, even to Google.

      Now, so far so good. The app as such is extremely secure, the NSA hates the whole service, and it should absolutely only be downloaded and installed from Play Store or wherever else ProtonMail officially may choose to make it available to their users.
      However, you could of course assume that the whole Android OS is compromised, and that it e.g. has a deep embedded keylogger and other hidden sevices in it that lets Google read and record all activities on your device, including the entering of passphrases and keys, the content of the decrypted mailbox as you read it, your composing window when you write etc. This is fortunately very, very unlikely and very difficult to acchieve and maintain over time without anyone outside a limited group of Google employees and NSA experts ever finding out.
      If you still think this may actually be the case, you should quite simply not use an Android device or any Google service or product at all. You’d have to stick to your homemade OS or find a Linux distro or anything else that you eventually trust more than Google, Microsoft or Apple, but could of course run into other problems, like not not being able to use ProtonMails services and apps.

      ProtonMails philosophy is to work for the prevalence of secure communication for everyone, and as we know, it doesn’t help much if something is brilliantly secure if it’s too demanding for most users to use, or for other reasons is not used. E.g. PGP has been around for decades, but still the average person hasn’t even heard of it, nor has any idea about why and how.

      So, what ProtonMail does, is they aim for the masses and the leading platforms where the masses are dancing, rather than trying to tap into more people to esoteric geek clubs, which will never get us where we want to be; in a world where everyone’s communication and data is encrypted and sent over secure protocols.

      We should be grateful for ProtonMails efforts in this field rather than spending time worrying about Google’s untrustworthyness, which is proven once and for all. Also, we can safely raise our glasses for the fact that Google is not able to tamper with it! Cheers!

      Did I remember to remind everyone to donate or sign up for beta testing? Or both? No? Ok, I will now: Donate! :D

      • Not everyone has the play store. There are lots of widely sold phones with their own Android variant – lower cost Chinese made phones like Lenovo for example – that does not have it. It’s sooo easy for you guys to just allow the .apk file download and display the file hash on your site. Why not do it? Soon more tablets and notebooks will also be able to run Android apps, so there will be even more devices that could potentially run it… but who knows if they will all use Google Play store.

        • What I meant was there is coming Chrome OS, some Linux variants, and already existing phone OS’s, that can run Android .apk apps. Some of them, particularly from China, may not have Google Play access.

          • Thanks for your reply.

            First, let me stress the fact that I have no other connection to the ProtonMail team than that of a user and customer, though I can understand why my slightly over-the-top fanboy writings would make some think so. :D So, all requests or ideas for ProtonMail should be addressed to them, not me.

            However, I agree you have some good arguments for making the apps available elsewhere, and I’d be surprised if this wasn’t something the team is working on. Just my two cents, of course.

            What do you think, PM?

  • Only usable with gapps on android.
    It really makes no sense at all to use protonmail and google apps…
    Please release an .apk file or let the mobile app be open source and in the F-Droid repository.

    • Paid subscriber here…I fully agree. I basically have to use Protonmail via the browser on my phone. While webmail is fantastic, F-Droid is a must. Really privacy conscious people simply don’t wanna use Google – period.

  • Hi PM Team,

    Kudos on your accomplishments to date.
    Curious though as to what the ETA is on the release of a full-fledged desktop client?
    This would up the level of usability of the application by a huge degree.

  • Hi PM Team,

    Kudos on your accomplishments to date!

    Curious though as to what the ETA is on the release of a full-fledged desktop client?

    This would up the level of usability of the platform by a huge degree.
    Plus it would positively impact the number of people willing to upgrade.
    The importance/factor of security aside, not being able to use a desktop version makes this minimally useful.

    Not asking for any concrete date, but just a rough idea of when it might be ready?

  • Will you at some point be adding a “Preview pane” for email messages when viewing them in the Horizontal Layout, eg. – messages on top row, previews at the bottom of the screen?

  • Hi ProtonMail Team,

    Any idea/estimated timeline on when we can expect to see a release of the Desktop Client?

  • Strange, Crashlytics does not show the update (even after a manual refresh) also, I have not received an e-mail invite like all the times before, what´s going on here?

  • One of my better managers post, I’ve seen so far, is going to be very feasible for me to ProtonMail +, at the earliest opportunity, or perhaps make a good donation service is very good double security that it provided me.

  • Please provide a good, intuitive calendar application with efficient synchronisation, and we will no longer need Google.
    Please. And thank you for the great job.

  • I have a paid proton web-mail account and it’s great. I supported twice your crowdfunding goals. 1. because you need startup money – 2. when proton was offline because of a big ddos attack and again need money to fix it.
    So I want to install the proton app on my sm. And than there was the big disappointment. Your app can only be installed if I give you permission to look into my contacts – apps history – you want to know my identity and to see what’s in my photo/media maps. Why you need all this information for? Proton start looking like all free app developers, if it’s free then the user become a product.

  • So comment 41 was not something you want to show. Losers :(( I still have twitter or Facebook to explain what I wrote….

  • Hello, I dont get notifications, neither sound or vibration, when I receive email. I used to get both of them. I reinstalled app on my Androind, but problem remains the same. I know I can change notifications in settings I did with no success.

    • Could you submit a bug report through the ProtonMail app? You can report a bug through the main menu using the report bug feature.

  • Are you guys considering a protonmail encrypted messenger? I’ll browse around the site to see if that has already been addressed. I searched a bit and didn’t see anything recent directly from Protonmail. Great work guys and thank you for all that you do for the world. We need it now more than ever here in the USA. If only the East Germans and Russians citizen had had this pre 1992.

