We have launched support for custom domains and paid accounts!

ProtonMail 3.1 release notes

We have now released ProtonMail version 3.1 to all users. This is a major update which brings numerous new features to ProtonMail.

For the first time, you can now use your own domain name with ProtonMail. This means emails sent to/from yourname@yourdomain.com can go through ProtonMail and benefit from end-to-end encryption. For those who wish to support ProtonMail, and gain access to extra features and storage, it is now possible to upgrade to a paid account! To upgrade your account, simply go to Settings –> Dashboard .

ProtonMail 3.1 is the beginning of the long term growth of ProtonMail. Up to this point ProtonMail’s revenue has consisted entirely of donations from our growing community. This support is what has made the project possible in the first place, and allows us to today serve over 1 million users worldwide. Over the past three years, we have succeeded in providing privacy and security online for many who need it, at no cost.

However, internet freedom and privacy is not actually free.  As the number of ProtonMail users has grown, so has the costs of running ProtonMail (servers, bandwidth, personnel, and other expenses). Furthermore, we need to do more than just run ProtonMail, we also have to defend it. As we discovered last year, the cost of protecting ProtonMail against attackers is very high, but with the support of our community, we have continually prevailed against attackers who are determined to destroy online privacy.

Unlike Google which makes billions of dollars through data scanning and advertisements, ProtonMail is a community driven project which relies entirely on support from the community to cover operational costs and fund further development. Your support is essential to keep ProtonMail running and growing. If you would like to support our mission to bring email privacy and security back, please consider upgrading to a paid account or donating.

Even though there is a very high cost associated with supporting millions of free accounts, we are committed to keeping a free version of ProtonMail available for those who need privacy, but do not have the financial means to pay for it. Your donation or paid account subscription will go a long way towards helping us maintain the democratic nature of ProtonMail. With your support, we look forward to continuing to grow the ProtonMail community and making internet privacy a reality for everyone.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

Learn more about ProtonMail 3.1 here.

Learn more about paid plan pricing here.

You can sign up for a ProtonMail account here.

If you would like to support us, you can also make a donation here.

Learn more about Custom Domains here.

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.


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175 comments on “We have launched support for custom domains and paid accounts!

  • I’m so happy to finally become a paid customer in order to support such a fantastic product. You guys have come a long way and I know there will be plenty of more goodies to come! (ex: like a calendar, enhanced contacts, etc)

    • Thank you for your support! Yes, we do have many things in the pipeline so look for many more features to come over the next couple months.

      • Will all the forthcoming features be exclusive to premium accounts or will they also be available (in a limited way) for free accounts as well?

        • It depends on the feature really, most will be premium only but we will also make some improvements to free accounts.

  • Great job ProtonMail Team! Looking forward to many more years of highly secure email…. and future calendar. ;)

  • English (Translate online)

    In the previous post ask about this and I do not answer at all or not work well online Transducer
    Why now you have to pay monthly for adding more capacity when before it was through a single payment?
    Would be willing to add more storage but paying only once for it.


    En el anterior post pregunte sobre esto y no se contesto del todo o el tranductor online no funciono bien
    ¿Por que ahora se tiene que pagar mensualmente por añadir mas capacidad cuando antes era a traves de un unico pago?
    Estaria dispuesto a añadir mas almacenamiento pero pagando solo una vez por ella.

    • Because the costs of providing more storage is continuous. There are monthly power, bandwidth, rack space, and salary costs associated with providing storage. Even the servers themselves have to be replaced every 3-4 years. For ProtonMail to survive and grow long term, these costs will need to be continuously covered. If we accepted one time payments, it would need to be a very large sum to cover these costs indefinitely. Even when we offered one time payments back in 2014 to Indiegogo supporters, the cost was $997.

