Using folders and labels

ProtonMail uses a flexible hybrid system of folders, subfolders, and labels to maximize productivity and organization within your inbox.

  • Folders are containers for your emails. If you move a message into a folder, it is removed from your Inbox. Each message can only be stored in one folder (in addition to the All mail and Starred folders) at a time.
  • Labels are simple tags you can add to messages to make them easier to find or to apply filters to. You can add multiple labels to a message, and adding a label does not move it from the folder it is stored in (for example, your Inbox).

folders labels and subfolders in protonmail

Custom labels and folders are shown in the left-hand sidebar of the web app or when you tap the Menu (hamburger) icon in our mobile apps. 


ProtonMail currently uses seven default folders to hold all of your emails — Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Starred, Archive, Spam, Trash, and All mail.

All mail contains all the messages in your account, providing a centralized location to search for messages. The only way to remove a message from All mail is permanently to delete the message from your Trash folder.

Custom folders

Besides the seven default folders, you can create your own custom folders and subfolders. This can be done from the sidebar in the ProtonMail web app. Simply click the + icon next to the Folders heading.

create a folder in protonmail

You can achieve the same result by going to SettingsGo to Settings → ProtonMail → Folders & labels → Folders → Add folder. Folders can also be deleted and folder notifications toggled on and off from this menu.

  • To delete folders, click the icon next to the Edit button in the Actions column and select Delete from the dropdown menu.
  • Notifications alert you when a filter you have set up moves an email to that folder.

Learn more about how to use filters

folders and labels menu

You can choose a folder name, parent folder, and whether you want to see a notification alert when new messages arrive in the folder. By default, folders will have the same color. You can choose to enable folder colors by going to Settings → Folders & labels → Folders → Use folder colors.

folders menu

You can manually move messages from one folder to another by clicking the Move to icon in the email toolbar and selecting the folder you would like the email to be placed in. 

move an email into a folder in protonmail


To create a new label, click the + icon next to the Labels heading in the sidebar of the main ProtonMail web app.

add a new label in protonmail

This will open the Create label menu, where you can name your label and assign it a color. 

Alternatively, go to Settings Go to settings → ProtnMail →  Folders & labels →  Folders →  Add label. Labels can also be deleted from here by selecting Delete from the dropdown menu under Actions

protonmail labels

You can manually add labels to any email, regardless of which folder it resides in. Just click the Label icon in the email toolbar and select as many labels as you like in the dropdown menu.

change protonmail labels

Selecting Also archive removes the message from your Inbox and places it in your Archive folder. If you want to move a message to a different folder, use the Move to option discussed above. 

Please remember that labels are just tags, and messages are actually stored in folders. If you delete a message from its folder, that message will also lose all labels associated with it.

Tip 1: Adding labels to messages and then archiving them can be used to emulate folders, except that you can add multiple labels to any email. 

Tip 2: You can automatically move emails to folders and add labels to emails using filters.

Folder and label limits

Different plans come with different limits on how many folders and labels you can create:

  • Free: 3 folders and 3 labels
  • Plus: 200 folders and 200 labels
  • Professional: unlimited folders and unlimited labels
  • Visionary: unlimited folders and unlimited labels
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  1. Morgan Johnstone

    Hi, I just want to say thanks for verifying this feature is needed. I was just about to email support to see if I was missing something.

  2. ProtonMail Support

    Glad it was helpful! Thank you for using ProtonMail Beta!

  3. Jose Luis


  4. Markus Pitkänen

    Hi! I also miss folder feature, it is needed. But overall this email service is outstanding. Nice work, thank you!

  5. ProtonMail Support

    Thank you for your support. It is coming soon!

  6. HC

    Up-vote for this.

  7. Jan

    I love your service and a lot of my friends are already using Protonmail but for me the create folders thing is needed to organize your mails like Hushmail does;) really great great work and i am looking forward to get that feature so do my friends you People are amazing thumb up

  8. ProtonMail Support

    Thank you for your support! They are coming soon!

  9. Laura Lynnae Daniel

    This is fantastic news! I am unable to find the login area on this page to vote.

  10. Laura Lynnae Daniel

    This is fantastic news! I am very much looking forward to using this as my main account for important emails.

  11. Stéphane Rousset

    I strongly support the (imminent?) addition of this feature.

    … And I too would like to know how/where to log in on this page in order to vote, as this very page askes me to.

  12. Magnus Hedemark

    Thank you for being transparent about the lack of this feature and expected timeframe. I think it’s going to be a very important one to have before I can start moving much of my communications here.

    Folders are important. I think it’s also important to be able to label mail with metadata that smart filters can be applied to. GMail does some neat things with this, as an example.

  13. Anonymous

    +1 Vote Up! I hope with this feature implicated ProtonMail will become my primary e-mail account. Thank you for your work with our security & freedom in your mind.

  14. Eric

    Change ‘out’ to ‘our’ before “top priority” in the content of this page, and your spelling will be good to go. =)

    Full steam ahead.

