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Update Dec 14, 2015 – We are happy to announce that Android/iOS beta slots are available again!

A year ago, we had a record breaking Indiegogo campaign which provided us with the funds to begin development of the mobile apps. To thank those early supporters, we will first roll out the mobile app beta to our Indiegogo Lifetime, Visionary, and Mobile level contributors. The first batch of invites will go out later today and they should all be sent out by the end of this weekend.

For the mobile app beta, we will be using Apple Testflight and Google Play beta. Due to the limitations of Apple Testflight, we are unfortunately limited to just 1000 beta testers. We will need to limit the Android beta to a similar size in order to keep the beta efficient and as short as possible.

As the beta is not yet fully subscribed, we will open the remaining slots to people who missed our crowdfunding campaign. That means starting today, we will make the Mobile perk from our crowdfunding campaign available again.


If you like to get early access to the ProtonMail iOS and Android mobile apps, you can make a $29 donation through our donation page here:

This will support our efforts to continue to develop ProtonMail as free and open source software while also being fair to the contributors who donated last year.

We will send out the next batch of invites on August 27th and every Thursday thereafter. Space is limited to 1000 users for both iOS and Android so when all beta slots are taken, we will update this page to say that we are at capacity.

We anticipate the mobile apps will be in beta for a couple months before going public in the app stores. For questions about our beta, please email us at

Media Inquiries – We have reserved a small number of beta slots for members of the press. To get access, please email

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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264 comments on “ProtonMail Android and iOS mobile app beta

  • What is all about? You were pushing so much for this beta release today and now I find out is not even ready but you have to pay for trying it? Not a good start

    • The app is in testflight and google play beta right now. When it is publicly released, it will be available for free. Due to Apple’s restrictions, we cannot have more than 1000 people in the beta.

      • And hopefully it will also be available exclusively from——-instead of only from Google Play or Amazon App Store.

        Those of us whom are privacy-conscious are not asking too much when we expect to be protected in this manner. Our privacy is our right and those companies that wish to infringe upon that are doing so for selfish means, while at the same time making us more vulnerable to identity-theft and other cyber-security concerns as a direct result of their desire to exploit our every-waking-moment for monetary gain.

        There are many millions of citizen’s whom have already rooted their phones and have installed more secure custom roms on their android devices and rightfully so——-because the Google Play Store, by it’s very nature and manner of operation is inherently insecure. The permissions and open back-door access Google’s Play Store permits for their own data-mining desires alone, already puts standard android users at considerable risk——-never mind the endless onslaught of their intrusive, privacy-violating ad-marketing affiliates and third-party services——-Services of which, by the way, are not necessary in order to make an Android phone function securely and correctly——-so long as it is properly rooted.

        Google is as much a privacy-destroying monopoly as is Microsoft, among others, and everyone knows this, which is why an ever-increasing percentage of the general population are growing increasingly perturbed at Google’s blatant and utter disregard and disrespect for the right of a citizen to protect it’s own identity and privacy——-things of which make a person the unique individual whom they are.

        These fascist corporate creeps are destroying what it means to be human and “we the people” need a stronger voice of reason amid this identity-exploitation crisis. We need a company that is willing to defy this despicable trend and persevere, no matter what may come.

        We need Protonmail to step up to the plate and create an email app that is actually exclusive from the Google Play Store, so that truly discerning citizen’s can go about their daily business without being constantly monitored and ho-ranged by the likes of Google and all of it’s ad-hideous cohorts that dwell within the callous Corporate Construct of America and now in the rest of the world. It’s presence and overwhelming dominance of the internet and other digital technologies have directly and disproportionately effected many law-abiding yet privacy-conscious citizen’s whom simply wish to protect that which rightfully belongs to us—our very own identities!

        We can’t do that if we permit Google’s ever-intrusive eye into our daily lives every where we turn and with every thing we do. When is enough going to be enough of all of this nonsense?!

