Migrate your emails to ProtonMail

Import emails to your secure ProtonMail inbox
or make offline backups with the Import-Export app.

Available on: MacBook Windows Linux

Migrate and secure your important email conversations

Keep your personal email history private and secure by migrating it to ProtonMail using the Import-Export app.

Bring your mailbox

Your email is a record of your personal conversations and important milestones. Bring those memories with you when you upgrade to a secure and private inbox with ProtonMail.

Keep only what's important

Old newsletters, random receipts, special offers - your inbox can fill up fast. The Import-Export app lets you easily select which messages you want to import.

Secure conversation history

When you import your emails, the Import-Export app automatically encrypts them before they leave your device. That way only you can access your personal messages.

Download the latest version of the ProtonMail Import-Export app

Currently available for ProtonMail users with a paid subscription.

Step by step migration guides to make your life easier

Migrate and secure your important email conversations

Import messages directly from your old inbox

You can import messages from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email provider that supports the IMAP protocol. Importing from local EML and MBOX files is also supported.

Choose the messages you want to protect

Your inbox can fill up quickly with unnecessary emails and spam. With the Import-Export app, you can quickly select which messages and folders you want to import.

Seamless zero-access encryption

The Import-Export app automatically encrypts all your messages on your device before they are sent to Proton servers. Only you can access your emails.

Open source

The Import-Export app, like all Proton apps, is open source. That means cybersecurity experts and Proton users alike can verify our code on our public GitHub repositories.

Export messages to have an offline backup

You can use the Import-Export app to download important messages as MBOX or EML files so that you always have a backup on your device.