  15. C Strachan

    Please just use folders and not this label nonsense that Gmail has created.

  16. J

    Earrly 2015 is almost gone. When will this really happen? I was told last year this was “very close”

  17. Mike

    We are going on 5 months into the 2015 year and this (adding folders) was suppose to be done “early” 2015? I mean that is a SIMPLE feature to add, it’s not rocket science. Who wants to have thousands of emails without any organization. This should have NEVER been an afterthought. Love the concept, security…. But this is a real major pain in the you know what.

  18. Gjorgi


  19. Ron

    Thank you for such a smooth and secure e-mailing product. Tops! I do agree that the folders or tabs etc. will enhance it and make it the best of the best. can’t wait so I can really use for that.
    Thanks again,

  20. Nick

    Dudes! I love your work. But why is there a limit in the number of labels I can have?

  21. Anne

    Thanks for offering a mail system that is not snooped and email data sold to marketers. The folders feature is needed, so please add. Customers like me would be willing to pay for email with robust features that is private.

  22. Peter

    Nested labels, I’d like an option to nest labels so labels in labels.

  23. peerSr

    Nested folders and filters please.
    Great service! Thank you.

  24. Shirley

    I would like to be able to move an email to a “folder” or the “label” created, and remove it from the inbox so it’s not cluttered, without deleting it entirely. How can I do this?

  25. ProtonMail Support

    You can Archive it when adding a label.

  26. Andros

    Great service! Love Protonmail. Can’t wait for the paid option with more storage. Was wondering (like Nick above) why there is a limit on the number of labels? Paid option as well? Don’t necessarily mind, but would be nice to know the feature is coming.

  27. Shawn

    I use one label per person I receive email from, so I’d love to have about 300 rather than the 20 limit.

  28. Francisco Abreu

    Is there a limit for the number of labels I can create?

  29. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment, it is limited to 20 but this will be raised in the future.

  30. Paul D

    We really need folders instead of just tags…. and combining messages just because they have the same subject header is really not appreciated

  31. raizo

    Folders are needed.
    This is very basic functionality in e-mail.

  32. J

    FILTERS Please!
    thank you!

  33. David M

    having the ability to set rules for labels would be nice.
    if sender = then label =

  34. John

    Any updates on release date for creating additional Folders? This feature available as part of the paid plans would be fair

  35. Anonymous

    Inboxes and filters are needed. With this feature a complete move to protonmail is possible

  36. Mike

    Folders are very much needed :) Thank you

  37. HydraGene

    First of all, labels are a great feature, very organizing, thank you.
    But I think the usage of these labels can be improved. To my knowledge, now I have to assign a label to every single e-mail. Which is pretty annoying. Even if I get an e-mail from the same contact with the same sort of content, I need to add the label manually again.
    What I miss is an “auto-assign” feature, or the option to “auto-assign” labels. Isn’t it possible to assign a label to an e-mail address? This way every e-mail from automatically gets the label payday, so that I don’t have to take (kind of) unnecessary steps to assign labels over and over again.
    Would be cool if you can build this feature, at least as an option, in the settings for me.
    Keep up the good work!

  38. F

    Would it be possible to get sub-labels and collapsible categories?

  39. Dan

    Before I start moving all my email over to Proton…I need the folder option…labels will not cut it as it clutters your inbox. I’m wanting to move away from Gmail but you need to take care of the folder issue first.

  40. suhas meena

    how can i move the mail directly to the label when the mail arrives. e.g. I have label with name as gmail and i want that all email from * where * represents the userid goes to the label and still i can see them in inbox. That would be a great feature.

  41. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment we do not have custom filters available, but we are working on releasing this in the future.

  42. Noyon

    First of all, Protonmail is Awesome. I’m really satisfied with the mailbox.
    Labels are a very smart way to sort the mailbox.
    But for a better browsing, i’d like to hide emails labelled by clicking on the corresponding labels in the side view for exemple.
    I hope that this feature will be implemented in the future.
    Thank you.

  43. Robert

    Please add active filtering to Protonmail. I would like to create a filter that will automatically send certain emails to folders/labels I create for greater organization.

  44. Vladimiras Lekecinskas

    We need filters – it’s not possible to manually sort hundreds of emails that pour in, labels don’t help when you need to spend so much time each day cleaning your planet from spam and newsletters baobabs. We need automatic filters to skip the inbox (Archive) and assign a label to emails.

  45. Anonymous

    Agree with all the above. Custom folders and filters are a requirement for me

  46. Anonymous

    Please add folders as a feature, or if you insist on using labels (which I’ve never heard of before (no I’ve never used gmail)), give me the option to only view messages with a certain label. The point of folders is to categorize messages and not see the other stuff.

  47. AL

    Was going to become a premium user until I realized that I couldn’t create folders and subfolders. For me, this is a dealbreaker. Hope you guys implement it soon! Cheers.