        When is the line going to be drawn that puts a stop——-right now——-to this intrusive practice of violating one’s own privacy for the sake of maximizing profit-margin’s?!——-When?!——-Everyone knows this is taking place right under our noses and yet very few are actually lifting a finger to put a stop to it.

        If Google were caught opening a real letter that someone sent via postal mail to another individual, they would be hauled into court under federal charges faster than you can blink——-And because Google hides behind the already obscure nature of the internet itself——-Does that really give them the right to go through our personal business in our personal emails—and by default share our information with people and entities we’ve never met nor know?!

        Whom ever decided in the first place that it was okay for these corporate-thugs to black-mail us citizen’s into accepting such privacy-violating EULA’s and ToS Agreements based upon standard account access to their so-called free services?!——-Who?!——-(Obviously it wasn’t someone whom truly represents the best interests of the people, that’s for sure!)

        If can offer free email service without ho-ranging it’s users, then so can Google and every other intruding corporation out there. We already pay through the nose for our internet access from the Broadband companies, so, in all fairness, Google and other companies whom extort us of our personally identifiable information and personal emails under the guise of providing a free service, could actually be getting a percentage of the ridiculously-insane revenue the ISP’s are raking in——-instead of sticking it to the customer all the time and then predicating such action upon their “so-called” hand-out of a service, because they’re saying we get it for free.

        The laws need to change in favor of not only making it fair for us but also respective of our rights as citizen’s to protect and keep private our personally identifiable information as well as the personal business we conduct every day of our lives——-It’s none of their business period!

        The Internet Service Providers and the advertising industry’s price-gouging and monopolizing have been so abundantly out of control for a very long time. We need to reign in these greedy conglomerates and put a stop to all this corporate collusion and disenfranchisement because it’s making ordinary citizen’s far less trusting of what they can do with their digital lives and with their personal lives, even when they think their not connected to the web and/or are being monitored.

        We are being sold to advertisers and their malicious, privacy-violating affiliate-entities. And Google is one of the biggest offenders in this regard. Their desire to maximize insane profits at our expense and cultural demise is not only dis-heartening, but they’re doing so at an astronomical rate——-And yet all these corporate thugs have the audacity to take even further advantage of those less fortunate by all the price-gouging they do?!——-Please!

        It isn’t fair——-but more than that——-it is not right either. It’s time for these maniacal corporations America and of the rest of the world to finally be put in it’s place. A line needs to be drawn in the sand now——-which will protect us law-abiding citizen’s from these intrusive exploitation’s. They are taking advantage of us because they don’t really care about us and that is why we must stand up against that type of attitude because it means the sanctity of our very own identities——-that which makes us the unique human beings that we are.

        We need to take this matter seriously because privacy is intrinsic to the concept of liberty. You take that away——-and you take away what it means to be human…

    • Yes, I’m annoyed about this as well. I’ve bitten the bullet on this one and just paid them $29.00
      It better be worth it.

    • Yeah this is a pretty f’ing awful way to launch your EMAIL service. Talk about out of touch. Crowdfunding software has gone full retard, thanks for being the one to jump that shark.

  • I wish I could have an access to the Android app to finally dump Gmail once and for all.
    Anyway good job ProtonMail team !

  • I have a little question.
    You say that that the ProtonMail Mobile Perk gave an acces to the mobile beta test.
    But for the others who backed higher perks? And did not thought it would be required to take another perk to have an early access?

  • Really! I have to pay you $29 and wait a week until i get the invite? Seriously this sounds scam-ish!

    • The contributors last year paid $29 to $997 and waited over a year. It would not be fair to them to give early access to non-contributors.

        • Well yes, if someone is going to be rude because of the illusion of internet anonymity, I think the admins are correct to just give brutally honest replies. (They still don’t cross the line to rudeness.)

      • Less we forget that providing cash is not the only way of “contributing”. Those who beta test and provide feed back are certainly contributing.

  • Sent the donation and signed up on the form. I’m eagerly anticipating beta access. Mobile access is the only thing making me wait to fully migrate all e-mails over! Keep up the good work, I’m sure the $29 dollars will be well spent.

