Mark the date! The ProtonCalendar beta is here

illustration of ProtonCalendar

A calendar is more than just a tool. It’s a record of the moments that make up your life — your big meetings, gatherings with friends, and children’s birthdays. For the longest time, to easily organize these events, you had to let large corporations monitor these special moments. These companies snoop on your calendar and use that information to inform their advertising.

ProtonCalendar is the first fully encrypted calendar app. You can use it to keep track of your plans and appointments while keeping your data private. 

ProtonCalendar uses end-to-end encryption to keep all your events’ sensitive information private and secure. The event title, description, location, and participants for every event are encrypted on your device before they reach our servers, so that no third party (including ProtonMail) can see the details of your events. Only you will know your plans.

If you are a ProtonMail or ProtonVPN user with a paid plan, you can start using the ProtonCalendar beta right now. Simply log in to your ProtonMail account using the ProtonMail Version 4.0 beta, and you will see ProtonCalendar on the sidebar:

If you don’t have a paid ProtonMail account yet, you can sign up here:

If you don’t see the Calendar icon (below) in the left menu, you might need to refresh the page.

Paid users can also download the beta version of the Proton Calendar app for Android from the Google Play Store.

ProtonCalendar takes Proton into the future

It’s no secret that we’re creating privacy-focused alternatives to the online services you use every day. ProtonCalendar is the next step in this process. Our calendar takes a comprehensive approach to user data security. No other calendar keeps as much data private as ProtonCalendar. As our thorough security model demonstrates, we worked hard to ensure that you have all the convenience you need from a calendar app along with the security and privacy you expect from Proton.

With ProtonCalendar, you can now quickly arrange your life and plan your events in a convenient, secure way. It uses the same end-to-end encryption that ProtonMail does, ensuring that no one, not even ProtonMail, can access your schedule except you.

Image of ProtonCalendar web app

Our calendar stops private companies from spying on your schedule. For our users with heightened security needs, ProtonCalendar will prevent authoritarian regimes from seeing who you are meeting with and what you are doing. It does this by keeping the details of all your events encrypted while they are stored on our servers. Even in the unlikely event of a breach, your agenda will remain secure.

Currently, you can use the ProtonCalendar beta to manage up to 10 calendars. You can create and delete events, set reminders, and schedule, edit, or delete events that repeat every day, week, month, or on custom days.

ProtonCalendar is just the latest project in our mission to create a more private Internet. A calendar app has been one of our most requested products — pairing a secure calendar with a private inbox dramatically increases the utility of both. And soon, you will be able to privately save and share documents to the cloud with ProtonDrive. Our mission is to create an Internet that serves you and doesn’t require you to hand over your personal data to governments or corporations.

Looking ahead

The current iteration of ProtonCalendar is an early beta. There will be substantial developments between now and when the project is publicly released. Over the course of the beta, additional features will be added such as the ability to share your calendar with other ProtonMail users and send event invites to anyone, even non-ProtonMail users. It will also make scheduling as easy as a single click by letting you sync events in your ProtonMail inbox with ProtonCalendar.

ProtonCalendar is now available for Android and in the web version of ProtonMail. We will also be releasing a ProtonCalendar app on iOS in the near future.

While we are excited to release the ProtonCalendar beta today to get initial feedback from the community, we realize there is still work to be done. We look forward to receiving and incorporating your input so that ProtonCalendar can meet all of your calendar needs.

We believe everyone has the right to plan dinner with friends without announcing to Google who will attend. For that reason, once ProtonCalendar is publicly released, a basic version will be available to all ProtonMail users (including Free users) while paid Proton users will benefit from additional functionality.

Your feedback matters

Our community has always been one of our greatest strengths, so we are again turning to you for help. Your feedback will greatly assist us in making improvements to ProtonCalendar, optimizing its design and giving you the private and secure calendar app you want.

