ProtonMail v3.10 Release Notes

ProtonMail v3.10 brings a brand new paid plan to ProtonMail. The new. Professional Plan is a major step forward for ProtonMail, by introducing for the first time, support for small and medium sized businesses that want to use ProtonMail.

As we mentioned in our last release notes article, we expect in these coming months to increase the speed of new ProtonMail releases as we work towards making ProtonMail the best secure alternative to traditional email services like Gmail and Outlook.

ProtonMail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy to make money. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a ProtonMail paid account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund further development.

ProtonMail Professional Plan

ProtonMail can now provide secure hosted email for organizations with up to 50 users. Professional Plans mark the first step towards making end-to-end encrypted email available for businesses.

ProtonMail Professional allows organizations and individuals to set up organization administrators, add their own domains, and create individual user accounts for employees. Professional plan also brings with it an entire suite of management tools which allow organization admins to manage the accounts of sub-users, such as allocating available storage space among users.

To learn more about how to use ProtonMail Professional for your organization, you can visit our getting started guide here.

For more information about ProtonMail for Organizations, we have written a more in-depth article about the capabilities that ProtonMail Professional brings.

Catch-all email

ProtonMail now supports catch-all email for ProtonMail Professional and Visionary plans. That means for each domain that has email hosted at ProtonMail, you can now designate one email address as the catch-all address by going to Settings –> Domains.

For example, could receive any email sent to the domain, even if the address did not exist. You can learn more about catch-all emails here.


With this new feature, users can now set an auto-reply to incoming messages that can be personalized. This way, if you are on vacation or out of the office, you can automatically let customers know that you are gone. This feature is available for ProtonMail Plus, Professional, and Visionary users.

Find out more about how to set-up you auto-reply in this article.

Top-Up Credits

Now it is possible to buy ProtonMail credits in advance if you would prefer not to use our reoccurring billing system. In Settings -> Dashboard, you will find a button to ‘Add Credits’. After you buy credits, when your ProtonMail or ProtonVPN invoice is due, it will automatically deduct from the available credits. Credits can be added with Credit Card or PayPal.

Custom filters with Sieve

The ProtonMail default filter options are useful for basic tasks and very easy to implement to help users keep a well organized inbox. Custom filters with Sieve is the advanced version of filtering, allowing nearly infinite personalization capabilities.

This type of advance filtering is a global standard following the Sieve programming language. Learn from this article how to set up your own sophisticated filtering system with Sieve. This is definitely a feature for power users, but it makes ProtonMail filters infinitely powerful. Filters are available to ProtonMail Plus, Professional, and Visionary users.

Version 3.10 Full Release Notes

New Features

  • ProtonMail Professional Plan with multi-user support
  • Catch-All Feature
  • ProtonMail Auto Responder
  • Custom Filters with Sieve


  • Credits Top Up Feature
  • PayPal is now allowed for Monthly payments (for amounts exceeding 50 euros/month)
  • Faster message sending

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue with attachments in Safari that impacted a small number of users.

As always, your feedback is very much appreciated. Please report bugs using ProtonMail report bug feature, or send us a support request here:

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Irina is part of ProtonMail's communication team. With a background in graphic design and digital communications, she strongly supports the protection of private data and wishes to help build a safer internet for generations to come.


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56 comments on “ProtonMail v3.10 Release Notes

  • I beg you please…give me a way to import email that I’ve exported from Gmail. Please. I want to give you my money, but I’ve refrained from becoming your customer for at least 18 months because I have no way to migrate.

  • Please let us add credits with Bitcoin, Ethereum or PaySafecards.
    I want to pay anonymously. And if i need to physically mail it to you, i would.
    And asking support is only a temporary fix. It bothers me, that from one day to another you could hypothetically reject my credit fillup requests/not respond to my mails because busy or anything else. Than my Plus Account would run out and i couldn’t use my aliases.

    Also please can you add full pgp support.
    I want some feature that saves a public key to an entry in my contacts and uses this key to crypt automatically if i send a mail to a known person. I am waiting for this since 2014

    Security and privacy should be first. User friendliness sould be second (still important).