  48. Russell B Waters

    Would very much like to see filters or some sort of automatic sorting from domains or addresses, I’m very happy with Protonmail in general and this would make me much more happy :-)

  49. Joakim

    I just signed up for a paid plan with ProtonMail. However, I can’t use it yet, because without filters I can not work effectively. Please add filters.

  50. soyboy

    please add RULES I don’t want manually put tags on each letter it’s insane

  51. Jet Walsh

    Need folders and rules functionality please.

  52. Anonymous

    Though the labels are nice, folders are imo a lot better.
    An other thing I would prefer is to disable conversations. Now it’s not an option, and personally I find the conversation-style much more confusing than seperate messages. It would be great to at least have the option.
    Will this be a future feature?

  53. Anonymous

    Hey, filters/rules are missing.

  54. Petra

    I have a premium account with 5+ email addresses on 1 domain, handled by 3 employees. All incoming and sent emails are mixed in 1 inbox. We need the folders to separate at least the different email adresses. Any news on this one?

  55. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment, you cannot setup separate mailboxes and passwords for the custom domains addresses. Also, you cannot add your custom domain on multiple premium ProtonMail accounts.

    We are working on adding these features in the near future.

  56. Anonymous

    Is it possible to move labeled email from the Inbox to a *separate folder* to clean up the Inbox? This feature would be very much appreciated, as otherwise we’re left to scroll through a long list of messages to get to the ones we want. Also, folder close from view messages we want hidden out of the Inbox view. I’m new to ProtonMail (paid subscription) because I like its outlay better than Startmail’s (where I was also a paid subscriber), but have to confess without the ability to put mail into separate folders, I’d have to reconsider, as I can’t easily make sense of a giant collection of emails with different labels.

    The only other issue I’m having so far is the limit on aliases and their permanence. I’d like to find a secure, private email subscription service that allows me to create as many aliases as I need to (even if I have to delete old ones so that only a given number are active at any time). Besides privacy, unlimited aliases was the second main issue I chose to buy a subscription to an email service.


  57. Anonymous

    Don’t know why my comment didn’t publish–excuse me if this is a repeat. I like Protonmail’s look, but have two major concerns (paid-subscriber, here):

    1) Folders. Absolutely needed to overcome an otherwise cumbersome Inbox.
    2) Greater flexibility with aliases. I’d like to be able to create them as needed AND delete old ones. Otherwise these become just other email addresses, circumventing the point, at least for me, of using an alias.


  58. Enbee

    Filtering plus alphabetical labels!

  59. PT

    I started to use ProtonMail; however, without the folders option, I will hold off from using it. Please add the folders feature soon. Thanks.

  60. Pradeep Atluri

    Please add the ability to set up custom Filters that search incoming emails and adds a label or forwards email or archives or moves to trash based on sender or subject keyword.

  61. Anonymous

    I love your service but we seriously need to have incoming mail filtering to folders/filters it’s a must have for many people. Until then I will be keeeping my gmail account open

  62. NeedThis

    Really need to be able to tag mails based on filter rules. Unless im missing something this seems to be a missing feature so far. Something similair to googles “updates, forums” etc would be awesome.

  63. Martin

    One more vote for being delighted with ProtonMail so far but agreeing that Folders are a critically essential feature. I am a paying user

  64. Please add folders

    Please add folders with custom filter. The only missing feature why I have not switched to Protonmail. Please add folders.

  65. Sam

    We need to be able to sort labels eg alphabetical as opposed to the present random presentation. Also as mentioned by others we need nested labels.
    Hope these features come soon.
    Thanks for all the work that has gone into protonmail.

  66. Andrew Mind

    Yeah We need an automatic filtering/lableling by the sender address / domain mask. I have so much letters from monitoring systems, and my Inbox looks like a trashbox without auto-assign by custom filters.

    And about search in messages – If i try search content inside messages, then no results ;(. Now search is working only by sender/destination email addresses and by subject of letters. Do you plan improvements in search functionality?
    Need search content inside messages.

  67. ProtonMail Support

    A first look at Custom Filters in ProtonMail, is now available for testing for all ProtonMail Visionary users.
    At this time ProtonMail does not search the body of your email messages:

  68. Saccodipulci

    Please need account separate for different email adresses for premium accoun (domain custom). Any news on this one?

  69. ProtonMail Support

    Our team is currently working on the sub-accounts. We are hoping to release them by the end of the summer.

  70. GM

    Any chance of folders/sub folders. I can’t commit to paying and switching from gmail without this

  71. ProtonMail Support

    We will consider adding more folder options in the future.

  72. Rebeka

    Hi there,

    Can you help me please, how can i add more mailboxes to my purchase (visionary)?
    I’d like to use, separeted mailboxes (separeted users) with my max. 20GB storage, but i cannot find, how can i create it.

    Many Thank

  73. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment, you cannot setup separate mailboxes and passwords for the custom domains addresses. Also, you cannot add your custom domain on multiple premium ProtonMail accounts.