  • After waiting all this time now we have to pay $29 to help test the beta?!??!!
    I do think protonmail is great but you guys said the apps are paid for by that massive sum of money you received.
    Could have told us ages ago that this was going to be the case.
    I am happy to donate $5 and I don’t expect anything for nothing but $29 is quite steep.
    Pretty sure the richer folk out there won’t mind.
    Are you going to be charging for the full functional version too?

    • The app will be free when it is released. Because our Indiegogo supporters contributed $29 in the campaign last year to get access to the beta, it would not be fair to them to provide the beta to everybody for free. Then there is also the fact that space is very limited due to the Apple testflight restrictions.

  • For those complaining about $29… this money is going to something no one else is doing…SECURE EMAIL. Stop drinking Starbucks lattes for a week and pony up. Or not. And wait for the next security-minded group to come along and develop secure email…enjoy the wait. I paid the $29.

    • I don’t drink Starbucks lattes. I drink water.

      But I guess secure email should only go to rich people who could afford Starbucks lattes.

      • I agree. $30 to access a beta?!!! Most companies are happy to provide betas to those willing to test them. Especially for a soon-to-be free app. Meh. While I’d like to secure my financial accounts using ProtonMail, it seems really dodgy to charge people to access a beta.

        Good luck with what you’re doing but at this point ProtonMail is a novelty at best without smartphone support and I’ll probably start to lose interest after a while…

      • Are you dense. You don’t have to pay $29 for the app. You have to be a supporter to get beta access. When the app is release as a production version it will be free.

        Guess you could just do it all yourself and then you wouldn’t have to whine or wait.

  • That sounds perfectly fair. I was sad to have missed the original campaign, but very happy that there’s still a way to participate in the beta, thanks!

    I have gladly sent in my donation for what I hope is a much better mobile experience, and to support my favorite privacy-conscious email provider of course. :)

  • Didn’t even know the indegogo campaign was even going until today, and it’s been closed for 20 days!! I just donated and signed up for the iOS mobile beta, hope I get in, looking forward to seeing if protonmail will be capable of replacing my current mail accounts. I like the progress so far.

  • Dear ProtonMail,

    Ignore those who are complaining; they don’t understand why it wouldn’t be fair to the previous donors from a year ago to give the beta out free now. You guys are doing a great job!

    One question: will the apps (in particular the Android app) be open source as well? I use the F-Droid repo exclusively (Google play isn’t even on my phone). Will the app be available in F-Droid?


    • Yes, they will be open source, but like we did with the webapp, we will wait for the apps to mature first before open sourcing them.

    • Hi guys,

      I totally agree. If you really want to support free software, please do not restrict the diffusion of the apk in GooglePlay. Allow the download from other sources as well (on your pages at least). I am running a free android version (replicant) and I do not want access to GooglePlay from my phone.
      Please !

  • Great work guys :-) I read this news during the night :-) Got up at 1AM and make donation via PayPal ASAP :-). I look forward to an invitation arrives.

    Good luck and thank you!!!

  • I just saw an app “protonmail” on the Ubuntu Store on my Ubuntu phone, released the 08/18/15.
    Is this an official app from you?

    Thank for the amazing work!

    • It’s probably the webapp. In Ubuntu store you can wrap the webapp as an app kinda. So it’s probably just something that send you on the website and remove the browser stuff normally around. Anyone can do that. If so it should be safe but I don’t want to jump to conclusion :).

  • Just sent a donation of $50. Wish I knew of the Crowdfunding Campaign when it was live, I would have gladly contributed at that time too. Looking forward to Beta Access.

  • ProtonMail Admin,

    How do I donate via BTC and get access? The systems seems to allow BTC but what do enter for my “Paypal email” in the field if I pay with BTC? I don’t want to pay will PayPal and leave a record.

    • No, just one account right now. Only the account approved for the beta will be able to use the app.