During the beta, you can reach us with any feedback on ProtonCalendar via our bug report feature inside the web app. 

screenshot of the bug report feature

You can also follow ProtonCalendar development via a dedicated ProtonCalendar Twitter account and the new ProtonCalendar subreddit on Reddit

Stay organized and protect your schedule from being spied on with ProtonCalendar.

Best Regards,
The Proton Team

You can get a free secure email account from ProtonMail here.

We also provide a free VPN service to protect your privacy.

ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are funded by community contributions. If you would like to support our development efforts, you can upgrade to a paid plan or donate. Thank you for your support.

About the Author

Richie Koch

Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


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186 comments on “Mark the date! The ProtonCalendar beta is here

  • Hi, excellent product’s iteration Richie and all team from Proton. At this moment the unique way to access my calendar is from web interface, ok? I can’t integrate the calendar with native calendar iOS app or others apps, like Fantastical on iOS, its correct?
    These assumptions call one second question. In the future we can use Fantastical app or at least native iOS app to manage calendar and appointments? These are important points to start the final migration from GHell, but still using Fantastical that is a great app with a full integration on xOS ecosystem (iOS, watchOS, macOS).

    Tks and a happy, successful and prosperous 2020 for you and everyone from Proton team.


    • Thanks! That’s correct, you can only access ProtonCalendar via the web app for now. Native mobile apps are planned.

  • You should open your beta to all protonmail first beta users. It’s kind of a pain to use gcal and protonmail, and paying for the calendar defeats the purpose of using protonmail.

    • Since we don’t monetize our users, we support our service through subscriptions, and one of the perks of a paid account is early access to new products and features. Once ProtonCalendar is out of beta, it will be available to users with Free plans as well.

  • I am guessing there is no import process for the new pCal from something like gCal right now? Unless the import/export app for email works on this?

    Just looking for an easy way to test by importing my gCal events and making sure notifications trigger from both calendars.

    Thanks, it looks good so far….can’t wait for the pDrive to follow!

    • At this stage, you can’t import or export your calendar or events. We’re currently working on this feature, and it will be available in future releases.

  • Regarding feedback. I don’t want to point out the obvious stuff you’re already working on.

    Should we submit bug reports for really obvious features like: Repeating end dates, More sophisticated repeating schedules, More view options, and the like?

    Is there a list of planned features anywhere?

    • Thanks, Steve! Feel free to submit anything you’d like via the bug report. We don’t have a list of planned features, but it’s something we’re considering.

  • The Proton Calendar beta is very impressive!

    One thing I would suggest you emphasize to users is that the Calendar works best if your browser is set to full screen, or close to full screen. If the browser window is too small, not all features of the Calendar, such as the month view, display properly. .

    It took me awhile to figure that out.

  • I’m excited about this start of the New Year. Thanks for the work that all have done. I look forward to seeing how this rolls out in the coming year!

  • With regards to the ‘reminders’, I assume once native apps are released, reminders will be provided via push notifications? But until then, whilst it’s web-only, will the reminders be in the form of email?

    • The ProtonCalendar beta only supports browser notifications for now. We are actively working on implementing email notifications.

  • Excellent work; thank you! I was wondering if importing events from .ics attachments are supported, or will be supported in the release version.

  • Thanks, guys! I hope you’ve also put shared calendars for Proton Professional / family users (with organizations configured) high up on your feature roadmap…

  • > The ProtonCalendar beta is here

    Well, if you are not using new shiny gmail-like design with tons of empty places and big fonts and prefer an old one – compact and minimal, it’s not here.

  • Well done and thank you for releasing by 2020 to your loyal paid support base!
    The future is exciting and looking good for Proton Mail – bring on the Drive!!!

  • I knew i will sit on the right horse! Awesome Job Proton Team! Cant wait to get my hands on the future Apps!

    All the best for you in 2020!