    We are working on adding these features in the near future, which will probably be by the end of the summer.

  74. hooksfan

    Until you give us the Folder option (besides the ones you already have) many of us will not migrate over. To be able to create your own folders is something other email providers allow you to do…

  75. MHE

    Labels work well, but the folder options is the one thing you could improve to make this fantastic email service even better.

  76. stephen

    I also like folders for organization and cannot commit to using ProtonMail as my main email client yet. I like the different colored labels and can move them to Archive but then the Archive folder becomes cluttered too, although the colors help. Thanks for ProtonMail !

  77. stephen

    On second thought, after moving the colored labeled emails to archive, then selecting the label from the menu, it acts like a folder and shows only the emails under that label. You can also date them from new to old or the reverse and the new-mail counter shows right next to the label, just like a folder. I didn’t notice this until today, I kind of like that, it does add a element of organization. I may like this better!

  78. Brennan

    Please add filtering rules for inbox and labels. Others have asked for folders+rules; I could live without folders but having labels without any automatic filtering with rules makes them almost useless.I like protonmail and what it stands for so I am willing to pay ( as I have been now for months) and do not mind less features to an extent. In fact the ‘big’ email services are too bloated nowadays. Its nice to login and not have blinking, moving, respawning banner adds harassing you the whole time. I have finally made it my primary email; and the lack of rules/filtering was not apparent until now. Please add, Thanks

  79. ProtonMail Support

    Hi Brennan,
    This feature is currently available for our visionary users:
    We are planning to release filters for all users in the near future.

  80. David Tang

    Hi can you export/import Labels from one email provider to another?

  81. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment this is not available. Thank you for your suggestion. We are looking closely to every suggestion our customers are reporting and try to implement it in the future updates to make ProtonMail more user-friendly.

  82. Anonymous

    I have been happy to sponsor the development of the mobile app and other features, and happy to pay for Plus. There are a few much needed options for PM. Folder capability is one. Display options such as a ‘non-conversation’ view is another. And to expand your business toolkit, a good calendar system would broaden your audience. I am sure you are aware of all of these and look forward to their consideration for future release – just wanted to add my support for further dev in these areas and say great job thus far! I am sure there are many who would support you financially in the development of these new features.

  83. Rob

    Hello Protonmail Support!

    Is it possible to use labels automatically? So that if I label one email, all the others from the same address / domain get labeled the same.

    Thank you!

  84. SLe

    I’m just going to re-post Stephen’s comment from above- this is brilliant! For those (who like myself) are frustrated with no folders- see this!!

    “On second thought, after moving the colored labeled emails to archive, then selecting the label from the menu, it acts like a folder and shows only the emails under that label. You can also date them from new to old or the reverse and the new-mail counter shows right next to the label, just like a folder. I didn’t notice this until today, I kind of like that, it does add a element of organization. I may like this better!” ~Stephen (above)

  85. Steve McIntosh

    I’m sorry, but without folders, use is very limited. If you do figure out how to incorporate this, I would like to know as it looks like a great product. Disappointing… deal breaker.

  86. ProtonMail Support

    We use Labels since we believe that they are more versatile. We will consider changing this in the future.

  87. Wilf K

    I would love to use folders and sub folders.. A lot easier for me, too. I would also like the option to NOT have to assign a colour to a label/folder, in order to set it up!!

  88. Guy Carr

    Trying to set up label. I do not see where I can use sub labels. Please advise if you have this capability

  89. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment, we do not have option to create sub-labels. We will consider developing this in the future.

  90. Perttu Ehn

    +1 for Rules to set labels automatically, based on some logic with recipient name, subject etc.

    For easier task management having an option to send an email to with rule to set label “Task” based on the recipient “+task” -part would be really helpful.


    Like all of the others above, I’d love to see folders. That said, I really like the look and feel of the UI – I find it intuitive and clean, unlike the Swissmail account I just jettisoned. Please keep up the good work; I look forward to continued advancement and productivity from ProtonMail. :)

  92. david

    Far better than folders !
    Most of the subjects do not fit in a single folder.
    I read the need for folder, but what for ? labels do it best !

  93. Teresa

    As others have said — I’m very disappointed to not be able to create additional folders and move mail to those. Other E-mail providers have this feature. I don’t understand why ProtonMail doesn’t. I wanted to switch to ProtonMail but this will prevent me from doing that. I hoped “labels” was another name for folders and I created my usual ones — but I see all it does is put that “label” name by the mail and leave it in the Inbox. That will not work for me. I hope you allow the moving of mail to folders soon!

  94. Jerry

    Many people want to have more folders and the ability to create folders as needed and that is what i want also. I see no reason to upgrade when i can’t create my own folders. Personally i do not see a reason for me to label very many emails. Folders are needed, yes this is very much a deal breaker for many people as stated above.
    For me I wanted to use protonmail but without being able to put mail in folders when need is really disappointing. I am at the point of now looking for another email program.

