Changing my username

Every ProtonMail account has a username associated with it. This username is used as the main email address for that ProtonMail account ( Unfortunately, we cannot change the main login username on your account.

When you created your account, you also created a key that was matched to your username. This key has allowed you to send and receive emails in the most secure manner. By changing your username, you would also be changing this key which has been used to send and receive all the emails in your inbox.

You are welcome to create a new account at

You can also add additional usernames to your account. For more information, see Aliases and Addresses in ProtonMail.

If you would like to merge one account into another account, please see Combining accounts.

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  1. Anonymous

    you guys are the best finally someone is thinking and doing a fantastic job. Expand into a shared desktop and storage, its great. Add a delay on the email out box so not everything goes out at 3 am it can go at 8 am and look normal.
    I love what you do, whole family and company on it and waiting for domain name to be possible but love proton mail all the same. Great amazing job.
    Thank you!!!

  2. Anonymous

    If only we can have a login ID that’s different from our email address – this way it’s less susceptible to hacking.

    Good job nonetheless!

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