  • Great progress! Two questions:

    1) will there be somehing like ProtonCalendar Bridge? So I can use it wih my favourite client like Thunderbird?
    2) will be ProtonCalendar recognized in Android as one of the local (synced) Calendar to be shared in other apps? (like TickTick)

    • Thank you!

      1. No, this is not planned at the moment.
      2. We might be able to in the future, but this would require a public calendar (which is planned but not a top priority).

  • Indeed looks very nice but will not be of much use until I can sync it to my mobile (Android) device and I mean calendar widget – not inside some app that you need to open first. A bit surprising the launch happened as browser only but of course it is still beta so I assume full roll-out will be with mobile+web as only a very limited group of people use web as the only interface?

  • Very nice job indeed! Do you have any plans of developing a pc desktop version that could be synchronized with the mobile app version?

    Keep up the great work!

  • El día que la app para iOS admita los correos agrupados por hilos ese día dejaré de usar las cuentas de la empresa con otros servicios y pasaré a usarlas en protonmail como ya hago con todas las cuentas personales que tengo.

    El calendario es otra de las funciones que determinará la migración total a protonmail.

    Gracias por un estupendo trabajo

    • The ProtonCalendar beta only supports browser notifications for now. We are actively working on implementing email notifications.

  • Will there be something similar to the Bridge (or included in the Bridge) to allow usage of, for example, Thunderbird/Lightning?

  • This is terrific news as a long-time customer! Please don’t go and sell yourself to: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tencent or anyone else for that matter. Privacy, even paid privacy tools like ProtonMail are an endangered species. thanks, ken

  • Great work, thank you for all your efforts!!

    Is there going to be a Tasks function as well in the calender?

  • Hey,

    Will it be possible to use Bridge in order to use Proton Calendar from Mac’s Calendar native app?

  • It looks really neat and rather nice!

    One thing that strikes me (after a fairly brief look) is that I can’t find a section for adding notes; that is quite important for me.
    Also is it possible to add contacts for meetings?

    Regards, Christopher

    • When you create an event you should be able to add a description. Is this what you mean?

      As for inviting/adding other people to an event, this feature is under development and will be released soon.

  • Good job guys! Love it. Will you work on a task manager like feature integrated in the calendar as well? That would make it just the thing.
    Keep moving!

  • Great work so far. As others have mentioned, the need for more Repeatability/Frequency options are needed.

    Examples: daily repeatability, custom start and end dates, repeat for x number of times, ability to delete 1 entry in a series of repeating entries, ability to modify only 1 entry in a series of repeating entries.

    These are just a few of the things I am noticing while using the calendar. Of course the ability to import your Apple or Gmail calendar would be a great feature to have for those of us that have rather busy calendars.

    Again, great work so far. Very clean user interface and easy to use.

  • I can’t seem to be able to invite anyone / specify meeting participants. Am I missing something obvious, or that part is not implemented yet? Without the ability to add others it’s not very useful for meetings.

  • Email reminders are a must. A very useful Google Calendar feature. Cutom recurring appointments would also be nice.

  • this is a great step in making Proton an all-in-one solution. I’m hoping for native Android and iOS apps though that it will be able to integrate with other apps seamlessly so I can have an ‘all in one’ agenda view across both my Proton and work calendars (eg using one of the many 3rd party widgets). If the calendar data is totally isolated and secured it will be a barrier to using it productively…

  • Is this calendar available on Android. And if so, can I use it for free? If not, can I use it if I donate, since I quite recently bought a subscription with another VPN-service. Thank you.

    • ProtonCalendar isn’t available for Android yet, but we’re working on it. It’ll be available to free users once it’s out of beta.

  • Great start!

    Quick questions:
    How do I send and accept invitation in .ics format?
    How can I switch from my personal calendar to my business one? (Proton Professional with two separate email accounts)

    Many thx!

    • Thanks! We’re still in the early stages of the beta. This functionality is coming soon, and we’ll share updates on our blog and social media channels as soon as it’s available.

