ProtonMail BETA v1.12 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of ProtonMail v1.12. As usual, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in if you encounter any problems.

New Features

  • Added Advanced Search
  • Added support for iCal and ICS (calendar) emails
  • New daily notification system that can be turned off
  • Added ability to export Contacts
  • Notification message when emails are sent successfully
  • Added ability to view raw email messages
  • Added ability to SHIFT+click multiple emails

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug were large attachments could prevent drafts from being auto-saved.
  • Fixed a bug where attachments of a certain size could not be uploaded
  • Fixed a few bugs related to “next” and “previous” buttons when viewing messages
  • Fixed a bug where editing multiple settings could conflict with CSRF protection script
  • Fixed UI bugs on mobile and on Windows related to the editor
  • Fixed a password reset bug where certain usernames were unable to reset their passwords
  • Fixed a bug regarding key generation on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug affecting some pages where clicking back in the browser would give a warning
  • Fixed printing of all messages
  • Fixed IE11 bug related to the editor where the cursor would appear outside the frame


  • Improved the way searching is done
  • Improved performance for creating new user accounts
  • Improved the way the site loads assets for users on slower network connections
  • Redesigned the Compose page
  • Reworked how assets are cached to prevent caching issues when launching new releases
  • Improved the way contacts are imported for wider support of formats
  • Improved performance when uploading large number of contacts by 400%
  • Reworked the Contacts page style
  • Reworked the Settings page style

Known Issues

  • Editor defaults to double spaced on some versions of IE on Windows
  • Key generation on mobile is unsupported

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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92 comments on “ProtonMail BETA v1.12 Release Notes

  • So far I am loving the Protonmail experience.
    One thing does come to mind though, I often receive receipts or activation codes and keys that I would like to keep. Having the ability to create a custom folder for these kinds of emails would be a very big plus.
    One other thing for the team designing the mobile app for Protonmail, take a look at the “Blue Mail” app on the google play store, I think it will inspire trust me check it out.
    I own most of the Pay email clients for android, and let me tell you Blue Mail is free and 10x better than any paid app.
    As always: keep up the awesome work, Protonmail RoCkS 🙂

      • I love that print is now with the proper formatting. Could you please have a look at the time stamp of the mail that’s being printed though? It changes from human readable to machine readable when printing eg 01/02/2015 7:51 pm changes to 1422816662. It only happens for the ‘active’ mail, all other timestamps are kept (as they are already text I suppose).

  • Suggestions:

    – Images in signatures would be awesome.
    – Custom folders.
    – At least a Gig of storage space would be nice.
    – No limit on monthly emails. (This makes no sense?)
    – Custom domains (I know this is far out but would just like to reiterate).
    – Larger attachments (If storage is a factor you can have them be temporary or implement a 3rd party storage service similar to OneDrive or DropBox)

    That is all 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  • OH BOY! Just how many months ago did you signed in? I’ve signed on 14 january!I hope in 6 months I’ll have proton mail adress! Anyway it would be,It’s worth it! Too bad it’s not double encrypted! 😉 But it;s good enough as is ,much better than no encryption emails! TAILS-The Amnesic Incognito Live System+TOR onion browser+Protonmail would be a must if you want privacy in 2015!
    “Mike Readman
    January 9, 2015 at 3:47 AM

    Cool, but I signed up months ago and am still waiting for an invite. Any kind of ETA?”

  • Will there be support for Email Aliases any time soon? Also, will you be adding the ability for external users to reply to encrypted messages when they are being view via ProtonMail?

  • Hi :-),
    thanks for your good job, hopefully you soon enable payed accounts, so we all have the possibility to support you with payed accounts. :-)))
    Do you plan an upload or pop function for existing mails? Great would be if this would include an possibility to import some mails only.
    As all the others already write, folders and iPhone & Co. APP’s highly wanted 🙂

    • it would also be very good if there comes an possibility to choice if you want to view attached files virtual or you want to download them. Surely it want be possible for all formats, but PDF would be a very good start 🙂

    • We can’t support pop/imap at the moment because they are not compatible with encryption, but we will be adding in an email import feature in the future.

