Everything You Need to Know About Buying Bitcoin

Nowadays, almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin. In this article, we provide a step by step guide for buying and storing Bitcoins securely.

Editor’s Note: Since Bitcoin has surged to record prices recently (reaching $2700 on Thursday), we have had more and more users asking us about Bitcoin. To answer some of these questions, we’re publishing this guest post from a Bitcoin expert from our community.

may 2017 bitcoin price spike
Bitcoin prices have risen by a record amount in 2017.

What is Bitcoin?

Here are the main points that you need to understand before buying Bitcoin.

1) Bitcoin is a form of digital money, protected by cryptography, which makes bitcoin transactions secure. That is why it is called cryptocurrency.

2) Bitcoin exists only in a digital form so that it is never printed, which means that bitcoin is a form of digital information.

3) Bitcoin is decentralized. Meaning there is no specific place where bitcoins are released and even no central server that runs the system. Bitcoin infrastructure is distributed among all users, meaning their devices run the system. Thus, you do not buy Bitcoins from any central bank.

4) The amount of bitcoins is limited. You can make an analogy with gold: the amount is also limited. In other words, compared to other currencies like the US dollar or Swiss Franc, the Bitcoin supply is limited, and cannot be increased. Therefore, Bitcoin generally does not have inflation. Inelastic supply is one of the reasons that Bitcoin prices have tended to rise over time (but there are many other factors which play a role in determining Bitcoin price). $100 in Bitcoins purchased 5 years ago would today be worth millions.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin

1) Decentralization, remember? This not only means that there is no central server, but also that there is no “Central Bank”.

Bitcoins are produced through the process called mining. In the bitcoin environment mining means verifying all the transactions that take place within the system. As a reward for transaction validation, system “gives” miners bitcoins. Bitcoins can be mined by anyone, having the right computer equipment and expertise. Because Bitcoins are digital, they are “mined” digitally using computers.

2) Lower Fees. There is no specific bank or service like, for example PayPal, that conducts and controls all the transactions. Generally, this means that Bitcoin transaction fees are much much lower. This also means that there is very little extra costs involved in obtaining Bitcoin other than the cost of buying the Bitcoins themselves.

3) Transactions can be conducted quickly, no matter whether you send bitcoins to your neighbor, or to a business partner that is on the other side of the world. Generally, the longest time it takes for a Bitcoin purchase to be verified is about an hour, instead of days for traditional money transfers.


1) Since Bitcoin is a completely new and non-governmental international currency, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the legal status of Bitcoin. While bank deposits are often insured and protected by law, this type of protection doesn’t exist for Bitcoins that you purchase.

2) Bitcoin is intangible, it cannot be touched or seen like gold. This is a reason why some people are wary about buying Bitcoin, as you can never “see” your purchase.

3) It has a high volatility. Throughout its history, bitcoin price has experienced both dramatic ups and downs. So no one knows for sure whether it will follow an upward trend or not. The volatility also makes it hard to conduct business with it since Bitcoin prices often vary 10% or more per day. In other words, buying bitcoins is not without risk.


How to buy Bitcoins

New Bitcoin buyers typically have three questions: How to purchase Bitcoins, how to store them, and how to spend them.


Bitcoin Wallets
If you want to purchase bitcoins, the first thing you need to do is to create a wallet. Bitcoin wallet is a special program, where users store their private data necessary to manage their bitcoins and make bitcoin transactions. There are different types of wallets, the major are: an offline wallet (a software that you download on your PC, that keeps your bitcoins), an online wallet (websites that allow you to store bitcoins), a hardware wallet (removable media). For the beginning, you can start with an online wallet, because it is the easiest to use.

Blockchain is one of the online wallets. It is time-tested and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people without major security issues. Moreover, it is perfect for beginners, because it is not overloaded with information and contains only the most important functionality. Xapo is another one and it’s gaining more and more popularity. They can even provide you with a debit card for wider usability of your Bitcoins. If you are storing large amounts if bitcoins however, a hardware wallet is recommended. It is also advisable to distribute your bitcoins over several wallets so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

If you go on the Blockchain website the registration process is very easy, you only need to write your name and confirm the email. From this very moment your wallet is done and you can use it, but it is highly recommended to complete the Security Center section (it will take you only 5 minutes), and make your wallet better protected. For extra security, you might want to consider using a ProtonMail encrypted email account to open your online wallet account.

In order to purchase bitcoins, you need to have an address – wallets provide you with one. An address is a randomly generated set of numbers and letters that you share with those you’re going to transact.


When you already obtained a bitcoin wallet the next step is to buy bitcoins. If you are a newcomer to Bitcoin, Bitcoin exchanges are the best option. International Bitcoin exchanges include CoinbaseCEX.IO, Bitstamp, Poloniex and Kraken. There are many exchanges out there so it is important to pick a reputable one. The process of buying bitcoins is easier than purchasing goods on the internet because you don’t need to provide a shipping address, just your bitcoin address.


Purchasing Bitcoins from an exchange involves three steps: registration, input your card data, write your digital wallet address (be careful, a typo could send your Bitcoin to the wrong address, the best way is to copy/paste your bitcoin address right from your wallet). Registering using a ProtonMail email address is also a good idea for additional security.