  • I’m so excited and plan to start moving over as much as possible from my Google Calendar!
    Thank you to the entire Proton team for making this happen!

  • Currently three views are available: day, week, and month. It would be great if year view would added.

    • You are correct. Don’t worry, adding a year view is one of our planned updates, we just do not currently have a timetable for deploying it.

  • Really glad to have the Calendar feature – I’ve been waiting for this.

    Is there a way to share my calendar with someone else or do I need to share my entire email account?

    • We’re excited for ProtonCalendar as well. In the future, you will have the ability to share your calendars with other users. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for the latest developments.

  • Congratulations for your project and this next big step! It been a log time since I visited the CERN in 2006 and I could see the technology you were already using and what would be the very beginning(?) of ProtonMail nowadays.

    I strongly encourage you to continue with your business. Never give up!

    • Thank you very much for your support! We will not quit fighting for the security, privacy, and freedom of our users.

  • When I receive a calendar appointment request from a contact outside of proton mail is there a way to automatically add it to the new proton calendar?

    Also is there a way to except the appointment?

    I’m not sure if it’s related to your product but I am unable to download the I CS file from my proton mail account.

  • Thank you!
    I have desperately been looking for a nice calendar app. I love Protonmail and ProtonVPN and recommend them to nearly everyone that I meet. ProtonCalendar makes me so happy! I have been waiting for this for a long time! Even better when ProtonCalendar comes as a native Android app.

    I can make a suggestion that you provide a “Notes” section to calendar events. I see that there is already a “Description” section, but the character limit is pretty low. It would be nice to have a separate section for storing information about the event, i.e. directions on how to get to a venue, instructions on what to do on arrival, etc. I find myself often needing this feature.

    I cannot wait to see the future iterations of this app. I am a very satisfied customer, and am very pleased with the work you guys are doing for us!

  • A. I have never found a calendar application that supports the following need which would greatly expedite repetitive data entry. But, I have heard of this need verbalized. .
    A.1. Frequently, at least for me, there is basic scheduling information that needs to be entered for irregularly occurring events. .
    B. A review, I have made on numerous calendar programs, revealed that most calendar programs are the same in offerings. .
    C. Contacts for programs such as telephones, e-mail etc. have a data base component that can be copied and pasted. .
    C.1. Why do calendar programs not have a data base component that can be cut and pasted to specific irregular calendar date occurrences? Then all that is to be entered is the time components. This is a most vexing and time wasting exercise in using a calendar program. .
    D. The best alternative I use is to put the repetitive information on an index card one time and just update the irregularly occurring dates. .
    D.1. However, it does fulfill the need. If I were a programmer of moderate abilities, I would be making a lot of money on this added feature to a calendar program I would also develop. Hmmmmm….. . ; ,)

  • Please make it available through the Proton Bridge! I saw a comment that this is not planned but the Bridge is what makes your product better than any other solution….

  • Hi,

    Do you plan to introduce an import facility for the calendar from iCalendar format?

    What you’re building here is great! Can’t wait for the Drive product too.


  • Any plans to include a search function?

    The beta is excellent and sufficient for me to get off gmail at last thanks to its reliability and performance. Thank you protonmail team.

    Really hanging out for the android version and the key roadmap features the commentors below are asking for.

    • We do plan on including an encrypted search function in ProtonMail, but we do not have an estimate on when it will be ready at the moment.

  • Hey Richie,

    I am not seeing the calendar in the webmail interface. How can I get into the beta?
    I have a paid account and trying to move away from gaps. Also will I be able to connect to a calendar application via OpenPGP or *?
    Thanks for the time.

    • Hello, you can access the beta of ProtonMail v.4 here:
      Simply sign in using your ProtonMail credentials. Once you have signed in, click on the calendar icon that is on the tool bar on the left. This will open ProtonCalendar. Hope this helps!

  • Hi, when are additional features such as calendar invites to other proton mail and non-protonmail users expected to be added?