  • Hi guys , i recieved the invitation a few weeks ago , i was wondering if its possible to use Proton on Mailbox or other mail apps in android at the moment thanks!

      • That’s awesome. I, like Fede, would still be interested in Mailbox support, as I have multiple email addresses from various providers, and it’d be great to be able to access them from one place. Would this ever be possible? Thanks!

  • Hi,
    I put in a request for an account in October but still haven’t heard anything.
    Any idea when I can expect to?
    Thank you.

  • I am not certain if I missed one of the “known issues” that you had been working on in the past, ie, encryption of email attachments. I didn’t see that listed out for this recent release. Is attachment encryption already in place?

  • Thanks for the Invite, waited a long time – and my first reaction: protonmail is great (looks great, works great – that’s great 🙂

    But it would be nice, if the Mail-Editor (including Signature) would have a “WYSIWYG”-Editor with more Settings (or full support HTML-Code, to make Messages look a bit “smoother”) somewhen…

  • i appreciate your dedication and congratulate your whole team for fantastic work. is there any planning for exporting PGP keys? It is important for communication with non- protonmail users. however i have created protonmail based PGP key pair and started using already.

  • Just got the invite. Thanks!

    Excellent first experience with your service today. Fast and smooth. The only problem was being unable to highlight and move text. I wish you well, and I appreciate the hard work. I can only imagine the work involved with one “tiny” change.

  • ProtonMail ist vermutlich eine der gewagtesten Unternehmungen seit vielen Jahren. Als ich mich anmeldete und auf mein Login warten musste, hoffte ich dass das Unternehmen nicht von Regierungen kleingetreten wird. Als dann das Login-Mail kam, erhielt ich auf einen Schlag viele Spam-Mail deren Absender lokale Firmen verdammt gut imitierte, jede mit einem Attachment die real schienen, bis auf die Grösse der Dateien. Es ist ein gutes Gefühl zu wissen dass meine Daten und Mails in der Schweiz gespeichtert werden, und nicht irgendwelche Datenhighways nach Amerika nehmen. Danke für euren Dienst.

  • Please include various options for 2-Factor Authentication like SMS Based, Google Authenticator, Duo Security, Authy, etc…

  • I have to say, your e-mail web client looks very good. HTML5, modern and adaptive design, minimal use of CSS and JavaScript, only two images (one of them a vector graphic), no plugins. I can’t remember when I last saw such a lightweight website. The UI also looks very professional and much better than the big mail providers. I am looking forward to incremental expansions over time and hopefully a few native apps as well.

  • I ‘am using Protonmail for a while now and have to say that I love the experience so far. The only 2 things I ‘am missing for now are the folders and the possibility to set urgency for outgoing e-mails…

    Hopefully the folders will be available in the new update!

  • not sure where to ask this, but are guys planning to be able to integrate protonmail with existing openpgp desktop mail apps, so i dont have to use a browser to access my protonmail?

    how about mobile apps? is there a way to get protonmail on my blackberry? i really want to shift to protonmail as my primary email.


  • this comment is a contructive feedback for the administration…

    i been having problems with my yahoo account, cant open, compose, or delete mails, then i watched the TED talk an went on to sign in to protonmail, but since i cant open my mails on yahoo, i cant sing in on protomail cause i will not be able to open the mail from proton mail to then have my protonmail account… so i came out with a solution as option for people like me that has this problem, or dont have a previous e- mail account to sign in on protomail, and the solution is…

    to have the option on the sign in page to write our cel phone number, this way protonmail can send a text with a password to sing in on protonmail sing in page with cel text password, this idea can contribute to eliminate protonmail invite to be on spam mail, therefore having a direct notice to log in, hence more protonmail users and happy people engaging on protonmail marvelous concept.

  • I cannot get past the Login Passcode. When I put in the mail password it will do nothing or it starts to make the account and gets hung up. I’m pretty frustrated and u have not answered my email request for help.