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Updated August 2020

The Proton Translation Project is a volunteer effort that aims to improve online privacy and security by making ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, and other Proton security tools available in the world’s major languages.

We launched this project back in January 2017, early on in the Proton story, because we have always believed that privacy tools are more effective if they are easy for anyone to use. Since then, we have released all our main website pages and most of our apps in over a dozen major languages. This was only possible because of the support of our translator community.

If your native language is not English and you are interested in having Proton apps and websites in your native language, you can sign up as a volunteer in the Proton Translation Project.

Translator Signup

If you’re selected to help with the translation effort, as a token of our thanks, we’ll be giving out gift cards for the Proton Shop along with coupons to get paid Proton accounts for free. In addition, you’ll also be performing an important public service. Privacy is a universal value, and Proton users come from over 150 countries. Having multilingual support is critically important for our mission of protecting privacy worldwide.

On behalf of the entire community, we would like to express our thanks for your support!

Best Regards,
The Proton Team

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.


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43 comments on “Help us provide online privacy tools in your language

  • Can users which cannot commit for longer amounts of time (studying) still contribute to the translations when they have some free time?
    Thank you!

    • Yes, but for consistency reasons, the results are better if there are fewer translators, so people who can contribute less time might be reserved for proofreading and checking. Thanks for your support!

      • Hello!
        I have quite a lot of time. Perhaps I can even say I can work for as much time as you guys wish someone would per month. So, how much time would that be?

    • We will eventually merge everything. This is to make the translation project available for people who aren’t git savvy.

  • Hi Jason & team – As both a user of your tech as well as someone working for TransPerfect Translations – I’d be happy discussing this project with you. Called the GVA offices earlier, how can I reach you directly? Thanks

  • Hallo Protonmail-Team,

    I have a Protonmail Plus Account with my own Domain.
    Can I help with proofreading and checking?

    Gruß Hendrik

  • Hello!

    I think I should have at least seen a prompt telling me that my comment has been successfully submitted and shown when approved by the mods.?

    Thanks and looking forward to hear from you Jason!

  • I hope you’ll manage to make high-quality translations for a lot of languages. It’s important to have translations that aren’t just technically correct, but also natural and aware of conventions. For example stuff like “Save As…” in an application should always be translated in the same fashion to a certain language, even though there may be different possibilities to translate it correctly. But I’m sure you know this stuff better than I do.

    Availability of other languages will make it easier to promote the service in a certain region, so you should also include languages from countries where ProtonMail isn’t currently very popular into account, because these might be the territories where it could benefit the most from a translated version.

  • I would like to contribute in any way that I can be of use. I have service rep training in the Business Marketing sector. Maybe I can be useful for the cause. Thank You

  • I want to be a part of this.
    I thought about contacting you today and I didn’t even have the chance to snap my fingers because this update showed up.
    My answer was that I can devote 8 hours a month to the project, but the truth is I can spare more if the fun factor >x.
    I hope 8 doesn’t ruin my chances of being a gear of a cool machine.
    All the best, you wonderful people!

  • I just sign up to the translation project. I do not have any experience in translation but french is my main language and i think i can contribute a little bit to the encrypted mail service. Some of my friends and i have a group on Facebook with around 5000 people talking about tech and cable cutter. I think i could put protnmail in our pinned post on Facebook and my website for you guys.

  • Do you have any Swahili speakers volunteering? I’d love to help when I’m free.

  • Your use of country flags for language selection on the front page is problematic: Languages and countries don’t have a one-to-one mapping and using flags is considered a bad practice by the World Wide Web Consortium. Not all users using the English interface are from the United States. English is spoken natively in many countries and most English speakers are not even native speakers. Same for Spanish, Portuguese, and even German. German is also spoken in Switzerland, where Protonmail is based… And French is the main language in the city where your headquarters are, but the people living in Geneva would not necessarily identify with a French flag, and so on…

  • I am happy to help ProtonMail do the translation work.
    Chinese is my main language.
    I think I can make some contribution in Traditional-Chinese translation.

  • May I help you in translation into Arabic Language, the language witch spoken by 350 Million living in 23 country in the Middle East and North Africa .
    So If would like translate Proton it pleaser to me to help .

    • Hi! Yes, please! We have already started the localization to Arabic. If you wish to join our team of volunteers, please send us an email with the subject line “translation project” to and we will invite you to our localization project. Many thanks!

  • Hello, do you have any translators for Finnish? Also, is coding/GitHub experience a requirement?

  • I applied to help translate into Estonian. Any feedback on it, whether it will be considered into development?

  • You’re a Swiss company; why are you using US English, MDY dates (“Month DD, YYYY”), and the 12-hour clock? You should use Oxford English (; as used by the UN, NATO, ISO, BIPM, etc.), DMY (“DD Month YYYY”), and the 24-hour clock as default for the entire world. In the same way you have “Spanish (Spain)” and “Spanish (Mexico)”, you should provide an “English (US)” locale separately if it is needed specifically for your US audience rather than imposing the esoteric US idiosyncrasies on the rest of the world.

    • You are correct that using one language to address the entire world is not ideal. We are sensitive to linguistic imperialism, however, the current logistics of our team make it impractical to localize English pages in both Oxford and US English. In the future, when our team is bigger, we plan on making our apps and websites available in more languages, including Oxford English.