    • Hello, we are hard at work on these features, but we do not have an estimate of when they will be ready yet.

  • This is a great, but the make or brake feature I am looking for is to be able to share the calendar with my family. We always talk about having an efficient way of sharing calendar but I generally don’t trust the maps on the market. Since i have good experience of protonmail, a calendar by proton would be ideal if it only supports sharing. Looking at the calendar today, the most important thing that is not already there is sharing with other proton mail users (my spouse) so we can add, change, remove and see in real-time, preferably from our phones.
    Please please make this a priority!

    PS! Proton key locker would also be on my shopping list the day it arrives. I am hoping this is something already on the roadmap.

    • We are working on making your ProtonCalendar shareable with others, we simply do not have a timetable yet for its release. Follow this blog to keep up with the latest developments for ProtonCalendar and all our other services.

  • In comments, you’ve written that you do not plan to create bridge for Thunderbird or other clients. It’s very likely that myself and many other users won’t start using ProtonCalendar until such bridge exists.

    • Hi,

      ProtonMail Bridge allows for full integration with any program that supports IMAP and SMTP, Thunderbird included.


  • Do we have an estimate for when Proton Calendar will be out of beta?
    I want to put in a calendar alert :)

  • Dear richie,

    Ben wolford replied in this article on jan 21: “As for inviting/adding other people to an event, this feature is under development and will be released soon.”

    Just curious about a more precise release date of this calendar feature? For me its the only reason why not using calendar yet.


    • Hi Maurice,
      At the moment there is not a firm timetable, but our team is working on it as fast as they can. We know this is a very important feature for ProtonCalendar. Keep an eye on this blog and our Twitter feed for the latest news.

  • Will it be possible to migrate Google Calendar to Proton Calendar? I have events which repeat at specific durations (annually for example) as well as reminders of to-dos going out for several years.

    • Yes, this will definitely be possible in an upcoming version of the Calendar beta.

  • Would be great if I could use protoncalendar for shared calendar, because I can’t link the calendar to calendly :-( also for some reasons calendar invitation can’t be validated

  • Please add a setting “Repeat every XX years/months/days” to the Calendar level parameters,
    i.e if, for example, I have created “Birthdays” calendar and set “Repeat every” = “year”, then all the events(= particular birthdays) added to it will be automatically set to be repeated every year.

  • Approximate time for the Proton Calendar to be Released on Mobile? I know that it is planned but are you going thru with the Developement?

  • Yes! I came over to your page hoping to leave a suggestion for an encrypted calendar and here it is!

  • Hi,
    Is there an update on expected release? The web version is ok but as long as there is no app support, it is unfortunately more or less useless.
    Best regards,
    Mikael C

    • Hi Mikael, we’re regularly releasing new versions in beta, and we plan to launch the web version this year. Apps are in development, but we do not have a release timeline to share. Thanks for your patience.

  • I seriously home I can share my calendar publicly because right now the only thing preventing me from closing my Google account is the calendar which I share with my family. Since they don’t use proton mail I’m stuck with shitty Google.

    Please get calendar sharing working :)

  • It’s now about 6 months since Protonmail v4.0.0 went into Beta. It seems like a long time between a Beta and Production release, and there is no calendar at all on smartphones. Just to be clear, it is hard to use a calendar in any kind of serious manner without app support Most of the calendar events are entered on the phone.

    Is there a target date (something more specific than ‘soon’) for the release of the calendar on smartphones and the production release of v4.0.0?

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for your patience. All these things are coming. Version 4.0 is expected to launch this year, and the calendar apps are in development but I don’t have a firm timeline for you.

  • Please make ProtonCalendar work with Fantastical. It is E2EE but as a client has no native calendar itself, so I’m forced to keep things on Google Calendar that I would much rather keep only in ProtonCalendar.

