ProtonMail Classic Theme Returns

ProtonMail Classic Theme

The 3.0 version of ProtonMail brought many changes, such as a new column layout to go along with the existing row layout. Many other changes, such as improved cryptography to support public/private key encryption with custom domains, are largely invisible to the user. Thus, the new look is the most noticeable change to the user experience.

Overall the new theme has been well received, but some people have written us to say that they prefer the original ProtonMail look. It is possible to switch the theme of your secure mailbox to the original theme by going to Settings –> Appearance and selecting “Load Classic Theme” at the bottom of the page. If you also set the inbox layout in Row mode, then ProtonMail 3.0 will look almost identical to ProtonMail 2.0.

The classic theme is favored by some because it has a higher contrast than the standard theme. If you feel the standard theme doesn’t have enough contrast, we recommend trying the Classic Theme. In the coming months, we will be releasing additional themes for ProtonMail, but if you can’t wait, it also possible to modify the CSS to build your own theme. We recommend doing this only if you know what you are doing however, as this could break your inbox if done improperly.

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The ProtonMail Team

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We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.


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24 comments on “ProtonMail Classic Theme Returns

  • Classic theme == no threading?
    Not yet, but still very navigable. Can’t tell you how it fares mobile layout wise, because threading makes everything take up too much space. with all the “alignment” and (nn).
    Also I noticed that the mark read/unread aren’t as responsive when trying to be in threading mode of v3.

  • As much as I love the new theme. The old classic theme is more eye appealing. (contrast) On Chrome however I can’t seem to figure out how to resize the column size/divider.

  • I’m happy that you’re responsive to users’ requests about appearance, however, I wish you did the same when users ask for actual features.

    Firstly, dozens of users have been asking for IMAP access for months, and if Protonmail is really OpenPGP-compliant as it is claimed to be, then it shouldn’t require a lot of coding, you just need to set up an IMAP server and any PGP-enabled third-party client should work, as long as you let users export their private keys. Secondly, an open source application – as your webclient is claimed to be – is supposed to have its source code regularly published, while on your github there’s only an older version (2.1.8) rather than the current one:

    Not to mention that the readme file states that: “There is a very good chance you won’t be able to use the app locally because of various security headers and such” (!?).

    So please, also take care of more relevant issues than look.

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to add these features in ProtonMail ?

    1.) If you receive a message from, or are about to send a message to, someone whose email service doesn’t support TLS encryption, you’ll see a broken lock icon in the message.
    2.) If you receive a message that can’t be authenticated, you’ll see a question mark in place of the sender’s profile photo, corporate logo, or avatar.


  • Semi off-topic, but a visual issue anyway: The new padlock favicon apparently has transparency. It don’t look good against dark/ black browser themes. Is there any possibility we could have the old favicon back?

    As fot your ProtonMail themes, they’re both very good. Slick & simple, good readability.

    • Thanks a lot, ProtonMail team!

      “Ask, and ye shall recieve!”

      As of today we actually got a very slick new favicon for the domain. Looks like a dream with my dark Pale Moon (THE browser, fork of Mozilla) theme now.

      Pinned tab for ProtonMail: Check. 🙂

      • Thanks too for your suggestion! We saw your comment some weeks ago and added it to our list for version 3.1. We don’t always respond, but we do read every comment on here 🙂

        • Thanks for your kind reply. I’m very happy with the improved favicon!

          Now looking forward to the Android app, I just need to physically upgrade my phone, which will happen in short time. My RL me made a “bypass beta tester waiting list” donation a few days ago and got the invite, but never went on with it for the reason mentioned. Will undoubtly look into this asap.
          Like quite a few other commenters I’m of course highly skeptical of the mere idea of everything from downloading and installing Google/ Apple approved stuff from their sites, via e.g. generating a key on the smartphone or tablet, to reading an email on one of those things at all, actually. But I guess we like to live a little dangerously, because we sure is gonna have that app anyways. 😀

          Also, it’s obviously time for an upgrade to to a paid account one of these days.

          Thanks for all your brilliant efforts, it really contributes to a certain hope for my children and grandchildren’s future in a world going completely off its … you know. It’s a Brave New World, and we’re watching Big Brother.

  • You talk about custom domains but I couldn’t find the menu to set this up. In a previous post you said it would be accessible to backers before the 18th Feb, but as I was a backer with Bitcoin maybe you forgot to give my account access to this feature ?

  • Is it possible that Protonmail “destroys” invitations after some time?

    Would be very good for me, because I sent an invitation to a wrong email adress (mistyped) and can’t create a account with that username I reserved.

  • Ah, this is a big improvement! Maybe now I can finally start using 3.0. 🙂

    I am still a bit confused though. On 2.0 I have no new unread emails, but on 3.0 it tells me I got 7 of them; yet, I cannot see any in my inbox anywhere.

    Going to “Show unread” gives me a ton of really old (Relative to ProtonMail’s age) emails which I read a long time ago, yet shows up as unread.