Diversity in tech – why it matters and what we are doing about it

ProtonMail started as a globally distributed team and against common advice, we stayed distributed. Three years later, here are some of the things we have learned about diversity in tech.

Diversity in tech is an important and sometimes controversial topic these days. Although it wasn’t done by design, ProtonMail has evolved to become a fairly diverse company, with more than a dozen nationalities represented on our team. We have definitely learned a few lessons along the way, and today we’d like to share some of them.

Diversity = Better talent

In the tech industry, talent is by far the most valuable commodity. For most tech companies, talent is the primary factor determining success and failure, as well as the largest operating cost. In order to succeed, we need to attract and retain the best talent. What we have discovered is that hiring the top talent is very much a numbers game. Simply put, for both tech and non-tech roles, the best people are rare, and if you want to only hire the best, you need to draw from the largest possible talent pool.

If ProtonMail had grown like a typical Swiss company, only hiring candidates from Switzerland, we never would have been able to find enough talent to drive our growth. By hiring globally, and disregarding which country a candidate is from, we increased our potential hiring pool from 8 million to 7 billion. A diverse workplace also helps to attract applicants. More applicants means we can hire more candidates, while simultaneously being more selective.

Higher reliability and lower risk

Having team members 10 time zones apart ensures that for site reliability operations, there is almost always somebody around at any given hour of the day. This dramatically reduces our response time to any incidents that occur, and ensures that we’re never caught “asleep at the wheel” because, like our global user base, ProtonMail never sleeps.

A distributed team also reduces risks, because we don’t rely too extensively on any one country, and no government has an excessive amount of leverage over our operations. This is a form of insurance that helps to ensure that we cannot be easily coerced into acting against the best interests of the ProtonMail community.

Diversity = Better Ideas

Having a team consisting of people with more varied backgrounds also means that we get a more diverse set of ideas flowing through the company. This in turn allows us to be more innovative. It also helps ensure that ProtonMail is intuitive and user friendly for a larger proportion of the world. Having more nationalities on the team means that we have more shared experiences with a larger fraction of our users, ultimately leading to a better user experience.

What we’re doing to improve team diversity

From our direct experience, we believe firmly that the best tech companies are also the ones that are the most diverse, and we’re committed to doing more to increase ProtonMail’s diversity in the future. One of the initiatives we are supporting is Project Integration, a Geneva based non-profit with an unique mission. Project Integration seeks to simultaneously address two problems, the shortage of skilled IT workers and the European refugee crisis. Project Integration approaches this problem by offering free programming courses to refugees in Switzerland.

We believe this is a great approach, as economic integration through high quality employment is the key to integrating refugees successfully. As we have witnessed ourselves at ProtonMail, there is a large shortage of skilled programmers and training more software engineers will be crucial for driving future economic growth. In order to support Project Integration, we are donating server resources and also advising on the course curriculum. We are also interviewing Project Integration students for internship and full time positions at ProtonMail.

Looking back, we know that community driven efforts can in fact succeed and grow to change the world. Indeed, ProtonMail’s 2014 crowdfunding campaign reached five times our fundraising goal and helped us further develop our vision. Project Integration is looking to do the same and has started a crowdfunding campaign to help fund their courses for refugees. You can get involved with Project Integration through their crowdfunding campaign here.

A Project Integration course in Geneva, Switzerland.

In addition to our work with Project Integration, we are also working on improving our gender ratio. Women make up half of the world’s available talent pool, but currently make up only 20% of ProtonMail’s full time workforce, so there is still a lot of room for improvement. We’re committed to making ProtonMail a diverse workplace where all are welcome. If you are interested working with us on building a better Internet, please consider joining us!

For more information about open positions at ProtonMail, please visit our careers page.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team


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About the Author

Irina M

Irina is part of ProtonMail's communication team. With a background in graphic design and digital communications, she strongly supports the protection of private data and wishes to help build a safer internet for generations to come.


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77 comments on “Diversity in tech – why it matters and what we are doing about it

  • I’ve been following (and using!) ProtonMail shortly after you started and I just remember my first impression was, “this group just gets it.” Here we are Oct 2017 and I find myself still impressed. I’m impressed at your tech chops, at your business sense, at your passion for encryption, diversity, responsibility, and on and on. So, thank you! And keep it up!

