Proton Calendar beta is now available on Android devices!

An illustration of the Proton Calendar Android app beta.

UPDATE April 14, 2021: The Proton Calendar beta on web and Android is now available to everyone who has a ProtonMail account, including users with a Free plan.

Today marks a major milestone in the development of Proton Calendar, our privacy-focused calendar: The beta version of the Proton Calendar Android app is now available in the Play Store for paid users.

A calendar is actually one of the most sensitive apps. The typical calendar contains a huge amount of sensitive personal data. We believe this chronicle of your activities should be private and inaccessible to your calendar provider and any other third parties. Proton Calendar solves this problem by using the same end-to-end encryption that keeps your emails safe in ProtonMail and your files safe in Proton Drive. Not even we can see your events and the participants.

As we continue to add new features and tools for Proton Calendar, we’re excited to share the beta version of our Android calendar app. You can start using the app immediately if you have paid ProtonMail or ProtonVPN plan.

If you don’t yet have a paid plan, you can upgrade now and start using the app immediately. The Proton Calendar iOS app is still in development, but we wanted to make the Android app available as quickly as possible.

If you have a paid Proton plan and haven’t started using Proton Calendar yet, you can access it simply by logging in to your Proton account at and choosing Proton Calendar from the app selector. You can also import your existing calendar events from another provider.

The Proton Calendar Android beta is full of features

The best part about the Proton Calendar beta release is that the app is already packed with many of the core features that are currently available in the web version. 

Manage all your calendars

You can manage up to 10 calendars and create, edit, view, and delete events right from the app. You can also set events to recur at daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom intervals.

An illustration of the Proton Calendar Android app menu.

Dark mode and emojis

The Proton Calendar Android app has dark mode and light mode options, which are automatically configured based on your system settings.

Plus, you can add emojis to your events, which can make it easier to see what’s on your schedule at a glance.

An illustration of the Proton Calendar Android app in dark mode.

Always be in the right place at the right time

Add a location and description to each event, and set multiple notification reminders to make sure you’re prepared for every appointment.

An illustration of the notes you can add to events in the Proton Calendar Android app.

Anything you update in the Android app will automatically sync to the web app (and vice versa), so you can access your calendars from any browser and any device.

An illustration of the Proton Calendar Android and web apps syncing.

Why protect your data with an encrypted calendar

Most calendar services have access to all your personal data, meaning they can see where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re doing it with. We believe this is not only invasive but extremely detrimental for privacy — only you should be in control of who has access to your data. This level of access to your private life can even lead to or facilitate repression and abuse by governments.

Proton Calendar is the first encrypted calendar and app that’s integrated into a larger package of encrypted services, including email and cloud storage. When you use Proton Calendar, the event title, description, location, and participants for every event are encrypted on your device before they reach our servers so that no third party (including ProtonMail) can see the details of your events.

During the Proton Calendar beta, you’ll be able to provide feedback to our developers that will help guide the product roadmap in the coming months. You can share your suggestions and bug reports with our team.

We will continue to improve Proton Calendar and the Android app in the coming months, with the ability to add participants to an event, respond to invitations, and import events to Proton Calendar planned for 2021. We will also share information about the Proton Calendar iOS app in 2021.

Proton is creating a new way to organize your digital life in privacy. By pulling together different services into an encrypted ecosystem that you control, you can help make privacy the norm on the internet and build a future where people take priority over profits.

About the Author

Ben Wolford

Ben Wolford is a writer at Proton. A journalist for many years, Ben joined Proton to help lead the fight for data privacy.


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106 comments on “Proton Calendar beta is now available on Android devices!

  • What about widgets? Is it already available?
    I’m still in the free plan, considering the upgrade for a while, but this Android calendar app might well be what I need to switch over.
    If there’s a widget, I’ll upgrade today.

    Congratulations for another great achievement towards a more private internet.

  • Would Proton consider posting their apps on the FDroid store as well since it is open source and available without needing a Google account to access?

  • Very good news! Could you please indicate where the apk can be downloaded without going to the google play store? Thanks in advance and best regards.

