ProtonMail v3.8 Release Notes

protonmail custom folders

Note: Due to the way we roll out new versions, ProtonMail 3.8 has not been released to everyone yet. If you do not see it yet, you will see it soon.

Note 2: If ProtonMail 3.8 causes your iOS or Android app to show all messages as encrypted text, logging out and logging back into the mobile app will fix the problem. Folders are also in ProtonMail mobile with version 1.6 of our Android/iOS mobile apps.

ProtonMail was started with the idea of making encryption accessible to everyone. We are slowly but surely becoming an encrypted alternative to Gmail. Organization is critical to effectively managing our daily communications through email. We continue to make this a priority within ProtonMail as we add folders to the existing organization toolset of labels, filters, and search.

ProtonMail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy to make money. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a ProtonMail Plus account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund further development.


Custom Folders

protonmail folders

Folders provide the ability to store messages in different locations within your account. In the past, ProtonMail has had 5 fixed folders: Inbox, Sent, Archive, Trash, Spam. All the messages within your inbox was saved in one of these 5 folders, and they also appear in the All-Mail folder. In addition to these 6 folders, we provided labels to organize the mail within the folder the message was stored in.

With the introduction of custom folders, you can now create custom folders and store messages within those custom folders. You can learn more about creating and using folders here. The difference between Labels and Folders is the following: multiple Labels can be applied to a single message, but a message can only be in a single Folder.

Version 3.8 Full Release Notes

New Features

  • Custom Folders

  • New inbox loading indicator

  • New move actions inside message view dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • Some users unable to activate 2FA

  • Rendering autocomplete filters

  • Duplicate member creation if the address already exists

  • Don’t display sent notification if the message is sending

  • Duplicates shown inside the search autocomplete

  • Sidebar icons appearance


  • Attachment drag and drop in Safari

  • Label message

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please report bugs using ProtonMail report bug feature, or send us a support request here:

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.


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104 comments on “ProtonMail v3.8 Release Notes

    • These were first released in Version 3.7. ProtonMail Visionary plan now supports 5 sub-users total.

      • Then what is preventing you from releasing it to Plus users? Are you still testing with a small userbase or is it going to stay a Visionary-only feature?

          • Very much waiting for this, otherwise no sense to switching to a paid mode for us as a family. Additionally, how good are you doing with the Chinese texts?

          • So, does that mean that Plus subscribers will have access to the family plans? Or will they only be available to Visionary and the upcoming Professional Plans?

          • I’d also like to know if sub-users will specifically be available for Plus users.

            I understand that they are avialable for Visionary plans (too expensive) and the upcoming “Professional” plans. My concern with “Professional” plans is that they will be intended for businesses with business-appropriate price points.

            As a family that just wants 2-3 sub-accounts, we are hoping for an affordable option. Today that looks like Plus accounts.

            Any detail for all of the people like me?

          • Professional plans will be priced at $8/month per account and you can add as many accounts as you want. So for 2 people, two professional accounts would be $16. For 3-5 users, the Visionary plan is the best deal because that is fixed at $24/month.

          • @ Admin

            I understand that 8$/month/user is an adequate price point for a professional users. But 192 or 288$/year (2/3+ users) is too much for a family. If I want to convince a familiy to switch to Protonmail the argument can’t be “Hey, look at this new secure email solution! You’ll have to throw away all your existing emails at your current IMAP hoster and will pay double of what your currently paying.”. The argument must be “Hey, look at this new secure email solution. You may have to clean out your emails before you switch but in the future you can communicate without malicious actors beeing able to read your family secrets. And best of all it won’t cost more than you are currently paying!”.

            So please make the Plus plans connectable (4$/user/month) and differentiate your professional offers with other features (certifications, chat, ProtonVPN, …). Security can’t come at a premium!

          • @ Admin

            I understand that 8$/month/user is an adequate price point for a professional users. But 192 or 288$/year (2/3+ users) is too much for a family. If I want to convince a familiy to switch to Protonmail the argument can’t be “Hey, look at this new secure email solution! You’ll have to throw away all your existing emails at your current IMAP hoster and will pay double of what your currently paying.”. The argument must be “Hey, look at this new secure email solution. You may have to clean out your emails before you switch but in the future you can communicate without malicious actors beeing able to read your family secrets. And best of all it won’t cost more than you are currently paying!”.