  • Why do tech companies feel the need to be so political nowadays?
    How about just focusing on making a good product? Is that really too much to ask?

    • This is not a political statement. Hiring the best talent is key to building a good product, which is why we are working on increasing the number of applicants for our open positions by searching more widely for candidates.

      • If hiring the best talent really is key as you say, I don’t see how adding selection on diversity adds anything else besides skin color and gender stats. And that is one of the most politically charged subjects existing right now. I don’t understand how you can simply deny this.

        – paying customer.

        • Agreed, a modern interpretation of “Diversity” is irremovable from identity, so how it reads is “Having a lot of the arbitrary groups we have put in equally arbitrary categories based on a label we have made up in our head because we want to look at them that way (and not because of any meaningful difference), makes better technology!” which is preposterous and you may as well be saying people with different eyebrow shaping makes better technology, it does not, and people think you have lost the plot. Please just hire the best people, if you find yourself incorporating virtue signalling words like “Diversity” and attempting to show how great you are by announcing it to the world is just a symptom of the social disease infesting the western world. If you find that having all Blue shades of people makes better software, hire them, if you don’t, then don’t. We do not need to know how many different shades of human you have on your team, nor their toenail length, nor their breath heat, or by any other arbitrary category you have put them in.

          Back to the financial part of it though, I was just looking yesterday and a full move of all my personal stuff from you patiently awaiting protondrive, but because of this bizarre outburst. I have lost trust in your professionalism and that will not be happening. How I wish tech companies would stick to tech!

  • Thank you for Informing us.
    The Problem with “Diversity” is that it suggests you will hire the most “Diverse” people in regards to skin color & gender – not thought & skill.

    So for me, this is actually good to know because I will not buy any of the Pro Accounts or send customers this way…

    I’m sorry to say this because I was a really big fan of ProtonMail till now…, but a company that will prioritize the right skin color or gender above merit in its hiring process is nothing I can suggest to customers or use for myself… Its just racism and bigotry!

      • Who are you hiring protonmail. Hate filled identity politics is NOT ok.

        I wonder how your engineers feel that you judge them based on their gender, by saying you should decrease number of men in your company.

      • This is confuse. You should use the phrase “international team” if it is your real intention; because protonmail must see and accept that use the word “diversity” and the existence of a paragraph about “diversity”, in the global situation mean: “protonmail is now probably a LGBTI (etc.) lobby project and the profits and donations are use to finance gender ideology, abortion, anti western and anti european stuff and we are soros’s friends”. If that is true, clarify please, if isn’t true then repair the public message and comunicate a posture with clarity, because the doubt was created. Unfortunately i will not try the service and i will search for another.

      • “Women make up half of the world’s available talent pool, but currently make up only 20% of ProtonMail’s full time workforce, so there is still a lot of room for improvement”

        You just wrote that “There is a lot of room for improvement” strictly in regards to the gender of your developers. That directly implies that you classify your employees and new hires by their gender rather than ideas or talent.

        Whoever is in charge at Protonmail, please fire whoever is responsible for this guilt-induced distraction so your employees can focus on coding and not on their skin color or genitals. These people will tear your company apart with their identity politics.

    • It is important for ProtonMail to hire the best talent in order to succeed in our mission to protect privacy, and as discussed in the blog post above, expanding the potential talent pool which we can hire from is an important part of that, and will lead to a better and more secure service.

  • ProtonMail is compromised.

    They ban accounts with fabricated evidence (i actually tested this one a new account which had zero sent messages) and fabricated a story and pinged ProtonMail on twitter. They insta banned it, even though the account is brand new.

  • Dear ProtonMail Team, c/o Irina M.
    Kindly consider the following about diversity in “tech”: Technology and Infomation are too important for humankind to be left solely in the hands of engineers and/or “techies”. Diversity, thus, means engaging users with all different skillful capacities necessary to build, maintain, expand and multiply users’ experience on a daily basis. It will be very useful to engage you in a discussion about real diversity – i.e., how to bring people (men and women, 50/50) of different backgrounds together in a service (which is not “tech” alone) for the benefit of all human beings – and most of us are not, and will not, be “techies”. Let me dare and suggest that your announced opening to diversity will not impose any preconceived borders. As previously communicated, I remain interested and available to engage ProtonMail in open dialogue. Thanks for listening, Rubens.