      • $997? I am really kind of curious how you arrive at that number. The cost of 1GB (when rented from a service that still makes a profit) is a few cents per year at most (Dropbox for example charges effectively 12 cents per GB per year, Amazon S3 cloud storage would cost around 15 cents per GB per year for the use-case of email). Even if you add a very generous margin and calculate with maybe €1 a year, I fail to see how this would come to $997.
        Generally, I am rather dismayed by the pricing scheme. I realize that Protonmail is still in its growth phase and largest part of the price will be used to cover investments that increase scale and add new features, but it seems to me that the pricing will be the number one reason that Protonmail will fail to achieve the former. Obviously, you cannot offer Protonmail for free, but the profit margin on each gigabyte of store seems rather excessive. I rent a dedicated server with 500GB of storage for a mere €6 a month. It would be easily capable of running a protonmail server for dozens of users. How can you justify asking for €4 a month for just 5GB?
        Now, I personally feel that what protonmail is doing is very important and I believe in the mission (and would therefore be willing to pay a bit more). But I can hardly justify promoting protonmail to friends and family for that price, when the only effective benefit at the moment is, that mail is stored encrypted and we wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of the one-time PGP setup (which really isn’t that much of a hassle). The same thing can be achieved by renting ones own webserver which one can get for as little as €0.15 per month (including 7GB and a private domain name).

        • Our costs are much higher than S3 for a couple reasons. First, Amazon is not secure as it is based in the US, so we have to build our own storage systems (our own servers, networks, sys admins, etc), and obviously we don’t have the economies of scale of Amazon. Secondly, we operate in Switzerland which happens to be one of the most expensive countries in the world. Thirdly, we also do extensive cryptography research and development, and this is a cost that Amazon doesn’t have. For this reason, from a storage perspective, we will never be price competitive with large US based service which does not provide end-to-end encryption. If lowest possible cost is your goal, Amazon is actually the best choice. ProtonMail deliberately prioritizes security and privacy over cost.

          • I realize you guys have extra costs, but a factor of 400? I wasn’t asking you to price competitively to Amazon, and I am well aware, that you will not achieve a scale comparable to any of those megacorps anytime soon. But you should aim to scale up to achieve such benefits quickly and your current pricing scheme will make that essentially impossible. Its the scale that will enable you to do even more of that research. Overcharging early adopters will slow your growth to a crawl and severely limit your resources to carry out that core functions in the long run (i.e. the research).
            And really, your first argument makes no sense. Amazon too has to build servers, build network infrastructure and hire sys admins. So does dropbox (which certainly doesn’t have nearly the scale of Amazon). Those costs are obviously included in the S3 pricing and I have no doubt Amazon too has a sizable profit margin of those services. And while some those costs may be higher in Switzerland than the US, particularly for the personnel, the difference can hardly justify charging 4000% more.

          • We are not just providing storage, we are also providing webapp, and mobile apps, and maintaining a fully functioning email system which has additional overhead such as spam detection, abuse monitoring, and also our own DNS services for privacy reasons. We also require higher performance to load emails faster, and also higher levels of redundancy. So directly comparing with Amazon S3 pricing which is purely storage is not at all a good comparison.

          • And lets not forget that S3 grew out of a web shop business. It was infrastructure that was built to support and funded by an entirely different business model then opened up. Something that seems to be lost on Benedikt and which totally changes the cost equation.

        • Good point. With such pricing you can not expect to scale up very fast. I am an Investor and was recently approached by the start up Soverin. (soverin.net) They did a good job and have quite some users already. Own domain service. Pretty secure it seems and against Euro 39 per year. 25GB and additional users on 1 domain possible.

    • Cuando antes se hacía un único pago era porque era como una forma de ayudar al desarrollo de ProtonMail,aclaro que yo no tengo nada que ver con ProtonMail pero los entiendo en éste punto. Como ya dije, antes era un único pago porque era una forma de ayudar al servicio, pero ahora en vez de un único pago se ha convertido en una suscripción, como muchos servicios que viven de una suscripción. No puede haber un único pago si los costos de la infraestructura para mantener el servicio cada vez son más elevados, y de ser un único pago sería a un costo muy elevado para poder así costear la infraestructura. En mi opinión, si ya pago una suscripción para otros servicios como Spotify, creo que puedo pagar también una suscripción por un servicio tan importante para mí como ProtonMail. Saludos.

      • Dear Eduardo,
        The subscription is not an obligation, you have the free option. If you need the paid services and you have financial resources, I think is a good investment.

  • All set up with my personal domain with full SPF sorted out and 10/10 from mail-tester. Great service and pleased with the transition from GMail. I’ve certainly decided now I’d much rather pay a small amount per month for a service than pay with my data and privacy. Very excited to see how the service progresses over the coming months!

