ProtonMail Development and Release Update

ProtonMail 3.0, Secure Email Made Simple

We are happy to announce that the ProtonMail secure email service now has an official release date!

ProtonMail will be launching on January 26th, 2016 with our first non-beta release. In the last couple months, our team has been working very hard to prepare and we are currently targeting January 26th, 2016 for the official launch. We originally anticipated being able to launch in early-December, but unfortunately the DDoS attack against our infrastructure set back our schedule by approximately 2 weeks. This additional time was needed to fully harden our infrastructure against all future attacks of this sort. This effort has been successful and in the past few weeks, we have been able to successfully defend against continued DDoS attacks in the 40-50 Gbps range without service disruptions.

While it would still be possible to launch in the second half of December, this is unfortunately too close to the holidays and we won’t be fully staffed. We also want to avoid the first half of January due to Orthodox Christmas. While these factors do unfortunately push the launch back quite a bit, we will take the additional time to build more features into the launch version of ProtonMail.

If you can’t wait for the launch to try our secure email service, it is possible already to get an account by signing up here:

The ProtonMail launch will bring five major changes. First, we will be releasing ProtonMail 3.0, which will be the first non-beta version of ProtonMail. The ProtonMail secure email service has been in beta since May 2014 and during this time we have come a long way, with the last major milestone being the ProtonMail 2.0 beta release in August. With 3.0, ProtonMail will finally be ready to leave beta after nearly two years.

Second, ProtonMail 3.0 will bring with it a host of new features. From a tech perspective, ProtonMail 2.0 was our largest update so far, but most of the changes were invisible to the users – the look, feel, and behavior was largely consistent with ProtonMail 1.0. ProtonMail 3.0 will bring a complete transformation of the user interface which will make ProtonMail’s usability competitive with the best email services out there. We want to make the ProtonMail encrypted email service not only the most secure email service out there, but also the most easy to use one.

Third, our launch will also be accompanied by huge increases in our backend infrastructure. We have tripled our server capacity, which means we will finally be able to invite everybody on our waiting list, and even remove the waiting list itself. We hope to be able to permanently eliminate the waiting list with our launch.

ProtonMail Secure Email Mobile Apps

Fourth, we will try to launch our iOS and Android applications in the App Store and Play Store at the same time as webmail launch. The ProtonMail iOS and Android secure email mobile apps have been in beta since August 2015 and during that time, we have had thousands of users sign up to be beta testers. This group of early adopters have provided valuable feedback which has allowed us to dramatically improve the apps in the past couple months. We anticipate that both iOS and Android should be ready for public release in January. In the meantime, interested users can still sign up for the secure email mobile app beta here.

Finally, ProtonMail 3.0 isn’t just about a new look and new features, it also signals the next phase of our journey towards bringing easy to use secure email to the mainstream. ProtonMail primary source of revenue has always been donations and our strength really comes from the amazing community that has been supporting us since our first crowdfunding campaign. During the attack against ProtonMail last month, our community pulled together and raised $50,000 to protect ProtonMail against that threat. The top voted request was for us to introduce paid accounts so that ProtonMail has strong financial resources to fight against forces which may try to stop the spread of private email.

Last month, we saw just how far certain groups would go to try to shut down ProtonMail and in response, we will be strengthening our financial resources in 2016 by introducing paid accounts for the first time ever. We will of course continue to offer free accounts since that is a core part of our mission, but for users who would like to support us financially by purchasing additional storage, this option will become available in ProtonMail 3.0.

Secure Email for Business

At the same time, we will also be adding support for custom domains (such as which will for the first time make it possible for enterprises around the world to secure business email with ProtonMail. These first business offerings will also be part of ProtonMail 3.0.

ProtonMail 3.0 is a truly massive update, and over the next month, we will continue to be working very hard to finish everything. We would like to thank all of the supporters who have been with us from the start, or have joined us along the way. ProtonMail isn’t just a software project, but it is a community of nearly one million people united by the common vision of protecting privacy online. None of this would have been possible without your support and we are proud to continue serving the community.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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147 comments on “ProtonMail Development and Release Update

  • Excellent!

    Though I don’t mind supporting ProtonMail a bit more, you have done excellent work, I have one question: Will my account be considered a “paid account”, since I’ve already paid for the mobile app + 1GB storage?