    • If you would read this carefully you’d see that there is nothing political about this blog post. We do not want to take any sides or offend anyone. We are just open to hiring the most passionate and talented people, regardless of where they come from.

      • Feminism is political and this is what you’re doing. Protonmail is following left wing narrative. The best doesn’t men diversity. It’s being unfair. If you want the best people should have to compete against one another to quality for a job. As a minority I would find it highly offended if I was hired due to my skin color not but my skills or credentials.
        Protonmail is becoming like google just a different twist following the feminism and Islam agenda to destroy the west.
        I will be looking for alternatives and will be suggesting my friends to do the same.

        • There is nothing in this article that implies we do not always hire the best of the best. We always hire the best of the available talent, but we are working to expand the size of the talent pool that we can hire from.

          • Then why you need to push this “muh diversity” approach so much? Can’t you just state that you are hiring the best of the bests? And by “improving gender ration” you are just being sexist, because you are simply saying that you care about the gender, which is exactly what makes you sexist.

  • Irina and ProtonMail-

    Thank you for your blog post on diversity.

    Yes, geographic diversity may help ensure the U.S. Department Of Justice (USDOJ) doesn’t have much influence on ProtonMail. Remember, Gmail = USDOJ email. USDOJ lawyers can sift through your Gmail any old time they feel like it. The media reports the FBI also uses loopholes to search your Gmail.

    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” – that’s what you may hear when they find something in your Gmail, and they store your Gmail for many years (significantly, they won’t divulge how long the USDOJ retains your Gmail). Diversity and encryption should help keep ProtnMail users safe.

    On October 10, USDOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made a public speech announcing new USDOJ plans to weaken encryption at U.S. tech companies. Even high-level NSA programs like X-KEYSCORE have been used against civilians to illegally get their data for the USDOJ. This happened to Kim Dotcom in New Zealand. No civilian can say they are immune to similar treatment.

    ProtonMail – stay strong and diversified!

    • Some team members are employed as contractors. We also have legal entities in many countries for the purposes of paying employees.

  • I think there is some confusion here regarding the term ‘diversity’ and general globalization of labor.

    Diversity is a highly politically charged term, you can’t just reply to comments here and say it is not political. For most people it is very political, so please can you address that in your replies rather than telling them they are wrong when they have a very valid and common viewpoint.

    Most people associate diversity with ‘positive discrimination’, for some people this is ‘anti racist/sexist’ and for other people it is completely racist and sexist!

    It is a shame you had to get involved in this debate and take a side, now you just alienated half of your customers. Society is politically very polarized at the moment.

    • We don’t believe diversity should be a political issue. However, if we assume that it is, our position on this is still very clear. As a company, we are committed to hiring the best possible talent, regardless of gender, race, nationality, etc. This means we are in favor of globalization of labor because searching for talent in more countries allows us to attract more candidates, which allows us to be more selective, which in turn raises the level of the talent on our team, and leads to a better product.

      • “As a company, we are committed to hiring the best possible talent, regardless of gender, race, nationality, etc.”

        Congratulations on not being racists and sexists! I don’t know why you assumed your customers might think you were?

        “Women make up half of the world’s available talent pool, but currently make up only 20% of ProtonMail’s full time workforce, so there is still a lot of room for improvement”

        This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Are Protonmail saying that they have been actively discriminating against woman up to this point? If not, then we can only conclude that 20% is a fair/natural percentage for woman who want to work for them and are the “best possible talent”.

        Maybe we should round woman up in the street and demand that they apply for more IT jobs, they obviously don’t know what they want… or the evil forces of the patriarchy are intercepting their job applications and making the answers silly 🙂

        It’s great Protonmail is trying to do positive things, but it seems they have not thought it through very well.

          • In short you want decrease number of men preferably white men in your company.
            It is not 2016 anymore, it is 2017 and everybody knows what diversity means. It means less white, less men, less Asians and less Jews. If you continue to virtue signal in public I will be cancelling my account and also company account I administer for.

          • It’s 2017 and diversity means many different things for many different people. We don’t have quotas and we always hire the best candidate, regardless of gender or race.

          • Which in turn means you will not look for male candidates that could be better… – which is btw sexist 😉
            But hey – you are a diverse company… – that’s the really important thing here!