      • But I have 2 accounts approved! Will be allowed more than one in next updates? Thanks! Protonmail is great!

  • I was happy to pay the $29 to get the app and help test, as others have noted what has been holding me back from using this as my primary e-mail is the lack of a mobile app.

    I’m a little worried though I paid and never even got an e-mail from Protonmail. Kinda a weird way to do things even if it’s taking time to push the app out to testers. I would think you would get an e-mail saying Thanks for the support give us a couple days to get the app to you or something.

    I would also like to know how secure the app is with your e-mail when you use the mobile app vs logging into your browser. It would also be interesting to know if Protonmail has a suggested platform/browser that in testing has proven to be more secure. IE is Firefox more secure than Chrome is IOS more secure than Android?

    • If you don’t hear for us by the 27th, please email so we can make sure your invite didn’t get overlooked!

      In regards to browsers, we recommend Firefox and Chrome, in terms of security, they are roughly the same although we prefer Firefox at the office since it is open source.

  • To make sure I understand, if we’re currently on the waiting list to get an account, the $29 contribution gives us access to a proton mail account on the 27th and access to the beta mobile app? Thanks for the clarification.

  • Just got my invite tonight! I was not expecting it until at least 8/27. Loving the iOS app so far!

  • The app works b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. $29 dollars well worth it to get in early to test and support. Converting everything to protonmail now that I confirm this works on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Keep up the good work!

  • If you send an encrypted email with attachment to either a proton email address or a non proton email address and it is picked up on an iphone you can’t open the attachment and view it. This also the case if you are using Chrome to access your email on your iphone. Am I doing something wrong ?

  • Great first whack at an Android beta. Please give some thought to feedback forums so we testers can share experiences that perhaps aren’t bug related. Couple of things off the bat jump out at me: it’s important for an email app to have some distinctive notification sound, especially since until now emails have been web based and notifications have been via another email that provides notification. Also, imported contacts instead of importing one use with one name and multiple emails it’s an entry and email for each address so I now have 5 John Doe entries for each email address and that certainly isn’t how my Android contacts look.

    I guess these aren’t’ bugs but intended behavior but I hope both are reworked in future updates.

  • I have just installed beta. I also wanted to donate, and this came up as perfect moment to do so. The app is great and looks very promising. Thank you guys for creating such professional and secure email service.

  • I’ve been using the app today, so just for a few hours. It’s really, really nice, clean and responsive. I understand the frustrations but I would just ask everyone to give it a chance. I’m sure it’s buggy (although I haven’t encountered any problems yet) but I’m confident that the app will only improve before public release. Remember what we’re getting for this: it’s not Mac mail! This is seriously different.

  • Couple of questions before I gladly plop my $29 to you..

    1). will it allow TouchID for easier/faster login?
    2). I assume security is paramount… But, what about data leakage from other iOS system stuff such as UDID, MAC, etc. The benefit of the website is that is allows a bit more obfuscation through using TAILS or the like.

    • Yes, with iOS your account will be tied to your device and by extension you. We don’t support TouchID at this time, there are some security issues around that we need to figure out first.

  • I still haven’t received my invite for ProtonMail. If I donote to the campaign, will I receive my ProtonMail invite and the beta app test invite?

    Thanks a lot for making this secure email service.

  • I donated to you a while back and will continue to do so. I don’t expect stuff to be free just because it’s on the internet and this service is particularly worth paying for. Thank you, looking forward to getting your app when it goes live.

  • Downloaded Android beta. But it stops just after running, with error “Protonmail has stopped unexpectedly”. Samsung S6 Edge, Android 5.1.1.

    • We believe there is a problem with the S6 Edge, we are trying to find a device in either Geneva or San Francisco to look more into this.

  • I received my Test Flight about 6 pm last night and been using the IOS app since. I have had no problem at all. Working Great.


  • I wish I could figure out why the android app is not working on my S6. For some reason it won’t open. Android keeps saying that it has stopped working. Nevertheless, I’m still glad I donated. Thank you.