      • An extra Tab with “Encrypted Cloud Storage” would be awesome too. (see – that’s what I like about them)

        And I’d love to see desktop notifications for chrome… that’s essential in my opinion

        really looking forward for 3.0 release, you guys doing a great job!

  • In protonmail 3.0 will it be possible to send and recieve pgp encrypted mail till now i can only recieve pgp encrypted email

  • This is amazing! However, I have just one request:

    Please make an app for Windows Mobile 10 and Windows 10 too. You can build a single Universal app for both.

    I read on your FAQ that you guys didn’t build one for WP because of it’s inability to support the encryption needed for ProtonMail. However, for Windows 10 (& Mobile), It might be possible. Can you shed some light on this?

    Again, thanks for such an amazing service! :D

    • Making a Windows 10 app would greatly undermine the privacy benefits. The operating system is full fledged spyware after all. It has keylogger that sends Microsoft all your keystrokes + various NSA and Chinese backdoors.
      Neverthless, if someone’s willing to compromise their privacy they can make their own app. Protonmail is open source after all, so you don’t need to rely on them to create the app.

  • I was lucky to get an account through the waiting list, and liked what the service offers. I am glad to see that custom domains will be allowed, I’ll now use my account much more. Thanks for all your work

  • That’s great, thank you for your work.
    Will the android apps be only available on Google Play or can we download it indipendently from G.?


  • What is absolute priority for me:
    – possibility of purchasing additional storage space
    – unlimited number of tags

  • This is great news. Tell me, will we see in 3.0 the ability to apply labels automatically to new messages based on rules? This and the iOS app are the two big things that have held me back from depending more on the service. I’d be happy to pay for the service, too, if it had the mobile app & more maturity in automated organization of new messages.

  • Looking forward to V3.0! The mobile apps have been excellent and updates to the betas spot on. Can’t wait till January. Keep it up!

    • We aren’t sure about this yet because of the difficulties with doing end-to-end encryption with POP/IMAP

      • It is probably possible to provide POP/IMAP access to PGP-encrypted messages, so that it would be possible to read them with a PGP-capable client (eg Thunderbird w/ Enigmail). For this, it would also be necessary to let users export their private keys (and also other users’ public keys so they could send end-to-end encrypted messages to other users).

        • I’d like to see that – it would offer me the option to write and encrypt my messages on a locked down offline box (gnulinux of course) and then send them from wherever, even a kelloger infested windows box

        • That would offer more security for the paranoid aswell since it essentially takes away the main weakness, the fact that the security relies essentially completely on SSL/TLS

      • The client gets the encrypted emails through IMAP. The user can import/export his private key from/to protonmail and use it with e.g thunderbird to decrypt it.

        Lets say I’m already using gmail with pgp and I figure “Gmail be damned I’m moving to protonmail” I could make an account upload my existing key and use either the web interface or my IMAP client.

  • Looking forward to launch. Looking forward to extra features.

    Possible hosting plans on the horizon?

    Any chance you might some services to Iceland ? (plzz)

  • Any plans to roll out methods of paying anonymously (e.g., by prepaid debit cards or by gift card payment systems like PayGarden)? While I would like to upgrade to paid account or afford paying for a personal domain, tying these things to established credit / bank accounts and middlemen like PayPal that demand personal data for account is definitely unacceptable to some of us….

    • Prepaid debit cards should work right from the start. We will also add bitcoin support sometime in 2016 as well.

      • Bitcoin for sure!! Most prepaid debit cards issued in US can only be used in US. I would have donated except for the fact that you don’t take bitcoin. I have tried donating several times with a prepaid visa gift card and it always gets refused by you.

  • I’m honestly quite impressed with what you have done. I’m really hyped at this point to see the new user interface; also, it’s really awesome the app will be finally publicly available :) Keep up the work !

  • Sorry if you’ve already mentioned this here or elsewhere, but will there be two-factor auth in the near future?

  • You know what woud be like ultra amazing?
    A XMPP service together with the custom domain features and stuff. :)

  • How many alias for each account free and paid version? Will each alias be unique with own PGP-Key and cannot be tied to main account?

    • Thanks for the early Christmas gift! I’ve moved my main personal e-mail account to ProtonMail over the past 3 months and am thoroughly enjoying it. Wish i could create filters and it is lacking some other minor deficiencies but other then that it’s been a suburb experience.