  • >but currently make up only 20% of ProtonMail’s full time workforce

    what gender ratio exactly do you want to have? because 20% is pretty good for tech.
    I suggest you read the now infamous memo of James Damore. Most of it will probably not apply to you for now,
    however this article suggests that it might do so in the future. There are some valid questions in the memo that
    you need to ask yourself as a company.

  • I find this incredibly disappointing.

    If in the course of hiring based on merit you end up with a bunch of white or Asian heterosexual males, then so be it. What the eff does this have to do with quality of product, privacy, security, or really anything at all?

    Whoever decided on this course of action should be fired immediately.

    Why? Because when you institute this sort of policy you will begin filling your organization with people who DO NOT think in terms of merit. Whatever the case is now, once you virtue-signal diversity quotas and they become an explicit goal, people who prioritize this over quality or merit will infect your company.

    There are no exceptions to this dynamic, and you cannot tech-weenie/white-knight your way out of the consequences.

    It’s called organizational convergence, and it’s a foolish thing to enable. Example: A female named Irina, hired on merit but obsessed with diversity, advocates immediately for female quotas.

    • There is nothing in this blog post that implies we have quotas or that we are not hiring based on merit. We always hire the best candidate.

      • “We have definitely learned a few lessons along the way, and today we’d like to share some of them.” – Irina M, Protonmail

        If you truly intend to contribute to this discussion (and not just publish another PR post), please respond to “Age Before Beauty” ‘s argument. Let me rephrase it into a clear question:

        >> How do you decouple your hiring process in such a way that only merit is evaluated?


        “If ProtonMail had grown like a typical Swiss company, only hiring candidates from Switzerland, we never would have been able to find enough talent to drive our growth.” – Irina M, Protonmail

        The Swiss workforce (population of 8’000’000) is not that badly trained and you have EPFL nearby. The team page suggests you have less than 100 employees.

        >>Do you genuinely suggest you were unable to find enough candidates in Switzerland? If yes, in which skills were the Swiss applicants lacking? Or are you just unable/unwilling to support the living costs in Switzerland and the high wages they entail?

  • Reading this made me sad. You totally killed idea of great e-mail service with this diversity bullshit. Was it really that necessary to make such extreme political statements?

    • The intention was not to make a political statement, we don’t actually see how politics has anything to do with it. The statement we are making is simply that in order to hire the best people in the world, we need to expand the pool of candidates that we search from.

      • “we don’t actually see how politics has anything to do with it”

        Well, then I daresay your are either downright liars or morons. But, frankly, I have never really trusted you for a variety of reasons. Now, at last, the cat’s out of he bag. THANK YOU and GOODBYE !

        PS : Greetings to Soros & Co.

        • Hiring the best talent should not be a politically charged subject. Expanding our hiring beyond Western Europe is all about talent, and has nothing to do with race or gender stats.

  • Keep doing this great job. We all know you’re going to face opposition when trying to change things, it’s always been this way. And don’t listen to the trolls, they’re the most vocal while many support you in silence.

  • ” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” -Martin Luther King

    You are doing the opposite.

  • Oh dear..

    i am white, heterosexual, christian male. My ethnic group is actually responsible for 90% of the technical development and success in IT and co. This diversity stuff just means one: white males are evil.

    Actually no. We are good because of our merit based culture. “Diversity” is racist, sexist and against the “evil white male”. thx. So i know what kind of people are working at protonmail.

    I dont accept this sexist and racist strategy. Go to Nigeria or Nicaragua to proof your theory how stupid and evil we white males are.

    You lost a customer. Leftist bullshit is a no go


    evil, bad, stupid, white male.

    • I’m sorry, either u r completely stupid to get that it’s about diversity of thought and not skin color and gender, or you are such a snowflake to when u hear diversity in any context.

