ProtonMail goes Open Source with version 2.0

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ProtonMail 2.0 is a completely new code base, redesigned from the ground up to provide better performance, security, and flexibility. We are happy to announce today that we have completely open sourced ProtonMail 2.0 and we are also officially launching a bug bounty program to encourage community participation in making ProtonMail the most secure email service ever.


The road to 2.0

When ProtonMail first launched, we had no idea that over half a million people worldwide would share our vision of a more private and secure internet. This was many more people than the ProtonMail 1.0 codebase was designed to support.  Although our team of former CERN scientists, together with experts from MIT, managed to scale ProtonMail 1.x, a better solution was needed.

With ProtonMail 2.0, we now have a new framework which we can easily scale to provide encrypted email to millions of users. While we have retained the look and feel of ProtonMail, the code underneath that runs it is completely different. The difference is immediately noticeable through the performance. Reading and browsing through emails is now over 10 times faster than the 1.x version of ProtonMail. This and other enhancements are summarized in our 2.0 Release Notes.

Open Source & Bug Bounty Program

As former CERN scientists, we are strong believers in open source software and community support. Version 2.0 marks another milestone in our open source journey as we have completely open sourced the 2.0 codebase. To learn more, check out our dedicated blog post here.

A secure email service like ProtonMail is also impossible without the assistance of dozens of security researchers worldwide who have helped make ProtonMail more secure over the course of our beta. In order to encourage more community participation in securing ProtonMail, we are also launching our bug bounty program today. You can find details about our bounty program here.

The Future


In the coming months, we will be continuing to improve ProtonMail. We have recently sent invites for our iOS and Android app beta to our Indiegogo Lifetime, Visionary, and Mobile level supporters. Thanks to your financial support during our record breaking crowdfunding campaign, we have now completed development of our mobile apps. Next week, we will announce how to sign up for the mobile apps beta so stay tuned!

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

P.S. If you have not yet signed up for a ProtonMail account, you can do so here:

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la sortie de ProtonMail 2.0, notre plus grande mise à jour depuis le lancement initial de ProtonMail. ProtonMail 2.0 est une toute nouvelle base de code, reconstruite à partir de zéro pour apporter plus de performance, plus de sécurité et une plus grande flexibilité. Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer aujourd’hui que nous avons complètement ouvert le code source de ProtonMail 2.0 et nous annonçons également le lancement officiel d’un programme bug bounty pour encourager la participation de la communauté pour faire de ProtonMail le service mail le plus sécurisé.

En route pour 2.0

Lorsque ProtonMail a été lancé, nous n’avions pas idée que plus d’un demi-million de personnes dans le monde partagerait notre vision d’un Internet plus privé et sécurisé. Ce fut beaucoup plus de personnes que ce qui avait été envisagé pour la base de ProtonMail 1.0.  Bien que notre équipe formée de scientifique du CERN, en collaboration avec des experts du MIT, ai réussi à élaborer ProtonMail 1.x, une meilleure solution était nécessaire.

Avec ProtonMail 2.0, nous avons maintenant un nouveau Framework que nous pouvons facilement faire évoluer pour fournir le service mail chiffrée à des millions d’utilisateurs. Bien que nous ayons conservé le look and feel de ProtonMail, la base de code, qui fonctionne, est complètement différente. La différence est immédiatement perceptible grâce à la performance. La lecture et la navigation à travers les e-mails est maintenant plus de 10 fois plus rapide que la version 1.x de ProtonMail. Ceci et d’autres améliorations sont précisées dans notre 2.0 Release Notes.

Open Source & Programme Bug Bounty

En tant qu’anciens scientifiques du CERN, nous croyons fermement au logiciel open source et au soutient de la communauté. La version 2.0 marque une nouvelle étape dans notre parcours vers l’open source puisque nous avons complètement ouvert le code source du projet 2.0. Pour en savoir plus, consultez notre article sur notre blog dédié ici.