    • We will make the Proton Calendar APK available for download so that users can avoid the Google Play Store, but it likely will not be available in the near future.

  • Just like you have a bridge to incorporate an email program like thunderbird, it would be great to have a similar type bridge to incorporate the lightning calendar as well, or is there a way to do this already? Thanks!

    • Hi Eric,
      This is something we are considering, but at the moment there isn’t a timetable.

  • Hi there,
    The Android app for ProtonCalendar gets stuck for me on the starting screen with “Decrypting events”.
    Are you currently interested in bug reports for this app?

    • The iOS Calendar app will be coming in the near future, but we do not have a fixed date yet.

  • Thank you, this is another big step in helping me move away from the big “G”. Looking forward to the IOS version as well, since I have to use both. This coupled with the beta.protonmail and single sign on has increased the usability exponentially for me…Thank you and keep up the progress.

  • Thank you for this android protoncalendar app!
    What a lovely next step. I am really gratefull so I can migrate my digital calendar and still have all the benefits and more!
    Also thank you for the download link without having to pass by the G play store.

  • Can you consider allowing the user to edit the “the calendar” the event is in from the app if multiple calendars are being used, after it has been created. Presently the work around is to delete the event, and recreate in the changed calendar…Thank you

  • Is this something that will be released in TestFlight for iOS? I would love to beta test this and provide feedback for iOS.

    • Hi Drew,
      Yes, Proton Calendar is coming to iOS in the near future, but we do not have a firm date at the moment.

  • Hey ProtonMail Team..
    This looks very nice.. So I see, the development seems to go in the right direction! 8-)

    Using ProtonMail for work, the calendar is currently the main issue, why I was looking for other solutions the last time.
    The biggest problem I see is:
    – Adding events that have been sent to me via mail automatically to the calendar (as the chance is big to miss invites)

    One workaround solution for now would be to use the proton bridge, walk through mails via some script, and add events to a google calendar, as there’s no way to add it to the protoncalendar for now?!… ;-(

    What would be VERY nice, is to have some kind of Roadmap of ProtonMail/Calendar..

    Thank you for your feedback and thanks for this great first step with the android app!


  • Well, i didnt read all the comments. I was looking forward to using the calendar app and web application. But they dont sync witch each other. Neither i cant add up to 10 calendars directly from my app. Is that a known problem?

    • Hi Mike. Calendars can only be added from the desktop (for now), but our desktop and Android calendars should sync with each other. Please contact our support team for assistance.

  • Is there a way to toggle dark mode? My system settings has my phone already set to dark mode but ProtonCalendar is still eye-piercing white. I do love how it is available now. Thank you.

  • I probably missed something somewhere, but are the emoji’s and ability to change colors for calendar events only for those who are above the Plus plan? I don’t see the ability to do that on mine.

    • Hi LD. You can choose a calendar’s colours when you create it in the web interface (this feature is not available in the Android app yet). You can Android’s built-in emojis when creating a calendar event.

  • Will you be able to share your calendar with another person? My husband and I have our gmail calendars synchronized, so that when one person adds an event, it shows up on the other person’s calendar as well. That way that we can both keep track of each other’s schedules. We want to leave Google, and this is one of the primary features we are shopping for.

  • Brilliant! Any plans to add a widget for this? (Or perhaps some work can be done on your side so the calendar is detected in existing widgets)
    If I can add this to my homescreen, it can finally replace my google calendars.

  • FANTASTIC! I was looking forward to this. :) It works beautifully.

    Also, I know you all don’t make phones… but a phone with Proton pre-installed instead of Google would be a dream. Also, a Proton App Store as an alternative to Google would be great.

  • Such a shame the calendar on iOS is taking this time… I have to stick with bloody Google just because of this :(

  • Hi, I am now using the android calendar app since the release in December last year and I like the clean design and simple functions. However, I was used to the widget of aCalender+ which shows you the forthcoming events on the homescreen and I really miss this feature. Is a widget with this function of protonCalendar planed?

  • Please hurry and provide on Apple ;) Thank you guys and love your work. Keep working hard to provide a safe internet for us, we need you now more than ever.