  • (In the summary I am clearer) Honestly I don’t believe on a gender focus, I mean that how one can improve the gender ratio if on IT there is a unbalanced gender ratio, the only way is hiring thinking in gender above other things, but it would be impossible to have a balanced numbers in the company, but doing that is go against the available talent, I mean yes the womens are about the half of candidates if we refer to candidates in terms of absolute population of the world but unfortunately in this sector there are far fewer women than men, so in tech companies there always tend to be fewer women

    In Summary: When I hear gender focus it always worries me that the tech companies make more focus on gender that in the person itself just for wanting to match the percentages as much as possible without taking into account the gender distribution of the sector in which they move

  • I am shocked reading through these comments. As many of you have mentioned, it is indeed 2017 and because of this I am surprised that there is such a strong sentiment against diversity. All of you completely ignore the power structures in place in western society that means, though it may happen subconsciously, we prize some races and genders over others. This discrimination happens in many ways, whether it be what subjects people are encouraged to take at school, or how comfortable someone feels in a workplace dominated by a certain gender or culture. I do believe (and there is research to support this) that there is a subconscious bias towards hiring people who are “like us” instead of those who are different. In the case of tech, where it is dominated by white men, this means that one is more likely to hire someone more similar to themselves if they had a choice between 2 equally qualified candidates. By focusing on diversity, it is not saying that you will hire less qualified candidates purely to fill a diversity quota. Instead, it is recognising that your own subconscious preferences could influence the hiring process, and to work against that to remain as neutral as possible. I think it is wonderful that ProtonMail wants to hire a diverse workforce that truly reflects their diverse, global customer base. Well done and I wish you the best with it.

    • “I am surprised that there is such a strong sentiment against diversity”

      You are misreading. Almost nobody has any sentiment against diversity per se; that would make no sense. Really, how many people do you think will refrain from using Protonmail because there are “too many” Chinese in it?

      No, the problem is this constant drum beat of the holier-than-thou, pompous diversity-mongers. People are getting tired of being continuously hectored by their snooty self-appointed moral “betters”. Give it a rest, please!

  • affirmative action, what’s yer country comin’ to?
    affirmative action, what’s a Swedish man to do?
    yet another corporate handout, and simply said:
    “You got to hire a n!gger instead.”

    Okay, edgy references aside, either you’re employing based on a quota of skin colors to appear diverse, or you’re hiring similarly to BBC News which is heavily politically charged. This on top of the confirmation of banning emails of people who receive emails from mailing lists like the Daily Stormer, AND banning users based on fabricated stories on the twitter page, has you in hot water. Only a few months ago I deleted my GMail for similar reasons, after seeing Jordan Peterson lose all his email’s contents for a day and only get it back due to journalist backlash. But if this is how things are going to go, I’m not buying the paid version of
    Protonmail, I’m not endorsing this company, and if it continues I’ll move my bank and other things to another new email.

    It’s arduous, it’s frustrating, but I’m not a fan of usury. And in this era, in which we see ourselves teetering on the edge of civil and potentially race war, you can’t blame me for being this overly cautious. I fear for my own well being and that of my friends, not to mention my family and nation. I don’t care what has to be done – if I have to blacklist every media producer, ISP, email provider and computer manufacturer and go back to radio communication, I will.

    I highly recommend, if there are alt-righters or those with radically dissident views of a similar stripe reading this, do everything you can to stay anonymous, secure, and safe. Both on and off the internet, find people you can trust, meet them in person, build a neighborhood. If you’re an ancap, make your own ancapistan on the small scale and prepare for government encroachment. If you’re an ethnostatist, get your white families started, and start building a village. If need be, go back to 50s lifestyle, free of all internet, if you think it’s safer that way.

  • When I first saw the title, I had a bit of an “oh no” moment. But it only took me a single read to find out that you aren’t talking about what the wider public’s view on what “diversity” is. You are talking about diversity of thought, ideas, and mindset, not superficial things like skin color and the like. Phew, I almost lost it, and I’m happy you addressed this. Keep it up, the world needs you to bring people away from the Google bubble.

  • “Although it wasn’t done by design, ProtonMail has evolved to become a fairly diverse company…”

    That’s exactly the point, isn’t it? YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. Please, please, please don’t turn into a politically correct bunch of baizuos, like Google et. al.

    • Another couple of points. Every effort expended to get diversity is effort not expended in hiring the best. There is no way around this calculation, no matter how you talk about widening the available pool of applicants. If the latter were really so, if this widening were really done to improve the quality of hires, then there would be zero concern for what the resulting diversity was. You can’t have it both ways.

      Given enough time, all human institutions turn to shit (a corollary of Pournelle’s Iron Law). It will apply to Protonmail on some day as well. Keep that in mind…

  • Do these refugees you’re hiring come from cultures that generally respect privacy, property rights, separation of church and state, and liberty?

  • IQ is not equally distributed among the races.

