ProtonMail at TED Global

We have some great news to share. Several months ago, we were asked to come to TED Global to give a talk about privacy – and today the video is finally getting published! It was a great opportunity for our co-founder Andy Yen to talk about why privacy matters and showcase the end-to-end encryption technology we use in ProtonMail to protect your data.

Click here to watch the full video of Andy’s TED talk:

We are grateful for the tens of thousands of users who have supported us throughout this journey – it was only with your support that we were able to have this opportunity! The team is working diligently everyday on improvements to ProtonMail that we hope you’ll enjoy. Please stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing more exciting developments in the coming weeks!

ProtonMail Co-Founder Andy Yen at TED Global

ProtonMail co-founder Andy Yen talking about end-to-end encryption at TED Global

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Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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69 comments on “ProtonMail at TED Global

    • Thank you for the support Chris! Our team is working hard to improve ProtonMail everyday for users like you, so we hope everyone will enjoy the exciting developments we have coming up.

      • jason what you guys should do is make a list future products that you guys want to make do you guys want to make a video game console thats secure run by your own software be more than just a encrypted email service make products like secure cell phone or something be like google there a search engine and they have a email service as well building device protonmail team think of ways that you guys can make money as well as build a great encrypted email experience because if you guys go beyond that it will help you guys grow more and have more money while building great stuff for people to use as well getting into the big industry like gaming for instants what people love to do if you guys did something in that too you guys might just make more and be able to develop protonmail into more than just a secure email service

      • Watched your TED Talk today. I want in! Can you give us an ETA for when you can add new users?

        It was great to read about all of the guys and Maria on your team. Keep up the great work. WE NEED THIS (as you know)! :o)

        • You can request a new ProtonMail account at At this time, we are sending out invitations to new users weekly in order to ensure stability while we are still developing ProtonMail in its BETA stages. Thank you for your support and patience!

  • One of the best TedTalk ever! We have to start prioritizing our privacy again, lest we lose our freedom and liberty.

  • The TED video was great and re-ignited my excitement for this project. It still appears to be closed off to new users, at least by the front page and any support pages I’ve found. What is the process to become a user, if you’re taking users at this point in time?

    • You can request a new ProtonMail account at At this time, we are sending out invitations to new users weekly in order to ensure stability while we are still developing ProtonMail in its BETA stages. Thank you for your patience.

  • Great video. Today is my first day using ProtonMail and I am impressed and already feel much more secure. Though I have no state secrets to hide, the lose of privacy in this age of snooping is a serious affront to individual freedom. I thank all of you on the dev team for helping to maintain our way of life. Keep up the good work.

  • one of the impressive ted talks i watched!. i am always thinking as well as worry about privacy when i am using gmail or any other social networking. now i found a perfect solution, that is protonmail. hats off!!

  • The ‘Why Protonmail’ page mentions ‘No email or phone number required to create your account.

    The ‘Sign in’ page is currently expecting a notification email. This will be stored on the server.

    Won’t this allow someone to join the dots and relate the existing email id with the newly created PM email account? Won’t this compromise the anonymity of the email owner?


    • The notification email is only used during our BETA stages as we develop ProtonMail to allow instant account creation. When we remove the waiting list, the notification will not longer be necessary. No personal identifying information be required to use ProtonMail.

      • We look forward for the completion of your beta stage and a more secure email service, at the earliest. Thank you.

  • Near the end of the video Andy shows a panel of companies who he says are working together on this initiative. How can I find out the names of this collaborative?

  • Thank you so much for everything that you do. Keep up the great work. A free society depends on privacy.

  • Hey! There is one last one I didn’t get: is it possible to encrypt mails with prontonmail if you’re sending an email to someone who is not using an encryption email provider? In case you send an email to someone using gmail, hotmail or anything else and is not encrypting mail, can you send an encrypted mail and is your email still protected from lets say the email provider’s intrusion?

  • Hi, I’ve signed up for a Protonmail account on August 19, 2015 and still haven’t received the invitation (as of September 3, 2015). When would I be able to get my account?