    Thanks for setting up such a good service.

  • This is great news! I’ve been eager for custom domains since day one since I primarily use the account for business. Great job, guys. Happy to be a paid customer. The 5GB storage is an added bonus.

  • Upgraded to a paid account last night, I’m super excited to be able to create aliases (the no. 1 thing I was waiting for). Now I’m just waiting for the iOS app to get approved, and I’ll be a happy camper! Keep up the great work!

  • Hi,
    It’s a good news about the new offer.
    Just one question, the domain are included in the price ? Or we have to buy one from a registrar ?

  • Absolutely LOVE being able to use Custom Domains, increase my storage, and all the lil tweaks of late, this is great! Now I just need the iOS app!
    Thanks for all your hard work, ProtonMail is what I’ve been waiting for a long time!

  • I would like to use this for a small business for under 10 people, I’ve read somewhere business/enterprise plans/features are still in the works. Is this correct? How can I get my company to use ProtonMail now if I want to go ahead with that? Otherwise, what sort of time-frame are we talking about where we can have a central billing and master account where we can add additional accounts?

    I’ve been waiting for your commercial features since the start of the year and I was disappointed there is no business account administration yet.

    • +1 for this as well. I assumed that this custom domains feature offered a service similar to Google Apps, wherein I could create 3-4 user accounts for my employees and we’d all be on ProtonMail. Turns out, it just allows you to create aliases for pre-existing account and no matter what addresses you create, the all end up in the same inbox. Kind of a half-there solution. Hope to see a full featured roll-out in the future.

  • I have done tonnes of research before I landed here. Great & important service, thanks. AND people want to support you – ProtonMail needs to make it “easier” for users to do that.

    Rather than Donate or SignUp an invite (then upgrade). Have a Paid Plan option, make it easy for people to find it. You already have a ProtonMail Plus plan. Activate it. Put it on the front page. Get rid of the Donate button, or replace it with “Plans”. Don’t make people signup for an invite. This is making users jumping through 2 to 3 hoops. People want to support your effort, please make it easy for them to do that.

    • +1

      Three rules for a small business: (1) never make it hard for customers to find you, (2) never make it hard for customers to figure out what you do, and (3) never make it hard for customers to give you their money. I would concur that ProtonMail has the first two down, but the third could use some refinement.

  • After buying monthly subscription, will i get access to the mobile app as well?
    Great job guys, geep new features comming :)

    • Yes, if we can’t get it into the app stores within the next week we will release apps to all paid account users.

      • Can you release the Android app prior to iOS or do you have to release both mobile apps at the same time? I’ve got custom domains going but really need the mobile apps. Thanks for your good work!

  • Great service, I’ve signed up and am happy to help support.

    My only question right now: is it possible to have my domain name shared with another person? I have a few people I’d like to give an address to.

  • Really existing news, thanks Protonmail team!

    I have one question and two requestes:
    1. Does the upgraded account includes access to the mobile apps,
    I think it will be only reasonable considering the relatively premium monthly fee.

    2. Please improve the support for Right-To-Left languages, mainly Arabic and Hebrew.
    It works quite bad currently and that’s the only reason I am not using Protonmail as my main and only account. Btw, the RTL population over the Internet is huge.

    3. I’m not familiar with the mobile apps yet (it will be nice if you’ll post some screenshots) but till now I used the “Mailbox” client which had really a excellent user experience.
    Just wanted to suggest you to add the multiple swipes features (Delete, Remider, Add to the list, etc.).
    You can see it on action here:

      • Ok. What about the Android app? Does the upgraded account includes access to it?
        Also, what about the RTL support? are you planing to take care of it soon?


      • Has the App not been approved since you first submitted it, or has it been rejected for you to make changes?
        I can’t think of any app thats taken this long to approve,

        • As was mentioned elsewhere, the export of high-grade encryption must be approved by the U.S. government–and due to the curious nature of the Internet, distribution on the Apple store is treated as an export from the United States. So this isn’t really like other mobile apps.

  • Finally! After having a ProtonMail account since the very beginning, I can finally use it!