Construire un service mail sécurisé comme ProtonMail est impossible sans l’assistance de dizaines de spécialistes en sécurité à travers le monde qui ont contribué à rendre ProtonMail plus sécurisé au cours de notre phase bêta. Afin d’encourager une plus grande participation de la communauté à sécuriser ProtonMail, nous lançons également notre bug bounty programme aujourd’hui. Vous trouverez plus d’informations sur notre programme de primes ici.

Pour un meilleur futur

Dans les prochains mois, nous continuerons à améliorer ProtonMail. Nous avons récemment envoyé des invitations pour nos applications bêta iOS et Android aux partisans Indiegogo Lifetime, Visionary et Mobile. Merci pour votre soutien financier au cours de notre campagne record de crowdfunding, nous avons maintenant terminé le développement de nos applications mobiles. La semaine prochaine, nous allons annoncer comment vous inscrire pour les applications mobiles bêta, donc restez à l’écoute!


L’équipe ProtonMail

P.S. Si vous n’avez pas encore de compte ProtonMail, vous pouvez le faire ici:

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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112 comments on “ProtonMail goes Open Source with version 2.0

  • I love it!

    But when will we get aliases? That’s the only thing that keeps me from ditching Outlook for good!

  • Fantastic updates and news, esp regarding the app(s). Just one question: Where is my promised T-shirt?! ;-) But seriously, you seem to have had a busy summer, I and I’m sure your other 499’999 users greatly appreciate your work. Who knew email could become interesting again. Looking forward to see you guys scale the next two orders of magnitude!

    • Yeah custom domain would be really nice to have for personal use as well…please expedite. Happy to pay one off
      small maintenance fee if necessary.

  • This update brought a huge performance boost to the desktop – logging in is now much faster, in my experience.

    The interface is looking more polished and it includes many of the features that I’ve become accustomed to, in the realm of e-mail. Heck, even animations have been implemented already.

    It’s a beautiful application, and I know it will only get better!

    Thank you for all your hard work and time that you’ve put into providing us with a security-centric, customer-focused e-mail service!

    • I think they have said blackberries are out of scope, so if you provide no service its not necessarily bad service :)

      • lol –
        Everyone here is seeking a secure and private alternative to gmail and others. No need to bash Blackberry. Last time I checked Blackberry leads the pack as far as security/privacy is concerned. So all email users need protonmail especially blackberry users who makes privacy their #1 concern

  • Dear ProtonMail team,

    Thank you very much for this fantastic update. I really enjoy the new window designed to write new mails.
    You guys are doing an amazing work. Thanks a lot. People don’t have to choose anymore on the web between a safe and a well designed mail service.

    I would just have one tiny suggestion for future updates. Maybe the search tool could be a little bit improved, for example to find some keywords in mails. When I am trying to search in my mails some keywords, it doesn’t really works.

    Thanks a lot and congratulation again. And I totally agree with “yout biggest fan”. We are willing to pay. For example 5 euros per month will be noting for the quality of your service.


    • C L, I think that searching for keywords in the E-Mail will be a bit resource-hungry for your computer. To do that, you need to decrypt all the mails one by one (provided that decryption is client-side and the key size is big) before you can search for them. I don’t know where the mails will go if you load all of them, as they may reside in the cache of your browser.

  • Good work but… why did you remove the possibility for us to store our login password in our browser??? Now, each time I want to read my emails, I must enter the two passwords manually. Not practical at all especially since the decrypt password is there to prevent any intrusion.

    I wish you changed that, please! :)

  • Great update. V2 is a lot smoother and more responsible on both desktop and mobile.

    I am also looking forward for the mobile apps.

    Keep up the great work

  • Hello,

    I have a question about app for WP.

    Is there a chance to see Yours app on Windows Phone platform?

    Have a nice day!

  • Great works! Many thanks to whole protonmail team.
    2.0 is so fast, i am really satisfied with speed and UI improves. Also thanks for option to change composer from floating to fullscreen.