    There is a reason no Sub-Saharan African civilisation has ever invented the wheel, a two story building, or a written language. Did you believe it was coincidence?

    Concentration of Northeast Asians in tech? Just another coincidence?

    “Institutional” racism or “systemic” bias means there must be some kind of global conspiracy where everyone is complicit and simultaneously, there exists no direct evidence for this conspiracy. Occam’s razor: what if some groups are simply better at certain things? Nobody accuses professional sports of being biased against Japanese people. What if some groups are simply better at certain things?

    IQ theory explains it all, is testable, is falsifiable, and is much simpler than some sort of global conspiracy theory about discrimination.

    People who push “Diversity” politics are either foolish or liars.

  • Thank you for letting us know. I had hoped that proton mail would be a secure platform where I could say what I wanted without fear. It is clear that this is no longer the case. I hope you learn soon that diversity is not a trait that should be sought after, hopefully before your company crashes and burns.

  • Can’t wait to find out what the new percentage will be. Somehow 20% will in turn become 50% or 75% and they were hiding under rocks. Plenty of other email services that don’t care about “diversity” because the product is what matters. Won’t be using in the future.

  • As always, I really appreciate these updates. Always well written and thought out.

    & I love that you are a global, distributed team – the ability to grow and learn from diverse cultures and ranging viewpoints is something that makes for great innovation. This post is great – until “What we’re doing to improve team diversity”.

    You should not be doing anything to “address the problem” of any lacking “diversity”. I want one thing from ProtonMail, and that’s the best product possible. If I wanted to support the abandonment of meritocracy in favor of superficial diversity, rather than superior privacy and security I would be using Gmail and have a plethora of other options should I wish to switch.

    You stated to other responses that “We are not prioritizing skin color or gender above merit. We are and we will always hire the most talented people.” & “If you would read this carefully you’d see that there is nothing political about this blog post. We do not want to take any sides or offend anyone. We are just open to hiring the most passionate and talented people, regardless of where they come from.”

    Yet, in the blog post you say “Women make up half of the world’s available talent pool, but currently make up only 20% of ProtonMail’s full time workforce, so there is still a lot of room for improvement.” which is clearly prioritizing gender/sex above merit, and is a political position quite removed from privacy, security, or the quality of the product – and frankly, is a vacuous non sequitur far beneath the quality of your team.

    Please do not take my criticism as a lack of respect for your team or your product, it is in fact the complete opposite, and I do hope that this is but a blip in your otherwise upwards progress, rather than a trend.

    – A (hopefully temporarily) disgruntled paying customer

  • Thanks for the propaganda! I will not be purchasing any of your products now. You do realize most of your user base came to protonmail to get away from this kind of virtue signaling nonsense?

  • A great first step towards losing customer trust. What comes next? Censorship and a hate crime police?
    Nobody asked for that. Stay out of politics and focus on your product.

  • Expanding your hiring pool is great and all but what about when a talented new hire starts injecting their personal politics into the company? Say, they start demanding company action against specific words, beliefs or genders they disagree with?
    Are you brave enough to fire bad actors in the face of your diversity quotas? The trend in tech points to no.
    I, for one, do not wish to risk my personal user data with a company which would value employees identities over privacy.
    If you still wish to continue down this path, I hear ISIS has some very talented university trained programmers.

    • We only hire the best and we have no diversity quotas. We would let go a team member if he/she is a bad actor as you say, no matter where they are coming from.

  • The White Christian race is a tiny global minority at around 10% of the world population and rapidly shrinking due to endless immigration into White countries and mixed-race relationships. Now let’s compare that to say, the Chinese, or Black Africans. There are 1.3 billion Chinese, and the population of Africa continues to explode, easily surpassing Europe and all other White countries. And you’re telling me we need to be worried about hiring more non-Whites in countries that have a shrinking White population… because…. “diversity” or something?
    Are you freaking insane?
    Subscription cancelled.

  • You statement is nothing more than identity politics and therefore racist. I am not putting up with this leftist racist bullshit. I don’t need political statements from a tech company. Bye Bye ProtonMail, it was good for as long as it lasted. Give my regards to Soros.

  • Paying customer here: I’m not happy to see ProtonMail prioritizing ideological goals over quality of service. Quality service should be your entire goal. Everything else is a distraction, and will ultimately harm us both.