  95. Pete Yadlowsky

    Like many others, I’m very accustomed to using folders, but on closer inspection I see that labels are actually more flexible and useful; e.g an email can have any number of labels, but can belong to only a single folder. This clamoring for folders seems to be a case of clinging to the familiar, perhaps dispelled once people give the new method a chance. That said, what I really need is a way to import from imap email to protonmail, perhaps mapping folder names to labels in the process. I’m sure I’m not the first to ask about this, so here’s another vote.

  96. ProtonMail Support

    We will look into this, and check if it can be done when we add the import option in the future.

  97. Reyn

    FOLDERS! What the hell, guys! Every e-mail provider lets you create folders. Look at all the people who have left a comment on here, showing their desire for folders in their e-mail! Make it so!

  98. ProtonMail Support

    We believe that the Labels are more flexible, but we will consider adding this in the future.

  99. Lala

    I love Protonmail and happy I found it. One thing I would love to see what other email provides are having are sub folders or or nested labels. I have some things that I want to put in a label for example, shopping then create a sub folder or label called “receipts”. Or create a label called “projects” then a sub label called “Buccabu project”. I will be waiting on that soon.

  100. Ray

    I must say i agree with Jerry and Teresa here, not being able to create folders is a becoming a dealbreaker for me. I see no reason to upgrade to plus or visionary either when there is no folder support.

  101. ProtonMail Support

    We believe that the Labels are more flexible, but we will consider adding folders in the future.

  102. PierreRB

    I’m a new pay user of PM and the impossibility manager it with additional folders is simply unbelievable. However, this is a 2 years old request ! I think it should be a higher priority for devs. Could you make it possible for Christmas (2016) ?
    Nice job anyway for this secure mail box.
    Best regards.

  103. ProtonMail Support

    We believe that the Labels are more flexible than folders, but we will consider adding this in the future.

  104. Folders


    The same. I will wait for folders before upgrading to paid account.

    Labels are not convenient at all for me (everyone organize things differently).


  105. secondsunrise

    I am a supporter of the Labels and find them to be very useful. However, I would very much like to see the ability to automatically move emails INTO a label, skipping the Inbox altogether. This is how Gmail works and it is highly efficient and organizable. I have several different labels and sub-labels and instead of clogging up my main Inbox, they are sorted automatically to the correct label and do not even appear in the main inbox.

  106. Ivy

    Just wanted to add on to the cry out for folders. I don’t really care for the labels since everything is still in my inbox. There I things I don’t want to delete but am tired of seeing. Having the option to put said things away in a folder out of my inbox would be great.

  107. Chris

    Just wondering if folders will be coming in the future? Or are we simply meant to use the labels plus archive feature in place of folders? If so, my vote would be for folders to be offered in addition to labels for those who prefer organizing their inboxes in that way. It never occurred to me that proton mail wouldn’t have folders so I was a bit gobsmacked when I realized *after* setting my entire account. Hopefully, they’re on their way! Thanks for an awesome email service!

  108. Eugene Bratvold

    I changed from Gmail to your service and I mainly wanted to find a more secure email and to be able to upload pictures in a folder and documents in another folder and music in another folder but now I’m confused how would I be able to do all that on your service?

  109. ProtonMail Support

    For now we only offer email service and we do not offer cloud storage. This is planned for the future.

  110. Lola

    As it is impossible (october 2016) to organize the labels by alphabetic order, use my method :
    create the 20 labels from the beginning , in that order :
    1) A 2)B 3)C 4) D 5) E 6)EF 7)F 8) GH 9)IJK 10)LM1 11) LM2 12) NO1 13)NO2 14) PQ 15)QR 16)S 17)ST 18)T 19)UV 20)WX
    You can add more As, less Ns…according to which language you’ll use…
    You will be always able to fill the proper names of the labels afterwards when you’ll need them…
    Otherwise you’ll end up with a mess such as : 1) mum 2)Ana 3)Wilson 4)Suzan….and it is for now impossible to move “Ana” at the top of the list, for instance…

  111. ProtonMail Support

    We are looking into adding the order option in the future. For now you can order the labels any way you want in Settings>Labels by dragging and dropping the label in the correct spot.

  112. Dan

    I am in the same boat as Jan and Al. I NEED folders so I can create specific ones for certain emails. I hope that this will become an option for all level Protonmail users in the VERY near future.

  113. Charlie Parish

    Labels are fine and dandy but I really do need hierarchical folders for serious email use. The Inbox becomes just too cluttered otherwise. A proper Windows client or IMAP would allow this.

  114. Jim

    Folders have worked fine for me for years. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I’d like to convert to Protonmail but until folders are supported it’s a no-go!

  115. Vas

    Just adding up to the above comments, I think the “adding folder” option is an essential part of a proper email management. Hope it can be introduced shortly, as labeling is too messy.
    Overall, great work guys! Keep it up..!