In addition to exchanges, there are many other options to purchase bitcoins. There are also some broker websites, providing a trading platform for people to exchange their bitcoins directly. ATMs is another option. Bitcoin ATMs are very similar to those maintained by banks and there are hundreds of them all over the world. You can also mine your own Bitcoin, but this is becoming more and more difficult for ordinary people to do.


How to use Bitcoin

Making purchases
When bitcoins first appeared in the market, you could only find private individuals who were willing to sell their stuff for bitcoins. For instance, at the dawn of bitcoin history, one bitcoin enthusiast paid 10,000 bitcoins for a couple of pizzas. But now everything has changed and more and more companies accept bitcoins. For instance, you can buy a Dell laptop using bitcoins or any Microsoft products as well. You can even pay for ProtonMail upgrades with bitcoin. There are some Bitcoin wallets that provide mobile apps which make it even easier to spend your Bitcoins.

The idea of bitcoin is clever and revolutionary. It’s a currency that is not influenced by anything except by supply and demand, and under the control of no government or organization. It belongs to no one specifically and could very well be the future of money. If this sounds exciting, now you know everything you need to become a Bitcoin user.


About the Author

Mary Ann Callahan is an UK based freelance journalist who specializes on Bitcoin-related topics. Currently, she writes for CEX.io, a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange. She writes articles related to blockchain security, bitcoin purchase guides or bitcoin regulations in different countries. Previously, she worked for Boston Globe Media and holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University.


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About the Author

Irina M

Irina is part of ProtonMail's communication team. With a background in graphic design and digital communications, she strongly supports the protection of private data and wishes to help build a safer internet for generations to come.


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30 comments on “Everything You Need to Know About Buying Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin is not fungible (e.g. 1 BTC != BTC) and has a whole bunch of other privacy concerns like blockchain analysis. It’s not fungible because say, if you spend BTC gambling, certain exchanges can tell where the coin has recently came from and won’t let you (or people down chain of you) to cash out.

    The best privacy coin by far is Monero (XMR) due to using an obscure blockchain w/ RingCT, etc. Please if you care about privacy do not subject yourself to Bitcoin blockchain analysis and use Monero.

    Bitcoin while nice in pioneering that decentralized currency is feasible, is a joke when it comes to privacy.

  • Mary Ann, which offline clients would you suggest?
    Did they finally prune the blockchain or does it still take up a huge amount of space and sync for hours before you can see your wallet?
    I don’t suppose people entrust large amounts of money to webwallets.

  • As XMRScott points out, Bitcoin is NOT anonymous. All transactions can be traced because they are recorded in the blockchain. There are two good privacy-increasing strategies you can use for Bitcoin:

    1. Convert your Bitcoin to Monero and do your transactions in that currency. Monero is far more private by design.
    2. You can use an online service to launder your bitcoin. You pay them, they shave off a little, and pay you back after a time delay to multiple wallets. They do this for multiple people at a time, so you don’t know whose money is going where. Of course, you have to trust the service.

    Because Bitcoin can in principle be anonymized, it’s a good sign if privacy-enhancing services online offer it as a payment method. This includes Protonmail, but also other email services, file storage/sync/backup services and various VPN services.

    • > By registering, I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I certify not to be domiciled in New York State (USA).


      Thank you

  • Thank you for the article !
    Kraken is a serious exchange, you can set in their settings your protonmail public PGP key 🙂

  • Blockchain is a joke, just got locked out of an account I just created. They don’t present the 12 word backup phrase to you on signup and the print out option they present has some obscure plugin which was blocked by my browser. Terrible website.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I hate when sites are so weakly-designed as to use such methods that security-conscious people would block. Everyone has to do their part in promoting security and privacy.

  • Bitcoin payments are irreversible. Any transaction issued with Bitcoin cannot be reversed, they can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds. That means you should take care to do business with people and organizations you know and trust, or who have an established reputation.

  • A big problem is speculation, it is not possible a bitcoin has an initial value of cents, and now thousands of dollars, it is like giving my money, giving my work, for something that never pay me what I work to achieve what I have. It is a currency worse than those that exist, those that already exist are just as speculative, but at least have a support in value by governments, bitcoin does not even have it and is worse because it robs even the value of existing currencies. It is totally false that it is better, since it is much worse than what exists, has no support, has no value, no government supports it. If it really had value, you would not sell it because it would not be necessary, but because it worth nothing, you change it for something with real value, and dollars have value, bitcoin do not. No guarantees of anything, crap.

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  • There are multiple methods by which you can acquire Bitcoins, including setting up a PC to mine it yourself, paying for a professional mining contract, or trading another cryptocurrency for it. Or you can simply buy Bitcoins for cold, hard cash.

  • I cannot believe that Protonmail has been sucked down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. The fact that their team is spending energy on this latter-day Tulipmania instead of their former mission of delivering secure e-mail services was enough to make me switch away from them as e-mail providers. I guess security and encryption are not sexy enough, and everyone always has to chase after the new shiny thing. It is a definite sign of an organization that is unsustainable. Time to run away!

  • very good article on bitcoin and explaining each and everything about bitcoin. All the advantages and disadvantages are covered in this article. Also, the features of bitcoin are also explained. Thanks for sharing this article.