  • I have no google services on my high security Android, so apk download is my only option. Since google keyboard can capture all keystrokes, end to end mail security is meaningless for messages composed on standard android, IMHO. Please make all apps available for direct download sooner, rather than later. Thanks.

  • This site says that I can access the calendar with any web browser and on any device.
    Can I use it with the Firefox web browser on a laptop running Windows 7?

  • Is there a widget that can be used with the calendar? Surprised no one else has mentioned it but its something I use a lot!

    • Hi me. Please remember that our Calandar app is in beta development. Additional features will be added in due course.

  • I have to agree, as an iOS user, I feel a bit neglected in seeing some of these beta features be available. My two hot items is to see the calendar and drive storage on iOS.

  • Is there a way to print a week or month of calendar data? This of course is not to keep, just to use as a scratch pad, or in strictly offline situations, and for the shredder afterwards.

    • Hi Walter. Please remember that our Calandar app is in beta development. Additional features will be added in due course.

  • I don’t use Play Store so I can not test yet. Will this have the ability, along with your web app to send an email reminder for calendar events?
    Calendar is pretty much useless for me until this function becomes available.

  • If this “really” works, I will be happier than a clam (whatever that really means). Been futzing with beta.proton and I have vibes of GREAT EXPECTATION … !

    • Hi elbakkayg. Yes, although it won’t, of course, be able to sync with your desktop calendar until your Android device goes online.

  • Hallo! Thanks for this! Just as I was planning to ditch all my google services WOOHOO! 2 questions..

    1) I assume the info syncs on your own server and not google drive or google server’s…right?

    2) Can your calenders be subscribed to, so I can edit and manage them from apple canelder? This is how I edit and manage my google calenders on my desktop.


    • Hi James.

      1) Correct
      2) We will issue a full feature list when the product is officially launched.

  • Comment below on 29 December thanks you for providing a download link for the calendar without having to go to the G Play Store. Wouldn’t mind having that link to share with others to promote Proton.

    Your calendar app for Android brings privacy to my calendar with cloud backup. In beta, normally a scary place to be, but it’s, well, just impressive. It…just…works…, like all your services! The Holy Grail of online services, with privacy, too.

    We need to nominate all y’all for something or other. Thank you for your high quality, high privacy work.

  • Hey there, any update on the iOS app?
    Very excited to start integrating this in my new private practice, thank you!

  • Using Protonmail and Proton vpn on desktop, and calendar sounds good, but how safe are the apps on an Android device, given the “talk” that Google (or others) can scrape information from the Pixel? Specifically, can Google get my Protonmail password from my Android apps?

    • Hi Anonymous. We don’t use the Android App Bundle, which allows us to upload all our APKs to the Play Store signed by our own private key to Google tamper with them or the data they contain.

  • How much additional annual funding would you need to make your suite if services (mail with storage, calendar, meetings) FREE AND COMPARABLE to what Google offers??? This is the question. The way I see it, Proton has to do 1 of 2 things for mass adoption:
    1. Offer a COMPELLING, paid enterprise/commerical package & rely on employer influence to get employees to switch use Proton
    2. Acquire partners who will pledge enough for you to offer FREE accounts that are COMPARABLE to Google.

    • Hi Abdu. Google is able to offer the services it does for “free” because it monetizes itself by abusing your privacy in order to target you with personalized ads. Proton respects our users’ privacy, so we will never do this. This means we will always need to charge for our more advanced features in order to be able to offer a genuinely free service for all.

  • Great news! Please make the APK available via Like many people who use Protonmail, I’m very privacy conscious and refuse to have Google Play Services installed on my device. Thanks.

  • I look forward to it! A google-like scalable 3-5 day widget will be a MUST for useability on Android.

    The widget needs to scale from 3×4 to almost full screen on android to be cimpetitive with even samaung or outlook at the low end.

    Thank you Protonmail team! Google and big tech have become the epitomy of totalitarian tyranny and down right wicked.

    You are saving the liberties and human freedoms so many in this nation and in history have fought and died for.


  • The Android Calendar is missing a crucial feature for a mobile phone calendar; i.e., it’s missing an alarm. Most people use their mobile phones as alarm clocks, and missing this feature renders it of no use.