  • Greetings. I have a question. If I want to send end-to-end encryption to a non-Proton user can I customise the message the other side will receive? For example – can I put my logo there? Can it be in Czech? Polish? German?


  • I would love to pay for ProtonMail, however, I want to stick to anonymous payments, i.e. cash (list e.g. posteo offers) – any plans to offer that in the future?

  • Please, please work on full PGP support – being able to send PGP mails to non Proton users is almost becoming a determining factor for continuing with what is otherwise the best email ever !

  • Would be cool if you could make the Bitcoin payment option automatic(ex. Mycelium gateway or so).

  • Sieve filtering looks pretty slick, gotta give that to you. I think I already have a use case for this.

  • Hi, I’m a paid user. I was wondering when ProtonBridge will be available for Linux? A lot more customers use Linux than you might think.

  • Will you get support for IMAP?

    Will you also add in formatting so I can use different fonts and font sizes?

    These are the few things keeping me from switching completely to Protonmail.

      • Thank you! That’s great to know, as I was wondering, and I really wanted to have both those things so that I could use Protonmail full-time and ditch Gmail, and even be able to use a 3rd party client for more features and workflow.

        Also, when can I get a email?

  • Seriously ? I need to 2 account on the same custom domain and the price is 16€/mo with the professional plan or 30€/mo with the visionary plan. Do not you think this is very expensive for my situation ? For example, my phone subscription costs me 10 €/mo and my nordVPN subscription is 3€/mo for 2 years…

    Protonmail is a great service but the price is not justified.

  • I have been using ProtonMail for two years. I very much appreciate the work you have done, but I have refrained from getting a paid account because there are two features which I must have to use ProtonMail on a daily basis which are still missing. One is the ability to send mail to groups of contacts. i.e., “mailing lists,” without having to type in each name. This is a deal-breaker for me, as I send out group e-mails several times every day. The second missing feature is not having a desktop app, either ProtonMail’s own app, or IMAP integration for Thunderbird. I hate using a browser to send and receive e-mail. Hopefully, these features are coming. Without them, I get limited usage, which does not justify a paid account.

      • I have similar concerns about the time frame for changes. I have a paid subscription to provide support but am actually not even using the service as it is too cumbersome right now: IMAP, setting up groups, importing from Apple contacts, etc. there are so many barriers to using the service I will not even bother making the switch until they are in place. If my first year comes due I would not renew the paid service for another year even though I would like to support what Proton is trying to accomplish.

  • gave protonmail another chance after almost a year and found out that you can finally export a PGP key to *send* an encrypted e-mail. However, it’s kinda ridiculous that replies are sent in *plain-text*, with still no PGP-support. Sorry guys, but all you do is putting users off for months of even years now :-(

  • Any chance to get Threaded email via iOS and Android app? Also shortcuts in web mail would be nice for compose, etc,

  • Guys, introducing the professional plan is such a good piece of news!
    Have you considered standardising a promotional text for users with custom domains showing that ProtonMail’s infrastructure is used? Somethi9ng like “… our emails are handled by ProtonMail so use your ProtonMail account to send us an encrypted email or register for a free account at” I think this will be a great marketing tool encouraging more and more people to open accounts. Naturally, most professional plan users will gladly show it on their websites.
    Keep the good work.

  • How about alias?

    These days for my company I have Rackspace, pay 11 USD / month with 5 address.
    Plus I have many alias I can.

    I have some good alias as and that links to the Apple and Google development.
    I can receive and send from this email address, but the both are alias to my (that is my login).

    I know protonmail has the “+” alias just like gmail, but alias usually come “free of charge”.
    In the Professional plan, with 2 users, 5 address / user and catch-all the price is 12 USD.

    But, can I have this setup (below):

    – 3 users:,,
    – catch-all address to

    Someone send an email to, the catch-all got at, but I receive in the
    Also, I could reply this email AS (identity). Not reply as or

    This is possible?

    Thank you!

  • Any ETA on the ability to access using POP from an email client? It’s been a long time coming. Will it be ready in the next (3.11) update, or later still? What are the remaining hurdles to make this a reality? Kudos on the progress to date.

  • Is it possible to send mail to bcc addresses? In the past, with gmail, for example, I have used bcc when sending email to several dozen people. Thanks.