    I’am really interested to mobile version for IOS, because it is the last step from me to move from gmail.
    But how the password and mailbox pass wil work? I can’t remember both pass because I’am using long randomly generated pass :-) it will be very funny :-)


  • This is really a good job!
    I really appreciate your efforts, and hope to see soon android app and cloud storage, to leave forever google and microsoft.
    Thank you…

  • Protonmail was perfect, why did you screw it?

    1. On both mobile and laptop it loads like shit
    2. It’s too sensitive for samsung S-pen
    3. Amateurish looking onmouseover tooltips are VERY annnoying on my phone
    4. Poor functioning buttons that are way too small
    5. Big downgrade of the menu field lay-out on mobile
    6. Message list with too must wasted space on mobile
    7. Lack of an unread counter in the browser tab
    8. Address autofill broken
    9. Annoying gmail’ish compose field out of the center (this was the reason for me to dump gmail years ago)
    10. Contacts list loading takes an eternity
    11. On mobile copy/paste works so bad it’s useless, markers are jumping randomly

    You seriously destroyed something that was beautiful and worked perfect. I hate it now. :(

    • Maaaaaan, I’m 22, and I like this beautiful design a lot, more, than what it looked like before! Why so serious, maaaaaaaaaan?!

    • Although ProtonMail as a lot to improve I think it’s going on the right direction. And even if it’s not I believe the team has the expertise to determine it at some point and make changes. (y)

  • Wow. I am continually amazed and grateful. Will Beta 2.0 be made to run on Adroid Ice Cream Sandwich? I know it’s an old version, but I don’t use my tablet for much, so I’m hesitant to splurge for a new tablet until I am forced to be left in the dust.

  • Dearest developers,

    Please leave the original site available for users. You’re following a path that led to the death of so many good things. No one needs or probably desires custom cursors etc.

    I promise you I planned on paying for your service, as I was Lavabit, when the option became available but I will look elsewhere for another service if you continue to bloat Protonmail with unnecessary adornment.

    Unless I was using it wrong, the inability to resize compositions is at least a nuisance.

    It was fine the way it was. Were people really complaining about Protonmail lacking a custom spinning wheel? I do imagine people wanting options like inline images and a native Android client though. Are those ideas not as important as tarting up an already previously excellent service?

    Warm Regards,

  • You guys have done an excellent job on the animations and it looks like a James Bond desktop or something! I love it!!! Thank you!!!

  • You guys are amazing. iOS and Android apps come out and this is it for me. This is a great project. Too bad if it gets more popular the Americans will just buy it like they did with What’s App and Skype. Who can say no to those billions?

    Until then I will use it!!

  • Will the Android app be available outside of Google Play for us Blackphone users?

    Even if not, this upgrade has significantly improved the mobile site – seems to have fixed the problems I was previously having with the mobile site…in versions 1.x, when replying to or composing an email, whenever I clicked in the “To” field, an unintended member of my Contacts list got added and it took awhile to delete them before I could send the email. The new site is not so trigger-happy with its recommendations, and I’m not worried about accidentally sending Aaron Aardvark sensitive information. :)

    Great job. Please let us know where the Android app will be available.

  • Great work ProtonMail Team! Congrats to all of you! Can’t wait to check out the iOS App!

    BTW, on the 8th episode of U.S. TV series ‘Mr.Robot’ the main character Elliot seems to logging on to ProtonMail ;)) You guys might become Hollywood legends :))))

  • I was wondering if it is possible to import name and email addresses from my gmail account into Protonmail contact list. Please advise

  • two quick questions about the Android app:

    – will it run without Google cloud messaging installed?
    – will it support push?

  • Hi folks, thanks for your efforts!

    Protonmail Android App could be distributed via F-Droid too? I avoid google services therefore I don’t have Google Play..


  • Hey, I’m with the very thankful crowd for all of your amazing and swift efforts to service the whole world! So appreciate your innovations – with some requests to consider expediting:

    -Blackberry 10 OS app

    -POP and IMAP capabilities to maximize PM and BB

    Thanks again, you hard working bunch!