            So please make the Plus plans connectable (4$/user/month) and differentiate your professional offers with other features (certifications, chat, ProtonVPN, …). Security can’t come at a premium!

          • Unfortunately, it takes a lot more engineering work to provide strong security, and combined with Swiss cost of labor, our development costs are significantly higher so we can not compete on price as that would lead to compromises we are not willing to make.

  • One thing still confuses me though:

    When message is in Archived or Inbox folder it IS NOT in All Mail folder?
    And a contrario when message is in All Mail folder it cannot be in any other folder?

    e.g in Gmail in All Mail folder I can see all (surprise) mails including those in Inbox and Archived folders.
    I believe it is the sole purpose of All Mail folder – to show there all the mail in the e-mail account.

      • yes, and I had a situation when in All Mail there were incoming messages that weren’t neither in Inbox nor Archive,
        I suspect it has something to do with the the bugs in the current The Bridge version as some of my messages were duplicated and ‘orphaned’ in a way I have described above.

        If All Mail aggregates all the messages from the other folders IMHO there shouldn’t be situation when there are some messages visible ONLY in All Mail folder due to the specific function it performs of presenting in one place messages stored de facto in other folders.

        Awaiting for another update for The Bridge. Keep up the good work!.

      • BTW I have just noticed that in Protonmail Mobile there is no All Mail option so in my case described in other comment I was effectively cut off from some of my messages that were visible ONLY in All Mail folder.

        Are you going to include All Mail in Protonmail Mobile app?

        • Yes, this is coming next. New version of the mobile apps will probably be released either today or Monday.

  • It’s very time consuming to move messages to a folder (same with labels, actually) if they don’t fit on a single page. It requires going through each page, selecting all messages on the page and waiting a few seconds till they’re all moved. Is it possible to make a feature similare to Gmail’s “Select all messages” (or something like that, meaning all messages on all pages)?

    • I’d like to see an option to do this too – I’ve 35 pages of labelled emails I’m trying to move from Archive to a folder…very fustrating

  • Thanks for these updates. The performance is really improving. I still notice some slight delay when moving emails to different folders, as well as emptying out the trash can. I hope you can address these slow downs in a future update, but they are not a big deal.

    I have a question. When you delete a email and empty the trash can, does ProtonMail shred the emails to prevent them from recovering? If so, I think this would be a nice feature to prevent hackers/governments from recovering deleted emails.

    • Since the data is encrypted in the first place, it would make no sense to shred the e-mails, because even if a governments/hackers were to recover the hard drive (this is the only circumstance where shredding files is useful) they would only have encrypted data.

  • i love colored folders (it is a really visual help !) – not yet implemented – i will wait lol.
    i would like two features :
    1 – rejecting messages (which are not yet blacklisted like that the sender does know that he is not welcomed) _ returned to the sender !
    2 – something like a logo saying that it is the end of the conversation, that i do not wish answer any more (of course you can write ” see here+link ” or ” busy ” or ” rtfm ” or ” ask to someone else ” ) _ a logo need to be created = designer wanted !.
    i do hope that ProtonMail will be in a near future a good option replacing GMAIL, i do hate gmail ; i can’t bear this … shit.
    i know , my suggestions are not at the right place but reddit:google +:twitter:facebook are not my cup of tea sorry.

  • Awesome! How does this affect those of us using Bridge? Can we now create and manage folders like any imap provider?

    • Yes, although there are still a few upcoming tweaks related to that that will be coming out soon.

      • Oh my god. I can’t for you to support this technology. I can’t wait to use my protonmail account on my Icedove setup. Will it be compatible with Enigmail? I hope so.

  • Do you have any news about PGP messages with “no protonmail” users ? It’s a key security feature. I know we can export our public key, it’s good but we cannot import public keys for the others, do we have any plan for that ?
    Thanks for your work !

  • Love the update! I saw it referring to “preparing IMAP (coming soon)” when I first signed in after the update.

    Forgive me for asking… Could you be a little more specific than “soon?”

    Weeks, Months, or Years?

  • Nice update!
    But I would like to have the option to decrypt messages with PGP (sent to others). It’s nice that you have your own public key, but it would also be nice if you could write encrypted mails to others.

    • pgp feature is unclear & bad explained like “encrypted a message then read the link then un-encrypted with a password” : anyway using pgp on your desktop/tablet then copy/paste is better than let the key and do the job in the mailbox.