    My only hangup at this point is that I really wish there a way to properly import/export emails. I really don’t like the idea that by keeping my email on ProtonMail, I will have no way to get it off if I need to do so, and I will need to find an alternative location to store my 15+ years of email I already have.

  • can you make again both:
    @protonmail.com and @protonmail.ch
    aliases to be enabled by default for every users
    (even when they activated their mail in 2016)?

      • I know that it is possible for “Plus” account.
        My question was about bringing that function back for free for free accounts.
        Can you consider that?

        • It would depend on how many people upgrade to plus accounts, if we can cover our costs, then we will start to give free accounts more features.

  • I read days ago that PM’s team plans to send a new batch of invites only when Apple approves the mobile app. But you’ve being waiting for the approval for over two weeks.

    Someone suggested above to create an option to sign up for an account as a premium user to avoid the waiting list. Doesn’t it sound like a good idea?

    What if It takes Apple more than a month to approve it?

  • Hi, I bought the app’s beta 2 weeks ago. Will I get it when it will be released or not? (I saw in comments that the app will only be available to paid customers but I can’t subscribe as for now :( )

  • Credo che il costo dell’account plus sia veramente irrisorio rispetto al servizio offerto, 5 caffè al mese…
    Saluti al team

  • I’m very happy with the new improvements in the Protonmail. I have purchased Protonmail Plus for one month, but very soon I will subscribe for 12 months.
    I found very healthy this communication between the company and the costumers. I feel a Protonmail fan, I feel I I am part of the group. The future will be bright. The future will be what the core team and costumer network will wish.

  • A little unclear in who can have access to 3.1 – is it only available to paid accounts? There are a few mentions of it being available to everyone by the ‘end of the week’ yet I can’t find a download link and the Beta app in Android indicates I already have the latest version (1.x.47 I think).

    • The 3.1 version refers to the webapp which is updated to 3.1, the Android and iOS have a separate versioning system.

  • Hi ProtonMail, just a couple of feature requests regarding aliases:

    a) Although we can disable certain addresses, I would actually also like the ability to just make them invisible. So, when I choose which address to use in the drop-down menu of the email composer, only the ones I really want should show up. For example, I have no intention of ever using my protonmail.com address, and it’s just distracting for it to be there in the drop-down menu when I would much rather just choose between my .ch and my custom domain address. Also, I’d much rather avoid accidentally selecting the .com version one day.

    b) It would be delightful to be able to set different signatures for different aliases. For example, while the default signature is appropriate for private emails (I do enjoy any chance to promote this great service!), my professional ones would benefit from e.g. my professional contact details.

    Thank you!

    • We are working on your second suggestion.

      As for your first suggestion, if your account is a legacy account with both .com and .ch, it isn’t possible to disable the accounts that came with the account originally. However, you can order it such that the .ch shows up on top always in the composer dropdown.

  • I too am interested that by becoming a paid supporter I directly tie my email address to my real live identity. Protonmail must be able to continually know the link to my live identity so that it knows which payment belongs with which account.

    I’m tempted to pay in Bitcoin, but as an Android app user is my live identity already known/knowable to Protonmail? Is it worth setting up Bitcoin to pay anonymously if my identity has already been linked by the android app?

    • It depends who you are hiding from. If it is the NSA or similar, likely they can already trace you through your Android device.

  • Hi guy’s, not sure if I have missed something or if this is a feature to be added at a later date, but is it possible to create folders within ProtonMail so you can have more oganisation?

    I will admit I might have missed it in my searching if the ability is already there…..

  • I like your service and I’m a paying customer. I have also switched over my company account to protonmail.

    There is one thing though you NEED to change asap: make threaded message display optional. The current message way of mandatory threaded display drives me insane!


      • Privacy is a basic right of every one. Thanks to proton mail for launching custom domain support with paid services.
        I like to have your services, and I understand your business model.
        I am expecting 3 or 5 email addresses@ 3gb or 5gb storage in the free plan for custom domain email hosting.
        As of now i am not able to afford paid service being very small business.
        Eagerly waiting for basic free plan for custom domain email hosting from Proton Mail.

        • I think you might be waiting a while. Custom domains is a key reason a lot of people would move to a paid account. Its a feature you have to pay for on all the big email providers.