  • Did you guys caught that Elliot from Mr. Robot is a Protonmail user? It appears for a second on the latest episode.

  • The new client makes Firefox to use 50 % of the CPU on my machine. Anyone else with the same problem?

    • Same here, and it continues to make my Android devices freeze shortly with every click. I really don’t understand what those guys are doing and why they launched this new beta version.

  • Thank you ProtonMail for this crucially important project! So far very much enjoying Version 2.0. Looking forward to the mobile app release tomorrow!
    Q1: Is there a way create filters?
    Q2: Also, could you please expand the contact fields to include phone numbers, addresses, notes, etc.? In short, it would be great to be able to keep all contact info (like all the fields entered in contact info in a smartphone) secure in encrypted email account that could be exported as a csv file.
    Thank you again,

    • Both of those suggestions are on our todo list and will be completed in the next couple months.

  • Really anxious for the mobile apps. When will they be available? I’ve checked both the iOS App Store and the Play Store and neither version is showing up yet and clicking on the graphic above just shows me the graphic. When can we expect to have access to them?

  • Really excited about Android App! Will the app support multiple accounts? Will there be an option to invite other users to protonmail via App?

  • One thing I’d love to see in a future update would be the ability to block individual email addresses (and maybe domains) permanently. It’s convenient for banishing pesky spammers. It’s the only reason I haven’t dropped for good and switched solely to proton.

  • Do you have any plans to open source this app?

    It seems to me that an NSA-proof email service with a focus on security should be open source.

  • Hello, i intend to use the mail but i would like to know if there is any implication in the ceo from US/UK/DE government agencies or ong organizations with known history of working side by side with the gov agencies , i assume not but i would still like to ask this.

  • Liebe Leute,
    schönes Programm, doch ich empfinde es als kompletten Affront, das man hier zwischen English, French, Italian wählen kann (hier schon nicht Francais, Italiano) aber die größte Sprachgruppe Europas mal eben Außen vor gelassen wird.
    Mit der typischen Frechheit und Dreistigkeit der Anhänger des Globalisierungskultes wird mal eben und ganz selbstverständlich, Englisch als Hauptsprache aufgeklebt.

    Vielfalt ist unsere Stärke! Nicht ärmliche, angelsächsische Monokultur


  • When is IMAP and SMTP coming. Can you give an app to run a smtp server on localhost doing the decoding,
    then in my mailclient I point there

  • Amazing, Astounding, Astronomical!
    I’ll give it an Astonishing A* (my HIGHEST POSSIBLE rating).
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Keep up the great quality work, ProtonMail staff.
    MISTER A. aka AwesomeLEX

  • I am receiving spam mail from your client using my name.
    Below is a typical example.
    The person who has been stalking me for years and has just been evicted from lycos mail has clear mental issues and believes me involved in some sort of conspiracy against him.

    I hold you responsible as I have complained before and you have done nothing.

    “I don’t think you understand! I dont know who to trust!!
    From Decades Of Deranged Madness howplmr@protonmail.comhide details
    To howplmr “

  • I’ve blocked Google Play Store from even accessing the internet on my android phone. That’s how much I dislike Google’s intrusiveness.

    If it’s safe enough to download the protonmail source code from a non-google website, why not avail the android app on the same website?

  • I really like Protonmail because it is confidence, reliable, suitable for my conversation, quicker to type and more comfortable and friendly to click and select to do things . In other word I can say it’s more futuristic. I’m happy to have an email address with Protonmail and also the services is very excellent and intelligence.

  • Any company (or anyone) which wants to be assured of secured email and reliable email will want to utilize ProtonMail. I’ve ditched Outlook 2016 and rely 100% on ProtonMail webmail. As a user, I rely 100% on ProtonMail to ensure my privacy and reliability. Any business should Protect themselves and their communications with ProtonMail.


