Creating a new alias

ProtonMail offers the ability to receive mail to an unlimited number of aliases by using a “+” symbol after your username in your email address. For example, if your username is, you can also receive emails to,, etc.

You can only use an alias to receive emails, not to send.

Using aliases

There is no need to ‘set up’ or ‘create’ an alias in your user settings. Rather, a new alias is created whenever someone sends you an email to that alias.

Aliases are useful for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want to post an alias instead of your main email address on your public website or social media accounts to help identify spam.

Aliases are especially helpful for organizing your inbox in combination with filters. You can create a custom label or folder for all emails sent to a particular alias. For example, you could ask invitees to your wedding to respond to the alias Then, in filters, you can automatically apply the label “Wedding” to all mail sent to that alias. Learn how to create filters here.

Aliases, addresses, and users

Aliases, addresses, and users are not the same thing in ProtonMail. While free users can have unlimited aliases, adding addresses and users are only possible for paid plans.

Addresses are unique email addresses that do not use the “+” symbol. All paid accounts can add additional email addresses using one of the ProtonMail domains (i.e.,, or or using a custom domain. Those with multiple ProtonMail accounts can merge their addresses into a single account in order to send and receive mail from the same mailbox. For example, if you have a Plus plan, you could have your main address as and also receive mail to an additional address like Unlike aliases, you can change the display name and signature for each address.

Users are a feature of ProtonMail for business that allows account owners to create multiple, unique email addresses within an organization. Only Professional and Visionary accounts can add additional users. Once you have created an organization with a custom domain, you can add users to your organization. (Users cannot be added with ProtonMail domains.) For example, you could create,,, etc. These users may be private (meaning the account owner does not have access to the user inbox) or non-private.


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  1. gracia

    Como puedo eliminar una cuenta creada

  2. ProtonMail Support

    If you want to completely delete your account, please follow this guide: Please note that once your account is deleted, there is no way to recover or recreate it. We do not recycle usernames, which means the same username will be not available in the future.
    If you need assistance with something else, please contact our support team at or using the support form at

  3. Tagel

    I can not create an account with proton mail.

  4. ProtonMail Support

    To create a new ProtonMail account, go to
    If you need any assistance please contact our support team at or using the support form at

  5. konstantin

    Greetings. If a user of the plus plan, has created 5 additional mail addresses, what will happen to them when the billing cycle end without renewal? I presume that the default address will downgrade to free plan, but the others? Will they be recyclable after a while? Even more, what will happen to them if the default address be deleted eventually, after has been downgraded, without any credit left? Thank you in advance.

  6. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail subscriptions are not downgraded to the free plan automatically and addresses are never recycled.
    If a user misses their payment, the account becomes delinquent until the invoice is paid.
    You can read more about account delinquency here:

  7. Ian

    I have questions about aliases and how to create them. Also I seem to be reading conflicting information on your website.

    This sentence under the Addresses and Aliases section:
    “Aliases provide the ability to send from multiple email accounts within one ProtonMail account.”
    And this sentence under Creating a new Alias:
    “You can only use an alias to receive emails, not to send.”

    Also this sentence under Aliases, Addresses, and Users:
    “While free users can have unlimited aliases, adding addresses and users are only possible for paid plans.”
    Conflicting with the advertised “Up to 5 email aliases” under the PLUS plan when creating an account.

    All of this has left me more confused than when I started.

  8. ProtonMail Support

    The unlimited aliases referred to here for Free users are actually +alias addresses, for example:, and cannot be used to send messages, however, if you receive a message to a +alias address and reply to it, the +alias address will be displayed in the From field.

    On a paid plan, you can add additional addresses which can be used for both sending and receiving messages, and these addresses can be completely different from your original address. These additional addresses are sometimes also referred to as aliases in the sense that they share the same mailbox as your original address and do not have separate login credentials. Additional addresses can have a ProtonMail domain or custom domain.

    If you need any further assistance, please contact our support team:

  9. Met

    I have an Protonmail Plus account with three different addresses.
    I want to receive an email on my alias ex. but it doesn’t work.
    The sender account couldn’t find the address and the delivery is aborted.
    What I’m doing wrong?

  10. ProtonMail Support

    If this only happens with a specific sender, perhaps their system is not able to send to +alias addresses. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with an address such as
    If you need further assistance, please contact our support team using the support form at

  11. Ricardo Moreno

    Hi, I can’t receive emails to my domain name proton email account I can only send them. Even when I send an email and I respond that email I don’t receive it in my proton mail inbox.

  12. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form at

  13. Emma

    I have an additional email address that I wish to transfer to another protonmail account. Is this possible?

  14. ProtonMail Support


    Please contact our support team using the support form at so they can assist you.

  15. David

    Can I use different addresses for different persons?
    How, can you explain better the kind of person that can use ‘users’ despite ‘address’s

  16. ProtonMail Support

    For separate mailboxes, you will need a plan with multi-user support: Visionary or Professional with the appropriate number of users added.

  17. Denis

    Do unlimited aliases work in combination with custom domains?

  18. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, you can use +alias addresses with custom domains as well.

  19. Jim

    I have a question about multiple e-mail addresses with my Plus plan. I’ll give an example: if I have two e-mail addresses setup in my account, and Lets assume I setup my account initially using
    Are the two addresses linked in any way such that a 3rd party with my e-mail address could figure out that I am And, does ProtonMail keep records in clear text that links the accounts together?

  20. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail does know the aliases you have, however, 3rd parties have no way to connect and

  21. Mike Verdonk

    Greetings. Do 2 of the same new addresses in your 2 domains ( and count as 2 extra addresses or only as 1 extra address . Let’s say I make an extra address in my plus account “”, does “” again count as an extra address or do they count together as 1 extra address? Thanks you.

  22. ProtonMail Support

    All additional addresses count toward the address limit. The only exception is the address with your username that is activated in Settings >

  23. Brandon

    Some website won’t let you register an email account with a + in it. Is there another way to do aliases using another symbol?

  24. ProtonMail Support

    Hello Brandon,

    Unfortunately, no, only +aliases are supported.

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