    • We do not require an email address to set up an account, but you’re correct that true anonymity is often very difficult to achieve. We do offer the ability to pay for your account with cash or Bitcoin, however.

  • Thanks+ for this. It was great to hear about the calendar mobile app but I thought that it was meant to be out by now although I can’t find it. Do you know when it might be due?

    • Hey Mark! Thanks for your support. ProtonCalendar is still in beta, and our mobile apps will follow that launch, but I cannot provide a precise timeline.

    • Hi J,

      We’re working on a ProtonCalendar mobile app but we cannot give you an exact release date at the moment. Thank you for your patience!


  • Things are coming along nicely! I can’t wait for the day I can stop using google calendar for everything. Sharing a whole Calendar with other Proton users and invite non Proton users will be important features that are already planned.

    Another feature we use a lot is webcal (public iCal subscriptions), is this a planned feature? Just subscribing (with taking updates) covers most of our uses.
    Or even sharing a specific public Proton calendar with other, non-Proton, people?

  • Do you have a launch date yet for when the mobile apps for Proton Calendar will be available? Also when will the Calendar be released publicly and thus included with free accounts? I’m more than ready to fully transition to Proton from Google.
    Thanks for all that you do for privacy and security!

    • Hi Bina,
      The plan is to release ProtonCalendar mobile apps before the end of the year. As for when it will exit beta, that is more up in the air. Thank you for being a Proton user and supporter!

    • Hi Brian, that currently is not available in the ProtonCalendar beta, but I will share this suggestion with our development team.

  • Took it out for a spin, and so far I like the interface more than the Gmail or Outlook calendar. I have little double that Google snoops on calendars, but does Microsoft, too? What do they want to know?

    • Hi Benjamin,
      Microsoft may not be as flagrant as Facebook or Google with their collection and monetization of user data, but they want to get their hands on as much data as possible too. There’s a reason they got into the social network business by buying LinkedIn

    • Hi Ruben, yes, we are planning on creating ProtonCalendar apps for Android and iOS, although we don’t have a timetable at the moment.

  • Is proton calendar still going to add invites for events and/or a mobile app? I’ve been looking forward to using it for some time now, would love to start using it ASAP.

    • Hello Dyllan,
      Yes, we plan on adding the ability to send invites and mobile apps in the near future.

  • Hi, In the above blog I see: “While ProtonCalendar is only available in the web version of ProtonMail for now, we will also be bringing ProtonCalendar to iOS and Android with dedicated mobile apps in 2020.”

    2020 is almost over ;). Is there an update on a release date for the ProtonCalendar iOS/Android app?


  • Hey Proton-Team,

    I´m just very happy to finally found a solution for transition from google cal. I´m very grateful for all of your effort due to the new normality in data sniffing. Just as an inspiration for your future progression: It would be a nice automatization, if Dates from Mails could be selected to appear in the calendar. But honestly – I appreciate your very excellent work very much! Have a nice New Year´s Eve and a smoothe transition! Thanks for all!

  • I am very happy with a good private online calendar…However I would like to add an overview to my site to inform customers when I am busy and when I am available. Obviously I don’t want them to see any details except time slots.

    Is this possible (now or in the future)?

    • Hello Renée,
      We are working on this very feature and we hope to have it prepared in the near future.

  • Hi, I’m very happy with the calendar so far.

    The only feature I’m missing is reminders, similar to what Google does.
    I don’t mean event reminders, I’m talking about setting a simple reminder at some time in the future so you get a notification.

    Is this feature planned?

  • Can protoncalendar be shared with other protonmail users yet? Would love to be able to share the calendar (read and write), not just individual events. Would be useful for family calendars, small business events, etc…

  • How would I get support on this product? I am receiving meeting invites with a .ics file attached and it is telling me that it is an Unsupported invitation.

  • Hi Richie, Apologies if this has already been asked. Can I sync my work outlook calendar to my proton calendar? I cant see anything online so im guessing that’s not a feature yet. Thanks in advance. Mike

    • Hi Mike. Its on our road map, but we always prioritize security and features that improve our users privacy.