  116. Diane

    I just jumped right in on a 1 year Subscription & I would also like to have a add folders feature however labels are nice I would still rather separate into personal folder categories with labels within those folders .

  117. dave

    how do you create / alter / list the labels in an alphabetic manner… 1,2,3 a,b,c…..?

    where is this function within the settings->?

  118. ProtonMail Support

    We will provide this option in the future.

  119. Anthony

    Well …. I read through 2 years of comments. Could you please give us an honest and transparent answer about when you will implement folders? You have been talking about it for 2 years.

  120. ProtonMail Support

    It is not planned right now because labels + filters + archive folder almost perfectly replicates folders.

  121. Patricia A. Callebaut

    i want to use the filters but it don’t works!

  122. KM

    Need folders. The “Labels” creates one huge mess. And they won’t go alphabetical. Are you kidding me?

    Please put folders feature!!

  123. ProtonMail Support

    You can change the order of the labels in Settings –> Labels.

    If you use labels together with filters and the archive feature, Labels are practically indistinguishable from folders.

  124. Monte


    Recently signed up for Proton Mail and we use it for my business. Having a bit of a hard time with the following issues;

    When an email comes in, I can assign it to a label. I get that, and it works fine. However, although the email has the label, it is still in my inbox. How can I move it to a folder? I want the folder and label to be the same? No point in having the email with a label, but still in my inbox.

  125. ProtonMail Support

    To create custom folders, go to Settings > Folders/Labels and click on the ADD FOLDER button. Then you can move messages to your newly created folders.

  126. Sofiane

    Seriously limited to 20 Label?

    You said

    ProtonMail Support on February 6, 2016:

    “At the moment, it is limited to 20 but this will be raised in the future.”

    When? I took a slap with this limit what can we do with 3 folders and 20 Label?

    I stopped my Gmail migration -> ProtonMail

    Please skip this limit it makes no sense! This is not a “professional” function. Everyone organizes their emails

    I love you but there …

  127. ProtonMail Support

    The premium plans have higher limits for folders and labels, 200 for Plus and unlimited for Professional and Visionary.

  128. adminme

    how do you delete custom folder?

  129. ProtonMail Support

    To edit or delete folders and labels, go to Settings > Folder/Labels and click on Edit or Delete to the right side of the appropriate folder.

  130. Sephyroth

    Sub-Folders please ?
    Thanks you

  131. TH

    How to do “search” for all messages with a particular Label?

  132. ProtonMail Support

    Click on the label in the left hand navigation menu or search for “in:labelname”, without the quotes.

  133. TCC

    I want to delete a folder. How do I do that?

  134. ProtonMail Support

    To manage your folders and labels, go to Settings > Folders/Labels and click on the Edit or Delete buttons at the right side of each folder/label.

  135. Anonymous

    Is there a way to view messages that only have multiple labels?

    For instance, if some messages have label “to read” and some other messages have label “important”, is there a way to see ONLY the messages that have BOTH labels?

  136. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

  137. Mary March

    Help! My folders are not showing up anymore, nor can I access their contents. How can I restore them?

  138. ProtonMail Support

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  139. Greg

    How do you get the folder to display on the dashboard? I created folders but they do not display.

  140. ProtonMail Support

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  141. Michael Lloyd-Wright

    I have lost all my designated folders from the left hand display column and am not able to retrieve these ; instructions please!

  142. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  143. HH

    How do labels appear in thunderbird? Can I manage and assign them in thunderbird to messages?

  144. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  145. yula

    Can I apply Sieve Filters for Labels? If so how can I code that to my filters?
    Example: I get an email containing a certain exact or loose word in it, ie; PGP, I filter all emails that come in with PGP in it’s name, sender’s address or body of the email and applies the label “PGP” to it automatically by the Sieve Filter.

  146. ProtonMail Support

    Applying Labels can be done using the filter creation wizard, there is no need to manually write a sieve filter. To add a label using sieve, you need to use “fileinto “label”;” (without the first and last quotes).

  147. Yoann

    It wasn’t intuitive to me to “apply” the label at first, I expected it to be applied as soon as I have checked it. Also, is there a way to set to “also archive” by default when I set a label ?

  148. ProtonMail Support

    When applying a Label, the “Also archive” attribute will remember the setting used last. If you have used “Also archive” when last applying a label, it will be selected when applying a Label next time. There is no way to set “Also archive” to be turned on by default.

  149. EB

    The folders I had created, that shows in the left hand panel had disappeared… I can’t find the folders I had created that moved emails into. I’m not sure what the problem is. I need the folders to organise emails into categorised folders. Please fix the problem. Anyone know where to make the folders visible in the left hand panel? Thanks

  150. ProtonMail Support

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  151. Susan

    Hi…I’m new to Proton Mail and am trying to set up my email. I am trying the free version to establish if this service is a good fit for me. There are limited folders and tags and I created 2 folders and one tag that I don’t want…I was just trying to figure things out. I can’t find any way to delete them and start over. Any suggestions?