  • Awesome work guys. I’ve been waiting patiently for this app to exclusively start using my Proton account.

  • I would appreciate if someone could answer me this simple question: Does the Android push functionality in this app rely on GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)? Or can the Android app push without this Google framework (gapps) installed?

  • Curious, how are you developing your mobile apps? Are you using something like Appcelerator/Titanium Studio or PhoneGap/Cordova? Or are you doing native development for each platform?

    Thanks for making this happen!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for developing and I am looking forward to use the app!

    I have a blackberry 10, which does support Android apps (but has the Amazon store natively installed). Would I be able to receive this app (in beta?)? Or will there be one for blackberry someday?

    Thanks in advance

  • If I am still waiting for access to Proton Mail itself can I donate the 29$ and get access to both?

  • Last saturday I entered the beta test for the Android app. How would you like to receive comments? Maybe I overlooked it any message on that matter.

    At this moment de app isn’t completely synchronized with webmail, so there might be a bug. In the app several incoming emails didn’t show.

    • In the first email we sent regarding the app beta, we provided instructions on how to report issues. Please have a look in that email. In order to not have sync problems, make sure you are using ProtonMail v2 and not

  • Did anyone else make a $29 donation and get no confirmation?

    I used the link, then sent the form in, but never got anything to my Proton mail account or on my Paypal e-mail addy. It just seems like a weird way to do business, a confirmation e-mail to people who donate would be a better way to go.

    That said I love the system and looking forward to the app.

    Keep up the good work.

    • We send out invites on a weekly basis. The next communication will come from us today, we will be sending you an email with instructions. If you don’t hear from us, please contact us at

  • It makes me sad with how many over entitled fools are ranting at a good product and really nice developers.
    Of course you have to pay for what others had to pay for, it was very clearly explained.

    Big thank you to the developers who’ve been working and fighting for a free encrypted email platform. I really appreciate it.

  • I have added a signature but unfortunately I can’t make the font smaller. Will you be adding this to the signature editor ?

  • Hi, I happily donate $29 yesterday, but I haven’t received any invitation or email, emailed you twice and I haven’t had any answer neither.

    • We have quite a few emails, depending on what time you emailed us yesterday, you might have missed the cutoff for yesterday’s invites. We will send out new invites every Thursday when we release new builds of the beta app. We will get to your email in the next couple days. Thanks for your patience and support.

  • What email address do you send the invite for the test flight to? Will you email my protonmail address, or the address that I use for my iTunes account? I haven’t received an email yet. I’ve emailed support already.

  • I made the donation for the app – I have not seen the link to it yet. When will you send it to me?

  • Thank you for your efforts. There is nothing wrong with giving priority to donating members. But keep in mind that you can count different type of iOS devices on fingers but in case of Android you will need your computers to keep the count. You will need at least two years to get your app seasoned on Android. Also more users will attract more paying users. Ability to hide among huge crowd of ordinary folks is also a security measure:)

  • Hi, there are so many applications on Android Platform that read Currently working apps and record this data.

    I have a reason to believe most of the Keyboards apps (Default/3rd party) keep an eye on the stuff you type anywhere.

    I hope ProtonMail mobile app uses none of Google services for running/authentication and uses words Typed Scrambling for keylogging apps.

    Thanks for providing great secure tool of communication.

  • Silly question but I want to have this verified. If I kick down the $29 and get early access to the app, I’ll also be able to use Proton via a web browser? I am on the waiting list for the browser Proton invite. Since 08/16/2015.

    Regardless how it plays out, thanks for what you all are doing.

      • iOS 7 is not supported :( I tried to download the app in the appstore and it states that iOS7 is not supoorted….

      • iOS 7 is not supported :( I tried to download the app in the appstore and it states that iOS7 is not supoorted….

    • You might get to be a 66 yr old geezer if your lucky the way your going at it………..and IF you do; 66 won’t seem that old.

    • The beta is tied to the account so this is possible if you donate three times and get added into the beta three times.

