Combine Accounts

Upgrading your account to ProtonMail Plus provides you with the option of sending and receiving mail from multiple ProtonMail addresses within one ProtonMail inbox. With one single login, you can now access all your contacts and messages for multiple addresses from the web app and the mobile apps.

To combine multiple existing ProtonMail addresses into one ProtonMail account, we will need to delete all data held within the existing addresses (accounts) you would like to add to your main account.

  1. Please contact support from each of the ProtonMail addresses stating that you would like to add that account to your main account.
  2. You will receive a confirmation from support informing you that all existing information within your account to be merged, will be deleted.
  3. Once support receives confirmation from you, your address to be merged will be deleted and a message will be sent to your main account informing you that you are now able to add your other ProtonMail address.

Please note this process may take a couple of days. To get started, contact support through our support form. Please also note that accounts which have been disabled for policy violation reasons are not eligible for merge requests.

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