  152. ProtonMail Support

    To manage your folders and labels, go to Settings > Folders/Labels and click on the Edit or Delete buttons at the right side of each folder/label.

  153. David

    My URL ‘’ contains no unique label (multiple identical labels).
    Do you how delete these multiple labels ?

  154. JYD

    in the setting-dashboard, it said only 3 labels can be created, actually, this page told me the correct asnwer is 20 labels, i think your team should correct this miss information in the dashboard.
    wrong informaiton is as following
    150 Messages per day
    3 Folders / 3 Labels

    thanks .

  155. Ilian Nikolov

    Please please please allow the ability to create sub-folders! This should be standard!

    I look forward to this being implemented soon. Thank you and great work so far!

  156. crs

    I would love to have sub-label report (similar to g-mail).

  157. Alan

    First, congratulations for your great job.
    Starting using protomail, it seems the feature of sub-Folders is missing. Do you plan to implement such possibility ?

  158. ProtonMail Support

    For now, there are no plans on adding support for sub-folders. Instead of sub-folders, we can recommend you use Labels to tag your messages in a certain folder.

  159. Anonymous

    Thanks for the job but I agree that sub-folders is a very usefull feature and it’s different than use Labels.
    It’will be great if you can add the feature to your road map.


  160. Ignacio Valenzuela

    Hello ProtonMail Development Team,
    I’ve been trying out PM for a while now and am as happy with it as I can be at its present stage of development. I actually prefer the tagging/labelling organisation method over the folder method so no issues there and I generally prefer a very simple lean application so, again, no issues. However, I am concerned about long term storage of data. To that end, I am not sure what the Archive feature does other than remove the emails from the inbox. I believe it still increments my data storage and does nothing to actually “archive” the data in a safe, albeit less readily accessible location outside of the PM servers. Am I correct in assuming that the only way to truly “archive” (and take ownership of the archive) is to upgrade to a Plus account and employ the Bridge software to link to a local email client?
    Thank you.

  161. ProtonMail Support

    The Archive function is used to tidy up your Inbox and archived messages still count toward your storage quota. To move the messages out of your ProtonMail account, you can use the Bridge to set up your ProtonMail account in a desktop email client and move them to a different account set up in the same client. We are also currently working on our own import/export tool which will make this process much smoother, but we do not have an ETA yet.

    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at, or using the support form at

  162. Kapoios

    I was looking to switch to your email but folders limit is a deal breaker…
    I was considering the paid service also (although 4euro/per month it is a little expensive to me) … but again there is no support for subfolders again a deal breaker.. completely disappointed by this since i was impressed by the rest of the features and I was ready to create my account

  163. Philw

    The Filtering function does not work. I have a paid account. I have filters set up, folder set up, but multiple tests and nothing sorts. Everything goes to inbox only.

  164. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form:, at or

  165. CSH

    How can I filter for only UNREAD messages and is it possible to have an option to exclude Sent and Deleted email from the All folder?

  166. ProtonMail Support

    To view only unread messages, click on the More button and select Show unread.
    The All Mail older will show all messages and you cannot exclude folders from All Mail.

  167. paul rieth

    When I send a pic from my Apple iphone 5 to my protonmail address, it does not let me save it as pic in my “downloads” folder on my pc. I never had this problem when I had AOL. Is there a method to resolve this?

  168. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form at, via the report bug button or at and

  169. s

    I am just starting out with Protonmail. I like many of the features but need more folders. I am considering upgrading however have noticed that I can not rename a folder already in existence. Am I correct here? If so this would be a definite drawback. I rarely organize things well the first time around. How does one rename a folder?

  170. ProtonMail Support

    When you go to Settings > Folders/Labels, there is an EDIT option to the right of each folder or label.

  171. Nikita Kirillov

    I’m also vote for subfolders. As I’m using few different custom domains and for better organization would be better to have main folder of each domain- and other subfolders inside. As Example
    —-not important


  172. Anil Lacerda

    Is there an option to make sub folders?

  173. ProtonMail Support

    No, sub-folders aren’t supported at the moment, only Folders and Labels.

  174. lambert strether

    I have a 20 or so folders and I don’t like that scrollbar because I want to be able to scan my folders and see how many new messages I have.

    The default folders are taking up vertical space that I would prefer to dedicate for folders that I use most often.

    I would at least like to be able to drag the default folders to the bottom of the sidebar in Settings, or hide them in a subfolder.

    Or could I move the default folders to the bottom of the sidebar with CSS? Or hide them?

    Thank you

  175. Arne Raaschou

    Is it not possible to have several levels of folders?
    E.g. I would like to have all my scouting correspondence in a folder called DDS (the Danish scouting association) and below that folder have folders as MoMs, arrangements, web development etc.

  176. ProtonMail Support

    Sub-folders aren’t supported at the moment. For now, you can try using a combination of a custom folder+labels to achieve a similar effect.