    I can’t believe that Donald Trump now is in charge of NSA! Good lord.

  • i love Proton Mail, but want to repeat a moan I had recently, that the language English originated in England, and is spoken by the English people. It is also spoken by lots of North Americans, Australians, South Africans etc etc etc, but to see English with an American flag really pisses me off. English is English, please put the correct flag by the correct language, and remember we don’t all live in the good ole’ U S of A!

  • I love your email service and im wondering if you ever plan on coming out with a secure messenger app? If so will it be more like FB messenger or Whatsapp and Signal? If you guys ever do, ill happily donate to the cause and thanks..

    • We are considering it, but this will become a priority after we launch ProtonMail Calendar.

  • Guys, can you also publish also at F-Droid repository?

    Some people we don’t use Google into our devices. The application works fine using vanilla Android, but because is not at F-Droid, it makes quite hard to keep up-to-date.

    Thanks, good job and congratulations!

  • The download button doesn’t find the app. It opens fdroid but then says not found. I can’t find an app anywhere and don’t want to resort to compromising security and privacy by using Google.

    • The download button is opening the Google Play Store. It is not available on fDroid at the moment. We will make it available in the coming months.

  • Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!

  • I have used Protonmail for many years and have been using ProtonVPN for less than a year. Protonmail and ProtonVPN are the best; waiting for ProtonMessage, ProtonDrive, etc.

  • I like the ProtonMail Android app, but it needs 1 little thing to make it better for me.

    I would like to have the ability to select multiple emails and delete them all at one time. The time saved would be mildly significant, would save me 2-3 minutes over deleting emails one at a time.

  • I am very happy with proton mail but..
    When will proton mail have a spell checker? When will proton mail have a “pop-out” feature?

  • could you please give us the opportunity to get the apk directly without using google play store.
    Encryption & Privacy is also a way of not using google services. So please think about it and hope you’ll find a solution.
    Thank you

  • How about remove the reliance on google play and making the app available somewhere other than the GooglePlay store? How about following through on the feature you listed as a “planned feature” way back in 2016?

  • I bit out of topic but it’s important to all business users.

    All good but the lack of calendar is a big concern and I assume not a good advertisement for my counterparties when I apologize for not sending a proper meeting invite.

    Any solution or work around would be highly appreciated!


    • Yes, it’s a huge pain point for a lot of users, which is why we’ve prioritized ProtonCalendar. We’re coming down the final stretch right now. Thank you for your patience.

  • Proto mail et proton VPN sont presque la perfection en ces domaines, qui protège nos courriers et nos connexions, le seul reproche à lui faire et de toujours utiliser la langue anglaise pour communiquer avec nous sans moyen de traduction approprié …
    Mr.J. Chartier

    • Thank you for your suggestion, Jacques, and forgive me for replying in English (you would be disappointed with my French). We already offer the ProtonMail apps in French, and we’re currently planning to expand localization of even more content, including blog posts and support articles, in more languages. It’ll take time, but it’s coming. Thank you for your support and patience!

  • it would be great is I could have several emails in the one app. I manage 5 email accounts and can only open one on the app, frustrating….

  • For the sake of privacy I use LineageOS instead of spying Android.
    For the sake of privacy the Google PlayStore is off-limits.
    I protonmail takes privacy seriously, the APK must be made available in f-droid and/or as a direct DL.
    If not, it is near useless.

    • Sorry to send you searching! We do post links to protonapps.com whenever it’s relevant. The vast majority of users find our apps from conventional sources. However, we’ll consider your suggestion as we work on updates to our website.

    • The spell check feature is derived from your browser. For example, if you want to use spell check in the ProtonMail web app, you need to configure it in your web browser itself. If you us a mobile device, you can set up spell check on the software keyboard that you are using. Hope this helps!

  • I like the Dark Mode idea but the some of the set colors make it difficult for me to see some part of the UI.
    Where can we find a tutorial on how to adjust the UI? I found this short article “Creating and Using Theme Settings” but is does not provide the CSS codes and convention.


    • Hello SilverFox15,

      We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Could you send some screenshots of what is hard to read in dark mode to contact@protonmail.ch? That will help us resolve the issue.

  • I’d love to see an update to this four year old self-congratulatory news item, because I am not happy with the UI of either the browser or mobile interface.

  • At times, emails are not received. An almost always, the emails go directly to the receivers SPAM or JUNK mail. This needs to change and become as rock solid as Gmail is. What good is the privacy if your service is not reliable or flagged as garbage such that most people have to go outside their inbox to find it (if its even there).

    Please fix asap as it is killing your paid customers or I will go back to Gmail.

  • I have upgraded my account and am not happy with the results at this point. I want my email to open on my browser and not in some small box to the right of my screen as it is now doing. If this is your new updated service, then I do not want it and will cancel the service and sign up with another provider who has a very good reputation for security and encryption as well. I will give you one week from today to correct the way this service is handled on my browser and if it continues to open in the box provided by you I will cancel it at once.

  • bonjour je viens de m inscrire pour ouvrir ma boite email et je n arrive pas à trouver comment traduire en FRANCAIS merci pour votre aide

  • Where is the best place to download the ProtonMail App for Apple users? I read that the Apple Store Apps may have third-party tracking programs (I am not really sure what a third-party tracking programs is) attached to Apps within the Apple Store.

    I downloaded the ProtonMail App from the Apple Store, should I remove it from my phone and download it from your ProtonMail Homepage?

    • Hi Anonymous. Apple runs a closed garden, so the only way to download the ProtonMail app for iOS is through the Apple App Store. There is nothing we can do about this. Our Android app can be downloaded direct from our website as an APK, or via the open source F-Droid store.