  • Greetings . Can I ask for an application for Windows mobile ???
    Planning her ????

  • Please explain why is the Android app not open source and is not in the f-droid repository.
    Please also explain why the ProtonMail Android app opens multiple connections to Amazon cloud computing servers in the United States every time I log in to ProtonMail. That is hardly the behavior of a secure app.
    Also please explain why, when I log into my ProtonMail account on the Protonmail Android app my phone says, Warning, Proton mail is trying to access your location.

  • I love the simplicity and ease of use with Protonmail. Everything about it is sleek and easy to use, no BS about it.
    I have startmail and it is so complicated. Only one email can be deleted at a time. Proton allows multiple emails to
    be deleted. This is just one thing so much better for use, compared.
    I have “Fvd speed dials” by Everhelp on Chrome and FireFox . In my mail group there is Proton and signing is a breeze.
    When I open Proton here all my email addresses list and I select the one I need, my password is automatic and sign is quick!

    I am so glad I discovered Proton. I have not looked back and won’t.
    I do wish there were some credit for getting friends and businesses to sign on.
    I have two businesses who have signed on to Protonmail.

    Thanks so much to Andy Yen, Jason Stockman and Wei Sun for creating Proton.

    Sincerely and Best Regards,

  • Please use only solid black color for your screen displays on your website — not light blue which is hard to read. Thank you.

  • Is there a political reason behind the choice of referring to your values and business plan as ‘open source’ instead of ‘free/libre software’? I assume you are all familiar with the distinction, and I would be very curious to learn what drove the choice.

    From what I can see, all the elements of free software are included in the project, so the choice of labelling as open source was, I guess, discussed. Any thoughts on the matter?

  • You make it difficult to get a first account, I can’t have another proton account which means another service which also wants an e-mail or phone number OR I have to open my account without the ability to retrieve lost info. I came to you because it was supposed to be easy BUT only if you already have an e-mail account or a mobile phone. All I want is an e-mail account and if I need a second why not another proton account which I wanted anyway but can’t have without losing ability to recover either? I’m not going to buy a phone just to set up an account, what’s with this need for mobile phone accounts anyway? Why can’t a recovery account be a proton? Why would one want to sign up with gmail or yahoo or any of the other NSA shills to tell them one is using proton let alone have a reset go through them? First glance suggests you offer a wanted service, why route it through the others? Lighten up and make it possible to open a first account’

  • I have to echo the sentiment above about not having a separate APK downloadable from Protonmail’s website or having the app hosted on F-droid (with a suitable release of the source code to make it possible). If you’re going to be a privacy centered service but you’re not allowing people who are actually concerned about *GOOGLE’S* blatant widespread invasions of privacy through any and all interactions with their services, then you’re not as privacy focused as you’re advertising.

    It’s not just government overreach we’re concerned about, in most cases we’re trying to get away from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc mining our every move. Using their app stores for your android client dissemination defeats that purpose.

  • Is there a chance you will have parent/child accounts? I would like to set up account for my children who are just starting to be active online so they grow up with their information private. However, they don’t have other email accounts right now, nor do they have phones, so there is no way for them to sign up, unless they use my email. Not sure if you have thought about this yet, but all help is appreciated.

    • Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into this and asses if there would be a way to make this possible.

  • Is there a political reason behind the choice of referring to your values and business plan as ‘open source’ instead of ‘free/libre software’? I assume you are all familiar with the distinction, and I would be very curious to learn what drove the choice.

  • Below is the conten which I got last night, looks like the scammer is using the service from this website company, please be kindly check into this account, thanks.
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  • I have been unable to reach the log-in page since the night of 9-12. Is this because of implementation of the new, improved version? What can be done to allow me access to my email?

  • How are emails from a proton account kept private and secure when emailing gmail users?
    I left gmail years ago (and now looking for a better service), but everyone I know is on gmail, so everything I write to them is in the big ‘g’ database.

    thanks for your good work.