  177. John Mautz

    +1 for Sub-Folders. I know Sub-folders aren’t supported at this time, but want to add my comment so you know it is desired and counted in your tally for what features are being requested by your customers.

  178. John

    Good article, – thanks, – but we really need archiving functionality extending in order to allow entire folders to be archived, because it is pointless being able to organize emails in a folder structure only to then have to mess around with labels in order to archive them. – A much better system would be one that allowed entire folders, and the content of those folders, to be archived.

  179. Tony

    Need filters, ability to add subfolders and ability to resize the width of the folders list PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  180. Rab

    I’ve just joined ProtonMail Plus with the plan to quickly move to Professional however I am very disappointed to find there is no ability to setup sub-folders. I consider this to be the most basic form of organising email, when is this feature expected to be provided? Yes I read above that you suggest using folders AND labels can achieve the same effect however why should I do two things when I only need to do one? I am planning on using multiple custom domains and doing this without the ability to create sub-folders is a BIG negative. I did expect better than this.

  181. ProtonMail Support

    We’re working on it but can’t provide an ETA yet.

  182. Khayaali

    “Please note: Labels are not stored in the label tag, they are stored in the folders (Inbox, Archive, Spam etc.). If you delete the message from the folder, the message will be deleted from the label as well.”

    I think you meant “MESSAGES are not stored…”

  183. ProtonMail Support

    Thanks, updated!

  184. Ivan

    I would also like sub-folders and/or sub-labels. Could this feature please be implemented?

    On Gmail, the way they do it is that they treat the character \ as special, and, for example, Work\Company1 denotes folder Company1 inside the folder Work. I’m not sure it is necessary to actually implement a concept of subfolders at DB level: they could potentially be treated as simply pointers to one folder. Just the list is sorted as a tree taking \ into account, and the GUI treats \ special.

    Does this make sense?

  185. Ivan

    Is it possible to find all the emails that are not categorized, meaning that they are not in any folder and/or have any label?

  186. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, you cannot filter by uncategorized messages. We may see if this can be implemented in the future.

  187. Rachel Wagner

    Can I make subfolders, like you can in gmail? For instance, I’d like to have a folder called “Projects,” with subfolders inside for individual projects.

  188. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment sub-folders are not available, but we plan on adding this in the future.

  189. Virgilio

    Hello as I only have a limit of 20 labels I would like to know how can I delete an already existing label or rename it?

    Kind regards

  190. ProtonMail Support

    Go to Settings > Folders/Labels > click on either EDIT or DELETE on the right side of the screen for the appropriate label.

  191. Alehandro

    Hi! I accidentally made changes to my notes and immediately undone them,but there is no undo in the project. Tell me, can you do something to help roll back the data that was in the notes on my mail?

  192. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail doesn’t offer Notes at this time. If you’re referring to Drafts, once a draft’s contents change and the draft is saved, no previous version of that draft message is saved or can be restored.

  193. Thomas

    Not only Sub-Folders, but also a tag-hierachie, like G***. Tags are IMHO so much superior to folders, cause a mail can have multiple tags. So tags is my substitute für folders.

  194. JM

    Anyone here i have the plus edition for protonmail and i am trying to filter my emails into the a folder/label i created but everytime i try i get a error message saying “Invalid filter representation” ? can anyone help?

  195. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team:

  196. John

    I’d like to have subfolders/sublabels as well. I think this is especially useful for people with many folders/labels.

  197. Lou

    As a payed user I would like once more to remind the ProtonMail team to implement subfolders to organize my folder structure.
    This is a crucial feature, pretty standard in every application office or e-mail related and shouldnt be a matter to discuss for years now!

  198. Paul

    I can apply more than one label, is it possible to search using more than one label? For example, I want to search for all mail that has labels AND AND

  199. ProtonMail Support

    Sorry, this is not possible at the moment.

  200. Random Person

    Hi, how do I delete labels and folders? Thanks.

  201. ProtonMail Support


    There a DELETE option on the right side of the page in Settings > Folders/Labels.

  202. Anonymous

    Hello, how do I do a search like “all mail that is UNREAD and does not have label MYLABEL”?

  203. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only search for messages that have a specific label, but not for messages that don’t have it.

  204. David Alan Denison

    I feel conned into using this system without folder trees. How do I get back to using Oultlook on my machine when other on my ISP do not want to move as they dont miss Folder trees. This is urgent as it causing lots of issues

  205. Ali

    I know you don’t have sub-folders as a feature yet but please get those in soon :p I just switched over and would seriously love to have this feature in ASAP especially since I am planning to bring over both my personal and professional accounts over to ProtonMail. I feel like sub-folders should have been included within the feature set from the get go when folders were being created.

  206. C. van Leeuwen

    How do I sort the folders in Alphabetical order in the Beta version?

  207. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, this is not yet available in the beta version. Please log in to the production version to sort folders.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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