      Once PM goes out of beta and offer paid accounts i will be moving my main business accounts here.
      Keep up the good work PM team!

      • Thanks for your support! Filters are coming soon after the 3.0 release, it is near the top of our roadmap.

  • Good news. Product is looking good and professional, im willing to bring my domain to it.

    Just dont screw up with pricing please. A user like me dont send or receive more than 50 e-mail a week.

  • I’m not sure about the technical difficulties involved with this, but could it be possible to search in all mail contents? If yes, are you thinking about implementing this in some future version?
    Thanks a lot!

    • It is technically very difficult, but we are actively researching into this right now. However, we don’t anticipate this will be done anytime soon.

  • do you support linux OS?
    do you have a specific number of alias’s per account in mind? and at what prize?

    • Yes, Linux is supported. As for aliases, the details are not all defined yet, but they will be available in the 5 Swiss Franc/month plan.

  • As of now, it’s compatible with iOS 8 and onwards which means that iPhone 4 users (and others) are left in the cold. Is there anything significant that keeps the ProtonMail app from running on iOS 7(.1.2)?

  • Would love it if you could integrate Yubikey’s as an option for 2FA. Or the option to have a couple different 2FA methods selected for backup purposes.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • Will the free beta accounts automatically update to ProtonMail 3.0 after the release date? I just requested an account before reading about 3.0.

    • At this time no due to limited resources, but we will open our API so that interested developers can develop a plugin.

  • Nice to hear you guys will be adding support for custom domains. And now there are two things I’d like to know:

    1. What’s the safest TLD out there? or at least the less likely to be violated in the future. As .com is under the jurisdiction of US laws, I suppose it is a good idea to avoid it. Right?

    But what about .me?

    2. What domain name registrar do you recommend? Or it doesn’t make any difference?

  • biggest HUG, high five, thumbs up, handshake, and a beer, for the proton mail team! You’ve bridged the gap – making privacy user friendly. I am so impressed by how thorough and inclusive you are. Everything is covered. You are professional, organised, clear and friendly. It’s just so necessary and so helpful. I am pleased that you are not some remote outpost but in fact are receiving exponential attention and support not least financial. the ddos attacks by state sponsered actors (who else could it be??) are further proof of your excellence. And look how well you handled it!!! You are heroes. Your work is of SUCH humanitarian service. You are just absolute heroes for what you are offerring. If it’s not apparent now, then it will be. Time will prove this. Your work will SAVE LIVES and probabably already has. Thanks for being such warriors

    • Thanks so much for your support, it means a lot to us! Hopefully we can let the whole world know about ProtonMail and improve internet security and privacy for many more people!

  • Please add Monero as an anonymous payment and donation method. It is the most private digital cash currently available and would allow your users to maintain their privacy while supporting this crucial project.

  • Hey PM. Big respect
    Few questions if you would oblige
    1. Someone already asked my question about the .com being under US jurisdiction – I understand that by using you are thus are backed up . Just wonder why bother with .com at all ?
    2. I imagine you already considering hosting through Tor? Are you able to share why chose not to? this would assist the protection of metadata yes?
    3. Have you considered interconnecting with the work of the dark mail alliance, it would appear you have shared goals. Or electronic frontier foundation and guardian project, for that matter ?
    4,. I am not sure I understand how ones email can be kept safe if
    one is communicating to a non-proton mail service? doesn’t full privacy actually require literal end to end encryption – all the way through?

    are there degrees by which all the content on your website is protected from surveillance, beyond the private content of emails?

    5. The above are more hypothetical but this is the most relevant suggestion: a way to make payment anonymous, allowing people to upgrade their email status without risk.
    Bitcoins are not accessible for everyone. It seems a bit tricky but I had an idea whereby people ‘donate’ anonymously but they are provided with a unique passcode they can use to link that ‘donation’ their account. The token is transmitted both ways using protonmail so identity of the anoymous donor and their subsequent linked email address, is encrypted.
    This has the added benefit of people being in a position to donating an open ended amount rather than the ‘required’ specific amount of 5 EU or whatever for their email subscription.
    At any rate maybe you can have a page discussing the issue of anonymous paments options for people, describing the varying degrees of anonymity available, thus encouraging people to take that step to pay and not be discouraged by comprimisng privacy in their wish to freely contribute financially

  • Protomail can you comment – I read somewhere – maybe Jacob Applebaum or a review of Snowdens files – that NSA had broken SSL ?

