ProtonMail now includes Bitcoin support! You can now get secure email anonymously.

bitcoin secure email service

Starting from version 3.11 of ProtonMail, it is now possible to pay for premium ProtonMail secure email account using Bitcoin. We have designed the payment system to work seamlessly so that Bitcoin payments are automatically converted to ProtonMail credits which can be used to pay for upgrades, pay invoices, or top up your account. This feature was long overdue, so we are glad to finally introduce this.

Long time followers of ProtonMail will know that we actually have a deep connection with Bitcoin, going all the way back to the very beginning of ProtonMail’s story. We have always been quite interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as they empower the same principles that inspired us to create ProtonMail. These are the principles of freedom, privacy, and an Internet ecosystem where all have an equal opportunity to thrive, free from many of the artificial constructs that control commerce today.

Why Bitcoin

Our appreciation of cryptocurrencies deepened after we had a first hand experience with the potential of Bitcoin. Back in 2014 when ProtonMail first launched, our first community fundraiser was infamously frozen by PayPal, leaving us without access to the funds necessary to run the service. However, thanks to Bitcoin and the support of the Bitcoin community, we were able to continue to receive funds via Bitcoin ensuring the success of the project.

Three years on, ProtonMail has come a long way, and we are still proud to have many users from the global cryptocurrency community. As we mentioned in our guide on how to buy Bitcoins, secure email can actually play an important role in keeping Bitcoins secure, either as an email address to use with online Bitcoin wallets or exchanges, or for the storage of sensitive data.

Over the past three years, we have had an unofficial way of accepting Bitcoins which involved manually sending BTC to our Bitcoin donation address, and manually confirming the transaction with our support team to receive account credits. However, the general increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions over the years has made that approach unfeasible and made development of an automated system necessary. We feel this is indicative of a broader trend, where the increased mainstream interest in Bitcoin will make it harder for merchants not to support Bitcoin, which will lead to more Bitcoin support, more transactions, and perhaps the continued appreciation of Bitcoin prices.

From a business perspective, we have witnessed the fragility and uncertainty of the traditional financial sector, with PayPal, credit card, and bank account freezes, fraud, or hacks becoming increasingly common. For any operating business, cryptocurrencies are an important form of diversification. Whereas companies in the past might have held multiple fiat currencies distributed cross multiple financial institutions as insurance, ProtonMail is now also holding a significant portion of our reserves in Bitcoin. Ultimately, we believe having a more significant portion of our revenue via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies actually reduces our business risk, by providing more redundancy in the event of the failure of more traditional payment methods. While this is fairly progressive thinking today, we believe that with time, more businesses will also adopt this view.

We’re excited to further deepen our connections with the cryptocurrency community with this step, and we look forward to doing our part to ensure that the brighter future promised by blockchain does become a reality. In the coming quarters, we plan to continue improving cryptocurrency support as part of our mission to build the most secure email service ever. Let us know which coins or tokens you would like us to support next on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

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About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.


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32 comments on “ProtonMail now includes Bitcoin support! You can now get secure email anonymously.

  • Thanks for allowing your customers to pay in Bitcoin. Seems like you’re totally evolving the email space.

    And thanks for non-USDOJ email. With Gmail, U.S. Department of Justice lawyers can comb through years of your emails, looking for issues – no matter what country you live in. USDOJ lawyers sit right next to you, as your write and store your email. Ouch! Who wants to stand on the edge of that cliff? I’d pay a lot, lot more for ProtonMail.

    Bitcoin $19,000 by 2019.

  • Great news.
    I believe the future is in Blockchain and I’m delighted to see you taking steps to integrate payments with crypto-currencies.

  • You should take XMR, so that you could support ACTUAL anonymous donors. BTC is 100% traceable, every transaction. It’s a public ledger, for fuck’s sake.

    • You are right, there is a lot of ignorance about the anonymity of bitcoin that is a pseudonym cryptocurrency. XMR or Zcash can allow anonymous payment. For instance, given the address of bitcoin wallet you can see all the transaction and the total amount via

    • You are right, there is a lot of ignorance about the anonymity of bitcoin that is a pseudonym cryptocurrency. XMR or Zcash can allow anonymous payment. For instance, given the address of bitcoin wallet you can see all the transaction and the total amount via

  • While accepting Bitcoin is commendable, one would expect the team behind ProtonMail to know about Monero (XMR) and really work to integrate that as a payment option if they are so keen on providing a service focusing on privacy. Monero is the only truly fungible and private cryptocurrency out there, and I don’t see why privacy-oriented users of this service should settle for anything less than that. To ProtonMail team, head on over to r/monero if you need a place to start, the community there is like no other.

  • Hi, Bitcoin transactions fees are outrageous as the network is clogged at full capacity for years now. Please also integrate Bitcoin Cash which has solved the capacity problems.


  • Thank you for this encouraging development. As others have commented, Monero would be more suitable and I (plus subscriber) would definitely use it as a payment option.

  • This is great, but it would be better if litecoin was accepted, faster payment, more stable

  • Are you certain that Protonmail is protected from deep-packet inspection and side-channel attacks by Israeli firm Radware?

    • These attacks can be performed any anybody who carries the network traffic between your location and our servers in Switzerland. However, as we encapsulate all of the traffic in SSL, everything that goes on the wire is encrypted.

  • I would really like if you also would allow paysafecards…. If find Bitcoin interesting, but the process of buying it and the fluctuations are in my opinion a major downside…. at least for now.

  • ProtonMail is displaying Bitcoin amounts to 10 decimal places, but Bitcoin is only divisible to 8 decimal places…

  • I’m extremely surprised at the use of bitcoin where privacy is being claimed, because as other commenters have said, isn’t truly private at all, due to it’s public ledger. BTC as merely a form of traceable payment? Sure. But definitely not as a securely private method. I’d very strongly recommend Monero (XMR), and as another user has stated, the ProtonMail Team needs to go to whose community will leap at the opportunity to get the Team up to speed.

  • It describes Bitcoin as a way to pay for “secure email anonymously” — though Bitcoin is not necessarily anonymous, given that every transaction is written down in the blockchain (and includes a from and to address) so there remain the potential to trace payments.

    • No we don’t, there is a slight upcharge, but it is closer to 3% to account for BTC price fluctuations.

  • Only so-so on privacy. Payment is anything but private. Bitcoin is less private then a credit card. Go Monero or Go Home!

  • I think you should also add or move Protonmail platform to “.crypto” domain in order to prevent hacking and taking down. Thanks!