  • Thanks for the folders Protonmail. They’re still not subfolders the way other mail clients do it where you can create a subfolder for a sender in your inbox for incoming mail or in the sent mail folder for outgoign messages to specific people. Oh well; baby steps I guess. I don’t know what kind of feedback you get from other users on the labels but they’re useless and annoying to see them there. I’d consider getting rid of them now that you have folders or at least letting the user turn off the feature so that we don’t have to see it. I hate labels!

  • Thanks for this and all your hard work!

    I love ProtonMail and look forward to new features :)


  • Everytime you publish an release I expect the announcement of ProtonDrive. Can we have hope that a secure and trustable cloud drive with Proton brand is on the way?

  • Folders is a big step in the right direction, but I don’t see the ability to create sub-folders. Am I missing something? It would be nice for example to have a folder called “Banks” and within that folder, there are subfolders called “Bank A”, “Bank B”, “Bank C”. Without a hierarchical structure, the Folder feature really isn’t much different than Labels.

      • YES PLEASE, for the love of encryption. Been waiting for it for years and was so far kinda disappointed with every update. I really appreciate all your work and also became a paying user, but most of the time I don`t understand the priority list for a “secure email alternative”… How do folders and new login animation come before importing/exporting your own PGP and importing other public PGPs so we can communicate with other non-protonmail users securely?
        How does email service marketing themselves as an alternative to Google and Yahoo STILL two years later not have BASIC functions like calendar, actually useful and syncable contacts and import/export function for your old emails.

        Please, I really want to move completely to you guys, but sort out priorities. New log-in animation ain`t one of them.

        Don`t take this badly, but it would be nice having a proper secure competitor to Gmail before moving on to building a vpn for example…

        • I agree.

          “Oh look at us, we’re a Gmail alternative.”

          – No contact functionality
          – No calendar functionality.
          – No email client compatibility.

          “Ah yes, but we are a SECURE and PRIVATE Gmail alternative.”

          – No private PGP key import/export.
          – No Yubikey support; 2FA requires Android/iOS app.

          “Ah yes… but… err… what about our shiny new spinny logo?”

          – Not a Gmail alternative.

          “Ok, but we’re developing a VPN service”

          – Great. For privacy. Not a Gmail alternative.
          – Mischaracterization of existing VPN services.

          C’mon Protonmail. If the priority is to convert the masses to encrypted email in a user-friendly way so as to defeat mass surveillance, you have to offer people the productivity stuff they are attracted to in Gmail to begin with. The average normie goes to Gmail because it looks simple, works well and everyone uses it. Plus huge functionality, like contacts, calendar, mobile integration, file storage… Protonmail needs to focus on these things if it is to attract some of the people that would ordinarily go to/stay in Google’s ecosystem. (Or Yahoo or Microsoft’s Outlook or Apple). Please, please put some contacts fields in for us. How hard can that be compared to setting up a VPN?

          • Well… being ignored as usual when you ask critical questions that require more than PR reply. Sorry, but getting quite disappointed by this point. Was a free user to begin with, switched to the paid plan, but don´t think I´ll be making that mistake again unless we finally see some major and important changes with the service.

  • Thanks, but more importantly, wish you’d add iOS “share” button so I can email easily from ProtonMail.

    Feature is straightforward to add. Makes sending news articles, work items, etc via protonmail simple. Now I have to copy/paste everything manually and open the protonmail app. Small feature, but I’d use it 10x/day.

    I think more people would request, if they knew what to ask for. Apple calls it Share Sheets (I think).
    More info:

    • Yes, I agree.
      I also would like too see this, its a small thing I know but it’s very useful.

  • Nice feature ! Does the possibility to have hierarchy for labels ( and now folders :D) is still planned ? Like Label, sub labels, sub sub labels and so on ? It has been tagged for a while
    I can’t wait to see this feature released !

    Love ProtonMail !

  • When I delete a folder, applications display ‘deleting label’.
    I can’t actually imagine why I would want a folder rather than the much more useful labels. But thanks anyway.

    The feature I am waiting for is the ability to use my family’s custom domain with more than one mailbox.

    • Why do my comments sit in the moderation queue for days? Other people seem to be able to comment quickly. Has my name got an a ‘bad boy’ list? If so, you can forget a repeat of my plus subscription next year.

    • Thanks for reporting this, we will try to fix this issue.