  • Guys. Make the image for your Indiegogo campaign above link (and make a note that it will link) to the site. You need people to click through and there are lots of links on the page – who has time to read all that.

  • I Sent a donation with paypal on September 2 and filled in the form for iOS device.
    But I don’t have any protonmail this moment. Check please~~

  • A minor ProtonMail app feature request – The ability to change the notification sound of new mail alerts please.

  • I want to say that it is very very important stuff. It’s mostly complaints here, you think people would be a little more grateful (the ones getting a free service at least). I hope that doesn’t phase you too much, just the nature of doing this sort of thing. I too can’t wait for the mobile app and to be honest I’d much rather have a different domain name options. You are probably locked in for awhile though I imagine for name recognition purposes. I don’t have a ton of money but I think I may get the mobile app so I can use it as my main mail service. Keep up the good work and forget about anyone who just complains, most of us really are grateful for it.

  • Awesome! An app in progress. This will making migrating to Protonmail a lot easier for me plus i was looking for a way to donate anyway. Keep up the good work!
    ps.: Any news on CalDav support?

  • Any update on domain support? Would be happy to be part of beta testing but the reality is that I am unlikely to use the account until this is available.

  • Very excited about this! Not in a position to be able to donate but definitely understand the reason behind it.

    Any word on when the Android app will be available to everyone?

  • Just got an email and am looking forward to testing out the iOS app. Unfortunately it looks like the beta for iPhones is sold out. Any ETA on the finished product?

  • To all u complainers , shut up and have some patience. I’m excited and anxious as well,but in the mean time u could go play in traffic !!!!

  • Do you have any idea when the app will be published for public on the Google App Store? B.t.w. $ 29 is quite a lot, wouldn’t it be better to take less and have more shares? No complaint, just a suggestion

    • Unfortunately capacity is limited to 1000 for the beta due to Apple’s restriction so we can’t increase this number even if we wanted to.

  • Excellent! Donated $29 today to be a mobile tester on Android. I donated $31 during the ProtonMail Indiegogo campaign for Instant Access!! (Early Bird). I am quite please with both investments and as of today, everything that is of importance now uses my ProtonMail e-mail account as the primary. I work in cybersecurity and look forward to your continued growth as a business. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

  • After reading all the non sense crap about claiming your money, i think it would be far right to tell that, if you dont like it, dont buy it… After all, the money is only to support the job they are making. Does anybody pay them for the idea to start an encrypted mail platform? The answer is No. So, please keep in mind that those cientists guys come toghether by their means, to build something that does not exist until now, and provide us the privacy we all de serve on the web. Until now, any secured webmail services have some country laws issues, allowing the courts to access emails if they need to. So, be patient, give your contribution or not for a better privacy future, as you wish, but please stop the non sense crap..?

    Proton staff, i don’t have yet an account, but i support your work all the way. Keep the good work for a brilliant future.

  • Well, it’s great to have mobile app this soon.

    For those complaining about 29$ – it’s still very good, because if you like something which is for FREE and there is a way to support it, everyone who really likes this should do it.
    29$ is not much. You can afford one cool game on steam or buy some shirts, but it’s not about that. Protonmail will be developing more and more and i hope that it will one day surpass things like gmail and other email stuff.

    To the devs.: You are doing a freakin’ good work there, just be patient and don’t lose your minds over tons of $$ ;)

  • great job ppl. don’t be down if there are ppl with bad comments. You’re doing great job and ofc while it is in developing phase that there are expenses. I’m from poor country with not enough for living but if I could I would donate. Thank you for your great work.

  • Even a secure app for a secure service can become self-defeating when run on a less that secure platform!
    Is a SailfishOS version considered or are those users expected to make their own?
    I would gladly donate, but not if I’m to be rewarded with useless gifts.

  • Hi team, tried to contact you multiple times with no response. I have donated for the android Beta and would like to access/participate. Can you please contact me. Thanks.