  • Hi,

    is it possible to sync Google and Proton calendars? My wife and I currently use Google to share calendars between us. I am looking to switch to Proton but would still need to have the ability to share with her….. at least until I can convince her to move to Proton, too.


    • Hi DP. We are working hard to add features to Proton Calendar, but we always prioritise security and features which improve our users’ privacy. Syncing calendars across services is a highly requested feature, and is something we are working on.

  • 1/14/2021 I just got a paid Protonmail account that I use on my PC. I don’t do email on my iPhone. How can I get Proton Calendar? I don’t see it available when I log into my Protonmail acct.

  • Absolutely brilliant. I have exported my calendar from Google to the new protonmail calendar. I have now deleted my calendar from Google. I love this product.

  • I have ProtonMail Plus but don’t see the calendar in the web version. Is it still available as a web app or only via the Android app? My desktop is linux. Thanks.

  • Great thing, but…

    Will there be apps for PC/Mac/etc. ? Or something similar to the Bridge App just for other Calender apps ?

  • Awesome work guys!!! Super excited to use this. Not sure if it is on the roadmap, but Syncing over to Nextcloud would be amazing! This way I could use Proton Calendar app on my phone but synced over to my private cloud environment. Thanks!

  • The beta was released more than a year ago, no Thunderbird/Lightning synchronization or with Evolution, really ugly ergonomics and calendar colors ! I’m not going to use it.

    More than a year to develop a web calendar in 2020 ?

    So it’s not tomorrow that we’ll be able to put an email as a task in the calendar automatically…

  • I also access my ProtonMail from a desktop computer. I have the new calendar app on my phone, but would like to see a way to add calendar items through my ProtonMail web interface. Is there a way to do schedule calendar items through the web desktop interface? If not, is this functionality planned for the future?

    • Hi JDL. Yes, the Proton Calendar will sync from desktop[ to the Android app. To access the Calendar via the web interface, log into the V4 web portal, and click the Proton applications icon (square box icon next to our logo on the top left of the page), and select Proton Calendar from the drop down menu. Or just visit

  • Started using Protonmail in December. Upgraded my account in January. Absolutely love protonmail.
    Downloaded the calendar app and have a question…will family members with multiple protonmail email accounts be able to share protonmail calendar after the beta test? We currently use Cozi and utilize the shared calendar feature.

  • This is outstanding!
    I loaded the Android app but would like to see an associated widget for a summary of items and calendar view.. shared calendars would also be amazing and useful for many.

    Love the new stuff!

  • I am guessing that most of what I mention here is being worked on but all the same:
    Be able to down load for my lap top & desk top windows based computers.
    Be able to otherwise sync with my calendar on my computer (Outlook 2007).
    Add holidays to current calendar and other reoccurring dates / events.
    Add colors to events based on what they are; Holidays, appointments, etc.
    Apply different formats than just the standard view.


  • I ABSOLUTELY agree with the request to PLEASE make it possible to integrate the calendar into Thunderbird !

  • Offering a beta only for paid users is ridiculous. This would give non-paying users the opportunity to test and then decide to subscribe to the final version!
    Too short thought – goofy.

  • Hi, could you please create a bridge for ProtonCalendar? I think many users want to use their own calendar application on their OS, and I would definitely pay for this feature.

    In my case I would like to use the terminal application Khal on Linux, which can use vdirsyncer to sync CalDav. am getting more efficient using this calendar, in comparison any other calendar application. And I personally detest web based calendars. So if I could sync this with ProtonCalendar I would definitely upgrade my Proton-account for this feature.

  • Guys, could you please release proton calendar to iOS as well, it is a pain to manage invites just with the web.
    It means I need to use another provider for mobile which is a shame

    • I hope this iOS version includes widgets as it won’t be integrated directly to the iOS calendar