    • Hi Fatih, sorry about the misunderstanding. When you are signing up, it is clear that you will be billed monthly. If you want to discontinue the paid plan, you have to do so before the 1 month period to avoid getting charged again.

  • By the time you have POP email, I will have given up the internet.
    My mail is safer on my computer than on anyone else’s servers.
    I hate gmail. I hate tabs. If I use my own POP email, I can have folders.
    All these comments on this site are just ads, not real comments from people.
    Anything and everything on the internet can be hacked.

    First rule of email (from the 20th century) – Don’t put anything in a message that you don’t want the world to see.

  • This service is a common source of secrecy to threat, spam and extortion emails. I myself is a victim of those. Fact that it is Swiss and that you do not track the sender, makes it even harder. You are an important accessory to many such crimes, if you haven’t realized, sir.

  • Great presentation. Well done Andy and all of the team. Thanks for the clarity, detail and your passion to provide what is the best email service available today. And it’s free. I’m recommending ProtonMail to all the people that I know. Why would anyone choose anything else?

  • I had proton mail a couple years ago and quit using it. Now I am involved in high tech industry and am using Proton Mail again. Last time I was using it I had to use two passwords and user names. Does it not use the two
    Usernames and pass words?

    • On the webmail app you can sign into different accounts in different opened tabs. However, the mobile apps only support 1 account at a time. You can go around this by using the BETA version of the app too. This way you can have both your accounts on your mobile device.
      Keep in mind that the BETA program participation is not free, but it comes with perks and early access to features.

      Read more about it here:

  • I would like to use ProtonMail but I have been using gmail for so long I do not know what I need to do to change all of the people who I email now, the streaming tv programs that are logged into, my online bill pays, etc. Is there any info on your site about how to move from gmail to ProtonMail? Thank you so much. Paul

  • I’m searching for a new email provider. I’ve been with UNSEEN in Iceland. At first, very good provider. Now, they do not respond to support/problem requests and do not provide the service I paid to acquire. I can’t even SEND an email without it being returned a week later undelivered. Of course, this is unacceptable for any communication. Your site was noted as an alternative by someone here in the US. However, the marketing makes me ask–Why, if you are promoting concern with humanity’s privacy are you pushing CERN and the US legacy newspapers as evidence of your goal? They do not support any goal that would provide humanity with truths. All noted support an elitist agenda and are controlled by the same. Anyone who has done the least bit of research knows this fact. So, what can you tell me about your service that would make me say–yes, this is a good idea? Love to hear it. Many thanks, E–

  • Where do I find instructions about how it works. You know, practical stuff — what characters can I use in my user name? Is it letters and numbers only? I can read. I don’t play nursery school picture card names. Nor do I like guessing games about how your email program works. I need an instruction manual. My husband signed and keeps asking ME questions about how an email program that I have never used works. How in the world would I know??

    I want POP3 email. I know how Seamonkey mail works. I like it just fine. They don’t keep modernizing and unimproving it.

  • Yes I have a guy who tried to scam me and get me to rent a house that he didn’t own and His email is proton so I don’t appreciate your services at all because people are getting scammed in there using your secure emails to do it

    • Our focus is security and privacy. Unfortunately, we cannot control who opens a ProtonMail account due to the nature of our private service, but we are receptive to abuse reports and we do our best to protect our service from malicious and unlawful individuals. Please send us an email with proof of abuse to and we will look into this issue. Stay safe.

  • – I’ve heard a lot of great things about this app and it’s encryption but unfortunately I too have had no results in creating an account – I also only get ‘No Connectivity Detected’! I am trying to connect using my Samsung Android and yet upon further investigation: I am connected via my Wi-Fi I have full access the internet but the app will not go past the (Red Banner) ‘No Connectivity Detected’!? As I have read other comments/answers I read that the’Bug’ was fixed with the new version this past September as indicated to other commenters? Is there anything I can review or is a fix coming? Thank you for your hard work and efforts in the design, and looking forward to using Proton Mail!

    • Hi! That sounds strange. Is it possible to send us a message to with details about this including your location, IP, and internet service provider? Also maybe try using a VPN when connecting to