      • Is there a time frame when you will release this feature? After all, it was already in V2…

  • Will ProtonMail have ads in the future? (If so, will the ads be in Swiss?:) Cuz that actually might be kind of cool!

  • Who would say that one day I’d have a lot fun with email?! =D

    Hey, guys! I’m pretty glad with my account, and have been using it quite a lot lately. Thank you very much for this service.

    Also, allow me ask something about your addresses. I know, nowadays, we can only disable them. But do you plan – in the future – allow users to delete too? It’s great to have this flexibility with our own domains, but it would be priceless to be capable of doing the same with the addresses we create with PM’s domain name.

    It’s not about reusing, recycling or needing more addresses. I already bought a lot of them. The thing is that it annoys me so much to see those disabled addresses in my account. I just wanted them to disappear. I don’t care if removing them might reduce my address limit cause I can get more if I need to.

    Can you help me out here?

    Danke für alles!

    • This is an interesting suggestion, we will take it under consideration and see if this is something we can introduce.

      • Sorry to bring this topic up again, but let me ask one more thing. As crazy as it seems to be, these inactive addresses really bugs me [talking about PM’ addresses]. What if I reduce the number of addresses I have? It was said somewhere that these addresses are deleted once we shut our accounts… then, if I reduce the number of addresses I have, won’t these disabled addresses be deleted the same way? Also, If later on I buy addresses again, will they appear again, like coming out of hell to haunt me, or will I have the pleasure of not seeing them? Because I hate these disabled addresses.

  • Hi guys,

    Great work, paid accounts are finally here!
    Few questions:

    1. Custom domains – do you plan to support obtaining/purchasing a domain as part of the premium accounts service? For someone who doesn’t have a custom domain but wants to use one, it would simplify the process as opposed to going somewhere else to buy a domain and then activate it in protonmail.
    Furthermore, how do you check whether the domain still belongs to the particular protonmail user, i.e. the ownership has not expired?
    2. The keyboard shortcuts promised in v3.0 are still not there. For example Ctrl+Enter for sending emails.
    3. Scrolling of contact list matches with keyboard ‘down’ key doesn’t actually scroll down the entries, you have to use the scrollbar to do this. I reported this few months ago, and it was supposed to have been fixed in 3.0.
    I know these are small details, consider this is a gentle reminder, not as a complaint.


  • One other thing. How many email aliases are available for the free account and the paid accounts?


  • good lord, the layout is so clean and easy to use, you may soon have the best email, not merely the best encrypted email.

  • Any chance that someday paid accounts will be able to increase the max size of received attachments? Even compared to other paid privacy-oriented options like Posteo, the attachment size for Protonmail is pretty small.

  • Something strikes me as strange. I donated / contributed to the app beta program, and somehow it feels strange the paid tiers get benefits, while contributors don’t … I willingly contribute, I know… but still…

    • Thank you for your support. As a contributor, you get early access to the apps. However, additional storage is costly and that is why we have to charge for it.

  • Still no word on a release date for the mobile apps……….. Without mobile apps and calendar this service is barely usable.

  • Can the team provide a ETA for opening up for new accounts?

    I am so done with gmail and yahoo data mining…….I have to use Epic browser to reduce data mining footprint…..
    kindest regards…..

  • Hi. Excellent progress. For me the service will be great (when the next few features come on line), and well woth the suscription.

    1) Sharing of custom domains for multiple users is a must
    2) i am happy with the cost for me, but would like to encourage family to protect data etc. The cost of 5 accounts for low usage family accounts is not justifiable to many. Some sort of family plan would help with this, and help to get more people involved.

    • Agree strongly with point #1. While it’s nice to have a custom domains with all those messages dumping into a single inbox, the true value would be to offer small businesses the ability to host their e-mail with Proton and setup separate accounts for individual users. Think Google Apps, but actually secure and private.

    • Custom domains will remain a paid feature as we require the paid account revenue to keep ProtonMail operating.

  • Very pleased to be a paying customer and knowing that my emails are secure.
    How can I get my public key to friends and family? so they can send end to end encrypted email to me?

    • The easiest way is to have them also sign up for ProtonMail, that way all emails to/from them are end-to-end encrypted. We are PGP compatible and in the next major ProtonMail release, we will be adding PGP key import/export as well so you can also easily use ProtonMail with friends that use PGP.