  • I’ve funded you guys already when all this started out. The crowd funding event generated the dollar amount goal indicated for development of the iOS app. I’ve been waiting for mobile apps since then.

    So, why another Crowd funding event for the mobile app? Did you guys arbitrary decide to spend the money slotted for mobile development on some thing else ? I’m not funding this again…..

    • We funded the development of specifically iOS and Android apps which are out now in beta. However, our initial crowdfunding did NOT cover Blackberry and Windows phone.

  • I have already received the android Beta app link. Unfortunately, it seems that my android version does’nt support any web browser with PRNG capabilities (oops!).
    Any solution? (to buy a new mobile besides ;-)
    Perhaps some app apart?
    Thank you very much.

    • The best solution really is to upgrade your mobile to a newer version as the newer browsers also have much improved security beyond just a better RNG.

  • When is app going to come out of Beta and released to public?
    Any tentative public release dates? Please Do reply
    I am dying to use the app as I have very limited access to PC.

  • I have been waiting for quite some time now for my invite to the Android app, but I still have not received one yet. Is the beta already at full capacity?

  • I’ve been using the Protonmail App on both iOS and Android. I am pleased with both. However I have moved to Android as my primary phone and just upgraded to Android 6. Since doing so the Android App is unable to receive messages. I do get alerted of a new message but can’t receive them unless I use the Chrome App.

    Anyone else on Android 6 and having the same issue? I’m running a Motorola Nexus 6 with Android 6.

  • iOS version 1.1.2 released today through TestFlight with no release notes being posted to the blog. This was the same scenario when 1.1.1 was released. What is going on? Why are release notes not being published?

    • Because there would simply be way too many release notes. 1.1.2 has some new stuff however, such as swipe gestures so be sure to try that out.

  • Seriously anyone complaining about paying for features or the lack of a mobile app are welcomed to explore other options. There is no need to lose your mind over something that is secure and free….emphasis on free. Besides why shouldn’t they capitalize on something they created and have dedicated a lot of time.

  • I just installed the latest Android release and sonfar the issue I had on Android 6 is resolved. Thanks for such a quick fix.

  • $30 for a beta email app that only allows 1 account is ridiculous. I never paid more then $2 for a really advanced app with unlimited accounts that has proven itself.

    • This is to be fair to our Indiegogo supporters who donated this amount over a year ago when there wasn’t even a mobile app.

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    Hello good day.

    how many addresses can be added for 1 license?

    1 * ?

    Kind regards,

  • There are ways that you can install apps through MobileSafari on iOS.
    For example you can install apps from really easily. Couldn’t you do this? Or why can’t you just release the beta on the App Store?

  • used direct to, well, Proton Technologies’ Swiss server. Now, redirects to, which is registered with GoDaddy, Inc. I cannot login to no matter what I do. I don’t like this. And I don’t like that Proton Technologies assigned a ‘’ alias to all ProtonMail users. This probably has serious privacy and legal implications. Do not take this matter casually.a

  • At this time I do have ProtonMail on my laptop but wondered approximately when the free app for Android users might be available to have on my Samsung Note 4? I like to have the email notification throughout the day. I cannot do that through just the web browser.

    Thank you

  • Hi,
    The aforementioned release date is set quite vaguely, using the term “after a couple months”. I’d be quite interested as to when that is approximately going to occur ? As I have no credit card (Yea, that’s actually possible if you live in Germany), I’d love to get the app on my phone.

  • ¿Van a desarrollar una aplicación para ubuntu phone?
    Si veo el apoyo para aplicación linux apoyaré economicamente pues pienso que android e iOs son menos seguros a largo plazo.
    Buen trabajo

    Will you develop an application for ubuntu phone?
    If I see the application support for Linux will support financially because I think that Android and iOS are less safe in the long term.
    Good job

  • Any Updates? Paid back in Aug… still waiting. You guys take all the time you need to get it right, but please provide an update from time to time. Many Thanks!

  • I’ve paid the amount and am awaiting my Android app but yet is pending. There is someone problem with the delivery? When i sent the request, it yet was available.