    • It is unlikely, especially since we use a certificate authority based in Switzerland. Even if this were true, ProtonMail’s end-to end encryption does not rely on SSL.

  • I just asked you about how email can be remain private when sent to a non-proton mail address. I have learnt about how a link can be sent to the other party, my apologies.
    Is this equally as safe as protonmail to protonmail , or is it somewhat more vulnerable?
    Also, what steps can the non proton mail party take

    I guess I am just wondering what exploits we need to be aware of
    can we defend against keyloggers, against man in the middle attacks – i’ve just read the article in the comments in the ”about ” blog suggesting that all intel chips have a second connection straight to the nsa thus they can log passwords – so how can be one step ahead? Targetting surveillance is very very difficult to defend against but I’m thinking of mass dragnet style surveillance

    perhaps you can offer your thoughts about additional steps we can take, on a unique page. A bit like TOR has a page spelling out how ”tor is not enough – you must adjust your browsing habits to protect your IP from leaking”
    Hey – I know we’re all asking you for the moon – you have done so much! And no doubt have grand visions requiring a lot of time and money. We’re just all so impressed, and all so grateful
    Forgive my / and our , probing enquiries for more and more :)
    i was looking at the staff photos and bios. It was a case of WHOA a entire page of geniuses right there on the screen.
    Very humbling :-)

    • Thanks a lot for your support! Defending against keyloggers requires using software/hardware that is not compromised. Open source operating systems like Linux are generally fairly safe.

      MITM attacks can be protected against by verifying our SSL certificate when connecting to our site.

    • Web of Trust is difficult. We are interested in doing this, but we want to do it correctly, so that will take some time.

  • As for paid accounts, I would suggest to add a “gift” field for an extra donation.

    Maybe I do not need an ultrapaid account of 1000 GB, but I would like to give you more while purchasing my paid account. This extra “gift” money could be put aside for a rainy day.

    Just a little thought.

    Good luck and keep up good work!


  • Thank you for this amazing service. I feel a real relief here. Keep up good work.
    (But I hope you are in no way connected with these secret services and big corporations which are decimating us so mercilessly for some time now.)

  • Been waiting a while for this, and looking froward to finally ditching Gmail….Good stuff proton mail team

  • If we are in beta right now, do we need to do anything to switch to the new non-beta 3.0? Also, to add, I love your service and everything that ProtonMail stands for…. Just simply incredible! All the kudos to you for sticking by your mission no matter the obstacles and keeping your supporters very happy. In life, you can’t please everyone, but your true fans remain loyal. Thank you much!

    • No, beta accounts will automatically transfer to non-beta, there is nothing that needs to be done. Thank you for your support!

  • Can you explain more about how the domain support would work? Will the domain account have it’s own inbox and it’s own unique PGP Key that cannot be linked to main account or any other addresses? Will the domain aliases also get it’s own PGP key generated that cannot be linked to any other accounts or addresses?

    When you send an email with a domain address to another ProtonMail address or another address that uses custom domain handled by ProtonMail. Will the email be fully encrypted as it would if you send email from one regular ProtonMail to another?

    Does user IP ever show up in any situation?

    Thank you in advance

    • spelling checker is now usually done in the browsers, so we aren’t going to incorporate that. as for multi language support, this is coming later this year after the 3.0 release.

  • Hi, I am so looking forward to use the new version! Are you guys planning on implementing a calendar as well?

  • Guys, we are waiting for the mobile apps so much, it will be a huge step for ProtonMail. This 3.0 update looks amazing, can’t wait to test it at the end of January!

  • Description: My iphone protonmail app is no longer accessible. It shows that the proton mail beta3 is expired. I have already paid you $29 for mobile version,. Where do I download the updated iphone P-mail app?

    • Please contact us via the support form at and we can look into this for you.

  • How do I use Proton Mail on my blackberry10 device? Blackberry users are the ones that really see an importance of security! You guys really should make proton mail work as smoothly as on other phones! please!!

  • While I reset my password for the mail(which I got new as I forgot the password), it says CONSOLE IS NOT DEFINED and thus FINISH button does not go ahead.plz help