  • Why do I have to have a subscription to use aliases? An early adopter with 1gb + app “donor”. Couldn’t Protonmail allow for a few (or one) aliases for those people also?

  • When multiple accounts are ready I am mature to migrate to protonmail. But!

    I am wondering how I will be able to migrate messages from another account to protonmail? Normally when having acces to POP3/IMAP it’s easy to setup a mail client and then drag and drop messages. But since protonmail is not offering POP3/IMAP I don’t see a real possibility to tranfer messages? Any thoughts on this?

  • I hope you’re doing well in getting revenues through premium
    functionalities to cover operation costs and grow.

    In deciding what features to provide for free and what to paying users, my modest suggestion is:
    – keep free what allows cross-services interoperability, thus scalability (fetching and forwarding emails from different accounts, openPGP, aliases…)
    – charge what is mainly for individual purposes (extra storage, tags, 2steps authentication, POP/IMAP…)

    My 5 cents

  • Custom Domains are great but without the ability to segregate accounts i.e. allocate separate mailboxes for individual users for the domain, this feature addition is hollow. Being limited to One Account, One Mailbox for One Domain is totally impractical.

  • Will you ever offer a cloud storage type of service like Google Drive or Dropbox?
    By the way, very pleased with the product, although the storage capacity seems perhaps too limited.

  • Protonmail can read your email metadata because it is not encrypted by Protonmail client. ProtonMail use OpenPGP and OpenPGP does not encrypt metadata. Metadata is what the NSA is after, not the content of the emails. PGP does not encrypt metadata, so even if you are doing encryption, your metadata is out there in the open for governments to grab

    • Concerning PGP:

      American authorities forced a backdoor to be implemented into PGP, which means that Big Brother has access to EVERYTHING that’s supposed to be ‘encrypted’ with PGP — which is the reason why the power grabbers have not yet declared it to be illegal in the US. Consequently, PGP protects only against attackers that are not government agencies and hackers who are exploiting the backdoor.

      The same goes for routers and other hard- and software that users can define encryption or complex passwords in. When the president of … Novell? … Netgear? learned that the NSA or some other secret service had systematically hacked their products, he wrote a complaint to Barrack Obama, but to no avail. Whatever is produced or sold in the US and the five eye/nine eye/fourteen eye countries must have backdoors for the US government implemented, and any company in other countries that wishes to sell their products in the five eye countries — or wishes to avoid being added to US black or embargo lists — will have to comply as well.

      The only really secure solution would require the creation of a proprietary system that Big Brother can neither hack nor order their political lackeys in the US and fourteen eyes countries (or others who need good relations with the Yankees) to forbid. Unfortunately, PGP is banking on peoples’ ignorance that the software established in its beginnings, but PGP is and has been an open book for law enforcement authorities and secret services since years.

  • Dear developers/admins of ProtonMail,

    I am not sure if this has been discussed before – are you planning to include a function which would allow the users to attach labels to certain contact addresses, so that when there is a new email from an address, it would automatically get labeled instead of having to manually do that all the time?

    It would be an enormous help so the incoming new emails could be organized and easier to track right after the login process.

    Thank you so much for your reply and help in advance.


  • I really appreciate that you provide a free level. As appreciative as I am, I also fully expect to have to pay for expanded services and advanced features.

    I really want to upgrade my ProtonMail account and start using it as my primary email address. However I can’t justify the cost compared to Tutanota. :-(

    Both services have very comparable non-professional upgrade levels. At these levels, a year of Tutanota costs 12 € [1], while ProtonMail, at 48 €, costs 4 times as much.

    Tutanota doesn’t have a formal professional level, but storage can be added for a fee. For the baseline account plus 20GB of storage [2] Tutanota costs 60 €, while ProtonMail’s Visionary level, at 288 €, is just shy of 5 times as expensive!

    I’d definitely be okay paying slightly more for ProtonMail [3], but I can’t justify these massive price differences.

    p.s. I really appreciate the ability to use markup within this message. I’d like it even more if there were a preview capability.


    [1] All prices assume paying for a full year up front and are in € because both services explicitly post those values.

    [2] Their plan currently doesn’t exceed 1 additional domain and 5 aliases/address. For my purposes, these particular features aren’t a high priority.

