What is a Catch-All email address?

Catch-All is currently only available for Visionary and Professional ProtonMail account holders.

Catch-All provides ProtonMail Custom Domain users the option to receive all mail sent to their domain, even if it was sent to an email address that has not been setup within their account.

Enabling Catch-All

  1. Ensure your have completed all of the steps to setup your custom domain and addresses.
  2. In the Domains tab within the Settings of your account, you will see all the addresses of the account listed.
  3. To enable Catch-All, check the box next to the address. All mail sent to your domain that does not match an address in your account will now be delivered to this selected address.

Catch All


If you do not have Catch-All enabled and a sender tries to send a message to an incorrect address, they will receive a bounce back message informing them that the address they tried sending to does not exist within that domain.

Your message wasn't delivered to wrongaddress@yourdomain.com because the address couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Tip: To ensure you do not clutter inboxes, we recommend creating a dedicated address (i.e. catchall@example.com or contact@example.com) within your domain to deliver all Catch-All messages to.

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  1. Emmet Arries

    Is there any possibility of this becoming a Plus feature? If not, a add-on for the Plus plan? I want the catchall, but I can only afford the Plus plan. Thank you!

  2. ryan

    100% agree. Most comparable mail services have a catch-all (at least through some custom filter configurations) in the price range of the Plus plan. This is the only feature lacking from Plus that is holding me back from migrating to ProtonMail.

  3. Josh

    I’m also looking for a mail hosting service for my personal email, but I’ve been using a catch-all address for years and can’t switch to protonmail if it won’t support that! I use a different email address each time I sign up for an online service, so I get contacted at lots of different addresses.

    I don’t need any of the other Visionary features, so from my perspective you charge a reasonable 4€ per month for basic service, plus an additional, absurd 20€ just to use a catch-all address! Please make this feature available to us mere mortals!

  4. ProtonMail Support

    The Catch-all feature is also available with the Professional plan, which will cost less than Visionary if you only need one mailbox.

  5. Rodrigo

    Same here, Ryan. This feature should be an add on to the Plus plan.

  6. Robert

    I someone sends me an email to a non-existing address and it is deliverd to my catch-all address/account, will I be able to reply from the same address that the mail was send to? For example:

    1. I have a custom email like john@example.com
    2. I have catch all set up to deliver anything to john@example.com
    3. Someone sends me a mail to john.appleseed@example.com

    When I reply to that email, from which address will my message be sent from?

  7. ProtonMail Support

    The reply will come from the catch-all address, as the email address the message was sent to doesn’t exist in ProtonMail.

  8. Craig Hunter

    Here is another vote for enabling catch-all on the plus plan.

  9. Anonymous

    Can a catch-all message to go multiple mailboxes so that two people can monitor the messages?

  10. ProtonMail Support

    No, an email address can’t be shared between multiple mailboxes. For now, you can set up a new mailbox and share the login credentials if multiple people need to access the address.

  11. Ben Peterson

    this used to be included with plus 😛

  12. ProtonMail Support

    The Catch-All feature was added when the Visionary plan was released. It has never been available in the Plus plan.

  13. Graham

    Would really love the catch-all on plus plan. Either included as a feature or an add-on feature which you would pay a slight additional fee for. A comment on this by ProtonMail Support would be appreciated.

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