    Please add this feature, and I will replace my default Calendar with yours.

  • So cool and timely! Ever since big tech showed its hand I have been scrambling for more secure ways. Thank you. I’ll be adding my old g calendar and going to work.

  • Thanks for the information about Proton Calendar. I look forward to utilizing it in the future as I continue to transition away from all Google apps and services.

  • Hi, this is obviously great, but consider distributing the app through FDroid as well. Many people who use your apps and services do so outside of the Google ecosystem.

  • Hi,
    When will the ios calendar be available? I am interested in a paid proton mail account but can’t see how it makes sense if I don’t have a calendar to use with it as well. Thanks.

  • Hi, thanks for a much needed product in the privacy space. I was wondering what plans there will be for calendar integration? For example, for someone who has to use Google for work but would like to use Proton for personal use. Are there plans to allow importing Google Calendars into Proton Calendar with syncing?

  • 1) How can I import content to Proton Calendar?
    2) I know this is a beta, but I can’t see how to add other calendars? Is this possible yet?
    3) Can I import from file e.g. .ics ?

  • Could you please explain how the calendar files will function on Android? At the moment there are ics files stored on the phone that ANY calendar app can read. Will we import these files into ProtonMail, then delete all the ics files from the android phone because they are now held on Protonmail servers? Thank you in advance. PS plus one for a widget type feature.

    • Hi Anonymous. Yes. Once you import the ics files to Proton Calendar you can safely delete them on your phone.

  • Will it be possible to synchronize the calendar with the calendar on the Android device in the future? Or do you not want to implement this because it undermines the end-to-end encryption? Or is it not even technically feasible to sync non-gmail calendars?

    My use case:
    I use Business Calendar 2 to combine different calendar sources: Job (business gmail account), family shared (private gmail account) and private (hopefully proton).

  • Hi! Great app! Absolutely neccessary to prevent major companies from gaining sensitive personal data from people around the world. Thank you! Love ProtonMail.
    One feature I would like is a calendar widget that shows dates right away on the screen. Maybe one day in future that could be available ;)
    Cheers. Keep it up!

  • I adopt all of your products as they are released, and immediately introduce it to my friends. I brought about 80 people to Protonmail.

    Problem: As for Android Proton Calendar app, at the moment, there is a very crucial problem. The notification of an appointment is silent; meaning, there are no sounds associated with the alarm. In other words, if you are not looking at the phone, you will miss the alarm. And, if you want to use the Proton Calendar as a wake-up call while on the road, it will not work.

    Solution: Add an alarm (with sound) feature.

  • Bonsoir, comment mettre un son personnel sur proton calendar ?
    Hello, how can I install my music on proton calendar ?

  • Proton Calendar is *still* in Beta, since 2019! It’s March 2021 in case the Calendar Beta is broken.. and still only available for paid accounts, can’t even try it out?

  • Hi
    Lovely product. Unfortunately though I still can’t find the apk. I got rid of Google Play and I’m looking into a trustworthy source for downloading the APK. Please consider put other apk (calendar, contacts) on fdroid please.

  • Thank you ProtonMail team. I’m really pleased with the calendar so far and am ready to ditch my paid 3C calendar app. Hope a full screen monthly calendar view or other widget becomes available in the future.

  • I’m wondering if the repeat option will work to schedule a 17 week rotation of shifts, so the same shift shows up every 17 weeks automatically ?

  • I may have missed it but is there a way to sync other calendars to proton calendar like my default/stock android calendar?

  • Will there be a way to have a shared calendar between multiple people on different proton mail accounts?

  • Hi, i’m trying to minimize contact with the big spyware company (google) and ProtonCalendar would fit in there nicely, but if i try to install it, i’m redirected to the google playstore and need to go trough their questionnaires, which are clearly not in my interest but theirs.

    Do you think it is possible to just supply the apk from your site?

  • Is there a place from the Protonmail webpage to download the latest proton calendar APKs?

    When I try to install and loginto the available APKs I can find from anywhere but the play store, I get an error that the version is no longer supported and I need to upgrade.