    [3] I would even seriously consider paying for Beta apks. Although I absolutely believe official version apks should be made available outside of Google Play.

    • The goal of ProtonMail isn’t to be the cheapest email provider, but we are aiming to be the most secure and reliable encrypted email service. If you visit the bottom of our pricing page (https://protonmail.com/pricing), we provide specifics about exactly what ProtonMail’s revenue is used for.

      There are key differences such as a much larger and resilient infrastructure and network, a cryptography research division, higher performance native mobile apps, better user interface, and increased staffing to provide 24/7 operations for higher reliability. This ensures we can offer the highest level of email security and data reliability that you can have faith in. We don’t spare any expenses in providing the highest level of email security, and that is reflected in our pricing as a more premium service.

  • Alias question: My current provider allows email forwarders. This is useful for sending a message to multiple users. For example, banking@domain.com would send a banking alert and forward it to not only my email, but also forward it my wife’s email address. Does this functionality exist in the current version?

    • We currently don’t support forwarding in this way because this can be abused by spammers. We will look into adding this functionality later on however.

  • I would like to have my money back. When you say “custom domain” you can not possibly expect me to realize the whole domain will be used just for one email account and no other mailboxes could be connected to this domain! This is totally useless feature and nowhere when ordering I could not find a single mention that it would be so.

  • Like what I’ve read in this Thread; I’m wondering how often you implement .dot upgrades? It would be good if there was some way to see/be notified when new features have been added. The ability to Import and Export are show-stoppers for me; however, when these are available, I’d certainly be far more interested in moving my Domain and using ProtonMail. Any timeline for mailbox Import and Export? Great work – plse keep it going.

  • Can someone tell me does each end have to have encryption? In other words if I have prontomail and someone sends me mail that does not, can someone hijack my mail and get their mail?

    • Messages from outside recipients are not end to end encrypted. You can send a message with a password, and the reply to that message will also be end to end encrypted. All incoming messages are stored encrypted on our servers.

  • Your service is great. I have a paid account as I think it is the best way to continue supporting the growth of ProtonMail. However, when will multiple email accounts for a single domain be available? The last I saw it was scheduled for release fall of 2016. Well, I think October 2016 qualifies as “fall”.
    Is there a target date?

    • The target is now for the end of this year as we need to some extensive testing before we can release this feature.

  • Fantastic to finally have easily shared privacy. Are you considering the inclusion of chat anytime near? It would be awesome!!!

    All the best, i will advertise you to everyone of my contacts!!!

  • Huge thank you to the ProtonMail team for all that you do. We use Proton for our small nonprofit. Can’t wait until there are multiple inboxes for custom domains available :) Cheers!

  • Hello,

    With a paid account (48e), can we easily switch with different account with the iOS apply ? (Like with gmail)

    Thanks you

  • Sorry if already answered elsewhere, but wouldn’t you be exposing yourself, and destroying your anonymity, by sending a donation? The entire monetary transaction would tell every privacy-destroying agency in the world that you’re using ProtonMail. I’m not experienced with Bitcoin, so how would you do that, and stay anonymous? Seems to defeat the whole purpose. You would certainly have to tie your account to your donation, in order to reap the benefit of the enhanced account. Do you have some secure method in place?

  • I have a client with 13 email addresses.

    Will I be able to have a custom domain with this many addresses with ProtonMail Plus?
    or, do I need ProtonMail Professional?
    or, do I need Visionary?

    How do I sell this to my client?

    Please may I have ADVICE!

    • ProtonMail Professional if you need a separate login for each address. ProtonMail Plus if you just need a single login.

  • Hi if i take the Professional account, One domain name and 2 users and split the 5 Gb space into 2 x 2,5 Gb (2,5 Gb for a user) do I have to pay $75/yr/user or $150/yr/user ?


  • So unhappy you just locked my account in a split second and it’s been 3 days without mail. I have tried to contact help and nothing! I have a special needs son and his school cannot reach me. This is totally unacceptable.

  • take this site a shove it. I know what my password is. You are just playing games to get me to pay you. I am no longer interested in your email service. Let the NSA and the FBI check My email. I have nothing tio hide,

    • We detect time-zones locally. We do not save this information in our systems and it’s not trackable.