  • I got the invitational email for the Android app, but when opening it on either of my Android devices, I get the error: “Open the invitation email on your device to begin registering for beta testing “

    • Oh wait, hang on. It was because it didn’t open in Firefox Android for some reason. Just tried opening it in Chrome and it worked!

  • You guys at ProtonMail are HEROES for giving Americans secure NSA-free e-mail! I am tired of having the 4th Amdn violated and treated like a criminal.

    Thank YOU guys. :) God bless you all!


  • Is it intentionally that one can only donate, using the mobile-invite link, by credit card? I see no option for paypal or bitcoin and so on. Personally I dont have a credit card….

  • J’ai fait une petite contribution, ce sera sympa de mettre quand se sera possible sur la version iOS, j’aimerai bien l’avoir sur mon iPhone merci et bonne continuation

  • Can you please let me know if I donate enough for the Instant Access & Mobile &1 GB, will I receive an invitation for the Windows Mobile version App if it ever will be available?
    Also, do I need to choose between iOS and Android if I don’t use any of he mobile systems?

  • Hi there

    If i purchased the iOs beta version, how do i swao to an android beta app now that i have a Samsung and not an iphone?


  • when will be ready proton mail for android? You did an awesome work creating this encrypted email service!

  • I paid also long time and never get the app for Android.
    I contact the support and they did I have to wait for next invite.

    I wait wait wait

  • When you go live in the Android Play Store, will you have an option for those of us who dont use the Play Store to keep the app? (i.e F-Droid or direct apk download)

  • I really want to try out the Android beta app, but in Canada, 29 USD translates to $40.18¢. If it was say, in the $30 dollar range, then I could support it. Oh well.

  • Excellent service, product and app. Keep up the good work! Expected bugs but nothing unacceptable. The $29 is well worth the investment.

  • Thank you, your efforts in providing this service can not be measured. Happy New Year and the best for 2016.

  • Hi Admin,
    Its very clear that the donation is to aid development and not a purchase of an app…So lighten up guys,,
    The website has come on a long way in the last 12 months, I would rather have a secure snoop free system than an all integrated , highly monitored system.
    Well done proton mail

  • “Our apps support iOS 8.0+, Android JellyBean, & Blackberry 10.” JellyBean is now several releases outdated (kitkat, lollipop, and now marshmallow). Is your mobile beta app expected to run on these more modern systems (I’m particularly concerned about Marshmallow)? I assume the fully finished release will.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Protonmail is developing FAST. But when you have time and funds, please consider developing an app for Firefox OS too.

  • So far so good although I see that the Android App has harvested a large number of email addresses and stored them under Contacts. There seems to be no way to delete this list except by deleting entries one by one.

  • Hi,
    Any chance for windows phone app? My friend is very interested in protonmail, but he has a smartphone from Nokia.

  • So about how much more time is anticipated before the app can be downloaded at this point?

  • What good is secure mail app with double password security if when you close it your are still logged in fully to your email? You actually have to physically log out of the app which makes the twin password security redundant.

  • There is still an urgent need for the Android app to be completely Google free, ie hosted somewhere other than Google app store. There is no privacy while Google is monitoring everything. When will this happen?

  • I have to have a Google account to setup email thru Android Google Play and use protonmail? Is that correct?

    That seems to be the biggest security hole in the world.


    • This is needed for push notifications. You can run without Google Play Services, the app still works, but push notifications won’t work.

  • I can’t seem to get photos to download on my android, Motorola phone , which I like a lot using so much different than this iPhone . I am only using wifi yet I’m getting documents that have been sent . Thank you very much , I love using protonmail

    • You should check the downloads section of your mobile phone. The files will appear in Downloads in Android.

    • You will receive an email and will be invited to download the BETA version of the app from Crashlytics after you apply to the BETA program.

  • impossible to set up proton mail on ihpone. jesus christ fellas….. NO IMAP and NO STMP??? what gives? #bad