Android Permissions

Downloading from the Google Play Store is the default way to install our Android app. This avoids the danger of fake “ProtonMail apps” being distributed.

The Play Store provides security functionality that only allows the owner of an application to publish updates to the application. This keeps our users safe from malicious apps that may try to impersonate ProtonMail. For more details, please see this discussion.

However, for those who prefer to avoid Google services, you can also download an APK of the ProtonMail app.


Contacts (optional)

You can sync contacts from your device to the ProtonMail app. To do this, tap the menu (hamburger) icon on the top left of the screen and go to ContactsMore (the 3-dot icon on the top right of the screen) →  Upload Contacts.

Upload contacts

These contacts will be shown under Device Contacts, below your ProtonMail Contacts. If you want to move them to your ProtonMail account,  select them → MoreUpload to ProtonMail.

Storage/Files and media (optional)

Access to files is needed to send and receive attachments. This permission is optional but is necessary if you want to send, receive, and manage attachments.

Others (required)

A number of permissions are necessary for our app to function properly. These include:

  • Control vibration
  • Run at startup
  • Monitor network usage
  • Use fingerprint hardware
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  1. john

    I type on Samsung Android in English and my friend can read my texts ok. My friend also has Samsung Android but her texts are mixed up rubbish. I think it may be because she is typing English on a French azerty keyboard. Her address is my proton address is Can you help her by sending a message. We are not computer literate people.

  2. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  3. Robert

    A test mail indicates the email being sent will end up in junk mail of receiver – perhaps because it appears to come from out of USA. When emailing someone new they will not have you in their address book. Any comments?

  4. ProtonMail Support

    All messages arrive in your inbox, unless you have a filter that sends messages to the Spam folder, or a custom filter that you have set up. For now the custom filters are available only for the Visionary users.

  5. ben

    Waiting for the APK…. Why did you even decide to use Google Play? You probably know it has a backdoor which basically gives access to the entire OS.. Use spyware to download secure software… Mozila has solved the problem by implementing a self-updating feature on Firefox for android.

  6. ProtonMail Support

    As it is stated in this article, we utilize Google play store to avoid fake “ProtonMail apps” being distributed. The Play store provides security functionality that only allows the owner of an application to publish updates to the application.

  7. jakko

    Yes, but Google is one of the worst offenders of privacy invasion… they’re too big and to do anything within the entire Google family you have to give/allow access to other data in your profiles. I use some Google products but not when I want privacy, secure mail. The fact that I use their Gmail which means I have a Google account, I have to sign in to access their Play Store and would rather not have them know every single thing I download; most of which they know already but they are not my ISP.

    I had been looking for an apk download for the android app as well. I think I’ll need to install a Tor browser for things like that or other important or private document transfers since I’m accessing through non-tor windows site on Google Chrome now to get started. So then I searched for your GitHub, where many apps that come as apk are in repository.

    I have Tor browser on my DROID android and tried to see if link there, from your onion site would list a link for apk file download and was surprised.

    I completely understand about not wanting fake ProtonMail apps, but thought they would not show up on your onion site as easily as they might elsewhere including Google. Just my preference.

  8. Paul Richards

    As you must have gathered by now, many people do not want to use Google Play Services for precisely the same reason that they want to use Protonmail: privacy. You said in mid 2016 that you would be hosting the APK yourself, but that doesn’t appear to have happened, unless I have overlooked something. When will this happen?

  9. Denis English

    Using your Android app then, I have the choice of sending my email in encrypted or non-encrypted form. If I send them non-encrypted, any recipient can read them but if they are sent encrypted, my recipients need a key sent to them separately, correct? Do I make that choice in “settings”?

  10. ProtonMail Support

    When sending to a non-ProtonMail user, you select the password for the message when activating the encryption for outside users:

  11. Manuel Mercier

    Hello ProtonMail team and community,
    As many other users I do not want to use the PlayStore from Google to get my apps for the reason everyone knows.
    Also I wonder if, and when, ProtonMail will make an apk-like download on the website.
    I am sure it will be much appreciated by many folks.
    Thank for your work.

  12. ProtonMail Support

    We will offer a direct download of the APK file in the future.

  13. tj

    quite disappointed with app. Disappointed as others have said with the use of google services but you ahve to start somewhere. Then there is the 4, and ONLY 4 digit PIN. What? so I can either make an easier to type/remember password or I can use a PIN with very limited combinations. Both are not good. Lastly, the contacts. What good is it if my contacts information is just synced to google? then they have it and do what tehy want with it. They do not need to know my contacts bdays nor is I have a note of “mac and cheese is their favorite”. Let us choose what syncs. Or just push the phone number when we want to call/text/etc and not even the name. We are here because we believe in privacy – my info, my business is no ones other than mine. I’ve already connected this account with a google account which is bad enough….

  14. ProtonMail Support

    We only use Google Services for push notifications, which are encrypted and Google cannot read the contents.
    Regarding the PIN, the new versions of the app will also have fingerprint support, if that is preferable.
    Contacts are not synced, you can only upload device contacts to ProtonMail, but not the other way around.
    Phone permission has been removed and is no longer needed.

  15. Hans dieter

    Distributing a privacy app in the Google track store omg -.- when apk release?

  16. ProtonMail Support

    The ProtonMail for Android APK file is available at

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