      Also, for family plans, ProtonMail Visionary already supports up to 5 sub-users, so that might fit your needs.

  • The custom folders feature was one the requirements I made and most important to me.
    From my side it will mean loyalty for the years to come. Thank you. Great job.

  • > an encrypted alternative to Gmail : i hope so !
    I do not still understand why so much users of free o.s speak about privacy, free software, freedom of speech, basic right or mass survey and in the same time wish an oppressive environment/contact and act as rogue.
    If you are not involved in the background of “free software” , ‘basic rights’ , please support microsoft, google, gmail , apple , samsung and others …
    The dark side on the net is not built by activist, encryption, hackers, intelligence agency, but by the organized crime installed & safe … running under the umbrella or the flag of great & famous organization … Gmail users are for the most part of them very dangerous & insane people : they hide themselves behind a brilliant status … which is not their and in which they are not concerned.
    So, the users of an app are a special community -if some of them are insincere ; they should choose microsoft , or alternatives near of their genuine ambitions-
    > an encrypted alternative to Gmail : yes but for a real not a fake community.
    does built his own mail server an better alternative ?

  • Thanks very much for this feature! Just one thing would make it perfect for me, which is the ability for the custom folders to be placed alongside the normal folders instead of the labels. It’s unintuitive for me to have to look all the way to the bottom to see a folder I intend to use often. Ideally, I’d like to be able to arrange my custom folders so they are also at the top where the original folders are, and to decide which row they occupy. Is that something you’re planning to do? I hope so!

    Thank you again from this long time paid user and big fan.

      • Thank you for the reply. Although, that does not really address my issue. I have a custom folder I’d like to place immediately below ‘Inbox’, because it will contain all emails from an alias. As it stands, every time I log in and want to check my second most important folder it is at the bottom of the page. It would be much more convenient and enjoyable (and also better organisation) to use the folder if I could place it at the top, below ‘Inbox’. Hopefully, this is something you will consider in future versions of ProtonMail. Thanks again.

  • is it possible to obtain -by an option- an encrypted email address like ?
    is it possible to obtain -by an option- “refusing all message” ?
    is it possible to obtain -by an option- “pgp only” ?
    is it an impossible technical challenge or .should it not be an improvement ?

  • Is it possible to make Custom Folders sit under the Inbox and not in with the labels.?

  • is something wrong with the servers ? i log in to read messages and nothing loads up It seems a spin-o-rama day

    • You will need to wait a while, since 3.8 does some front end processing to prepare your email account for folders. If it never succeeds in logging in after a long time, please report a bug so we can look into it. You can also still access ProtonMail using

  • Thanks for including folders! Much easier to organize my mail now. Just one recommendation/feature request… I would find it very, very useful if it would be possible to search in a folder by different labels, not just keywords, senders etc… So that when I`m in my let`s say “Personal” folder, I could quickly switch between all the X labeled emails and Y labeled email in this folder.

    Hope that comes soon ;)

    Thanks for a great service!

  • How will encryption be handled with IMAP? Will end-to-end encryption work with it or this feature be sacrificed?

  • Thank you for Folders, this is a massive enhancement, I can now properly organise my email.

    Before I can make it my only email provider, the bizarre behaviour of sent email needs addressing.
    I should be able to assign/move email to a folder, as it stands the only way not to have it showing in the Sent box is to delete it !! I’ve used many providers and this behaviour is a first.

    This is now the only Down for me, other than that Im very pleased.

    A Big thank you to the Team for all the hard work.
    Again thanks for Folders.

      • Contacted Support today, looks like your only looking into Fixing the Bizarre Sent Email behaviour! (Nothing Definite)
        Very very Disappointed.
        You had previously stated “we are also working on fixing this”
        I know some like it so a Toggle on/off will do.

        • i also hate the sent behaviour. have a free account at the moment and won’t be signing up for a paid account until its changed. i just don’t get it. messy messy messy.

        • Yep, can’t understand why it was changed in the first place. I could live with it if after deletion in didn’t still show in the sent folder.

  • I know what it’s like: you give someone the thing they’ve been asking for and immediately they want more. So when can we hope to see nested folders and drag and drop between them?

    Sorry to be such a nuisance.


  • Incorporate pgp encryption into the gui and you’ll get a flood of subscriptions…

  • Well done team for the folders support!!

    Small steps towards a much functional email proposition! Keep it up :)