  • I was so happy to hear about ProtonMail and to sign up for a paid account–until I tried to invite 50 friends to a birthday party and was informed that I’d exceeded my sending limits and would be blocked from using the services for an hour. Wow. This doesn’t feel like freedom. It’s more like prison.

    • I am sorry for the inconvenience! Unfortunately, ProtonMail is not compatible with bulk emailing and we cannot know if the bulk emailing is spam or just a birthday invite.

  • Is there a way to purchase more than one year subscription? I am interested in purchasing a 5 year subscription so I am not reminded by a yearly renewal.

    ProtonMail is great and love the updates. It would be great if there was a feature for disposable addresses like spamgourmet. Also, would be great if there was an official ProtonMail extension for chrome.

    Agreed with some of the other comments to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Just makes payments easier in my opinion. Also would be great to to import/export mail. I want to get rid of my other email providers (gmail, yahoo, etc)

    • Hi!

      Yes, you can top up your account with credits. New invoices will be automatically paid with the existing credits in your account. You can also acquire them by paying with Bitcoin. See here: http://recordit.co/qmJANPs3Mb

      There is no Chrome extension planned. However, you can use ProtonMail Bridge to add your account to an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook. See more here: protonmail.com/bridge

      Thank you for your support and for your suggestions,
      The Proton Team

  • I have been recently scammed via a bit coin theft by one of proton email user. Strange these scamster hide behind these beautiful products.

  • mis­szero@protonmail.com
    Is commiting blackmale scams.

    betancourtchrist, you don’t know me and you’re thinking why you received this e mail, right?

    Well, I actually pl­aced a malware on the porn website and guess what, you visit­ed this web site to have fun (you know what I mean). While you were watching the video, your web bro­wser acted as a RDP (Remote Desktop) and a keylogger which provided me access to your display screen and webcam. Right after that, my softwa­re gathered all your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook account, and email account.

    What exactly did I do?

    I made a split-scre­en video. First part recorded the video you were viewing (yo­u’ve got a fine taste haha), and next pa­rt recorded your web­cam (Yep! It’s you doing nasty things!).

    What should you do?

    Well, I believe, $1­900 is a fair price for our little secre­t. You’ll make the payment via Bitcoin to the below address (if you don’t know this, search “how to buy bitcoin” in Goog­le).

    BTC Address: 1FBQLh­K6zNuv7hxEYAQx3JunP2­YXLFqwhk
    (It is cAsE sensiti­ve, so copy and paste it)


    You have 24 hours in order to make the payment. (I have an unique pixel within this email message, and right now I know that you have read this email). If I do­n’t get the payment, I will send your vi­deo to all of your contacts including re­latives, coworkers, and so forth. Noneth­eless, if I do get paid (after payment, send an email to mis­szero@protonmail.com­), I will erase the video immidiately. If you want evidence, reply with “Yes!” and I will send your video recording to your 5 friends. This is a non-negotiable offer, so don’t waste my time and yours by replying to this email.

  • I have a paid account with 5 email address. Ive linked it to my web domaine. How can I have a third party sign into just one of the address?

    • All addresses are connected to the same inbox. In order to have this, you must have a multi-user inbox. This is only available on the Professional plan.

  • I love your service. My only criticism would be that, as far as I can tell, the moble app is only available via Google Play (& I am using an Android device). It would be great if it could be downloaded directly from the website.

    • Hi! Thank you for the kind words. We will make the app available on F-droid hopefully by the end of the year. This is planned in our roadmap.

  • I have abprotonmail account. My email
    Address is jane323@protonmail.com

    i tried to send 3 large photo files in an email to another protonmail.com account holder earlier this evening. Now my iphone app will not open. It flashes on briefly then shuts off in a few seconds. I must have jammed up my chsnnels or something.
    Can yoi fix this for me from your end, as I cannot get into the account ss I isially use it (i.e. from the ios app), please help.

  • I am an extremely proud supporter of ProtonMail and its security and the fantastic service that it is. I will never again use any other email service and I honestly hope that it doesn’t get too big so that it doesn’t become another out of control thing in the internet like Yahoo email service. You guys have the best customer service ever and you are my favorite favorite favorite email service!