What are custom domains?

A domain (or domain name) is the name of a website that can also be used as part of an email address. Example domains include protonmail.com and google.com.

A custom domain name is a domain that you own. If you own the domain yourname.com, you can host a website with the URL www.yourname.com (although this is not actually required). You can also receive emails at the address hello@yourname.com. 

  • You can link your domain to your ProtonMail account so that messages sent to an address that uses your domain will arrive in your ProtonMail inbox (or those of your Organization Users). 
  • You can also send emails from your ProtonMail account using your custom domain, instead of from your @protonmail.com or @pm.me addresses. 
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Custom domains are available on all paid plans.

Custom domains and organizations

A custom domain is required in order to create an organization. This allows you to add other users to your ProtonMail account, each of which can be assigned a unique email address using your domain. For example, user1@yourdomain.com, user2@yourdomain.com, etc. 

To create an organization with a custom domain, you will need:

  1. A Professional or Visionary ProtonMail plan.
  2. A custom domain. An available domain can be purchased for around €10 per year from a domain registrar such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, or Domains.ch (which is Swiss-based). Please note that we name these registrars for information only, and have no affiliation whatsoever with any of them.

How to use your custom domain with ProtonMail

To connect your custom domain to ProtonMail, you must change a number of settings for it using a dashboard on your domain registrar’s website.

  1. Upgrade your existing ProtonMail account to any of our paid plans. 
  2. You must have access to your domain’s DNS records. Your domain provider will be able to help you find your domain’s DNS records. Once you have the records, you can change them and point them towards ProtonMail. 

Note that you will not be able to add addresses from domains you do not own or control, such as .edu or .gov domains.

Learn more about how to connect a custom domain

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  1. wilkart

    Can more than one account use my custom domain I direct to ProtonMail MX?
    It is obvious by security reasons that the answer is NO, but I am thinking to force couple of my friends I share email domain with to move to ProtonMail, pay upgraded account and keep our email addresses with our beloved @domain.mail

  2. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment we do not support sub users, which means that you can’t have different login credentials for the addresses you add on your premium account. Also the same domain can’t be used on more than one premium account.

  3. Jack Henning

    we own counselingdehoeksteen.nl and cross-fire.nl can we create email adresses with the same security?
    Sincerely Jack Henning

  4. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on contact@protonmail.ch or via the Report Bug button for more details.

  5. Lawyer with NY bar

    You call this a custom domain and you support only one address? Are you kidding me? And you are only showing this in a small note in the COMMENT section? We just paid you full year for this nonsense! This is unacceptable! How we are suppose to use this now? Having all our users login into one account or what?

  6. ProtonMail Support

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are planning to implement option to set up different logins and mailboxes in the near future.
    Can you please contact us at contact@protonmail.com?

  7. PhilH

    Hi there, is the near future of summer 2016 still near? :)
    We need multiple addresses with the same custom domain, do you still plan to make this feature available?
    Thank you!

  8. ProtonMail Support

    Multiple custom domain addresses with separate logins are available with the sub-users feature for Professional and Visionary accounts.

  9. Armando

    how do i create multiple users with separate loggins?

  10. ProtonMail Support

    To create sub-users, you will need to have a custom domain set up. Once you set up the custom domain, go to Settings > Addresses/Users and click on the ADD USER button. Please note that sub-users can only have custom domain addresses assigned.
    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, via the report bug button or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  11. Eric Mallet

    I would like to know several things about Protonmail.
    1°) Is it possible to add informations about contact such as address, phone number, a second or third email address?
    2°) If I put a message from “Inbox” in a “Label setting”, can this message be automatically transferred in this “Label” so that it does not appear in “Inbox”? Or must I for each message (in a second time) “move it to archive”?
    3°) What is a “Custom domain”: what is it for?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.
    Best regards,
    Eric Mallet

  12. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment the contacts have only Name and e-mail address fields, we are working on adding more fields in the future. The Labeled messages show in the Inbox, unless you move them to the Archive, you can do this when you apply a label to the message, by checking the Also Archive checkbox. You can read about custom domains in this article

  13. Valerie

    If I am using a custom domain connected to a proton mail account, is this equally secure as a protonmail domain would be?
    Specifically, should I be concerned about a security breach through the web/domain host (with whom I have the mail server pointed at Protonmail)?

  14. ProtonMail Support

    Using a custom domain is just as safe as using ProtonMail domain addresses since all communication goes through ProtonMail’s servers and is encrypted using our encryption.

  15. Anonymous


  16. ProtonMail Support

    Sending using SMTP is only available via the ProtonMail Bridge. https://protonmail.com/bridge/
    Please note that the Bridge is only available for premium accounts.

  17. Praxidice

    To date I’ve only used my protonmail account with username@protonmail.com, however I’m considering using a custom domain email address like someotherusername@custom_domain.com and wish to know if that will interfere with my username@protonmail.com email address. To put this another way, can I use username@protonmail.com AND someotherusername@custom_domain.com ?? I intend hosting a website in due course on custom_domain.com, consequently I’ll need to configure DNS services to point to the host. Presumably protonmail custom domain configuration only requires A / MX configuration ?

  18. ProtonMail Support

    Setting up a custom domain address does not affect your protonmail.com address. ProtonMail only requires MX and TXT records, A is not used for ProtonMail.

  19. Angelhair

    What happens if I create a custom domain email address and then don’t pay the subscription? Do I lose access to that email? Not that I’m planning on that. This is coming from someone who has donated before and just signed up for the service.

  20. ProtonMail Support

    Failing to pay your invoice on time will cause your account to become delinquent with limited access. You can read more about account delinquency here: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/delinquency/.

  21. Marci Malone

    I don’t need a custom domain for my purposes. I just want to add an additional user to this account. I just upgraded to the Professional level and all I really need is two users for the email service. No custom domain – nothing else

  22. ProtonMail Support

    Additional users can only be added using custom domain addresses. ProtonMail domain addresses can only be added as aliases that share the same mailbox to the main ProtonMail account.

  23. Eric W

    I upgraded my email address to I believe protronmail.com plus as well as subscription to this as well as Protron VPN which I use daily. I was locked out of (hidden) but could get into my VPN account both under (hidden). I hopefully reset it, had a reset email address all I can say is I got in VPN I’ve been locked out of my email address for over a month. Matter of fact since making order to (hidden). It could be (hidden) anyway due to this ice been locked out of my PayPal account and this has been almost 45 days. I tried via app and final address another account which I do not want I want my (hidden) and need info on upgraded to more service especially in VPN use Netflix and Tor I need links or whatever you can provide to protect my devices from being seen.

  24. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.com or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  25. alwx

    I need to add my domain and it askes me to provide the password!? what password???

  26. ProtonMail Support

    When adding a custom domain to ProtonMail, you will need to enter your current ProtonMail login password.

  27. David

    If I currently host an email on G Suite, once I add the domain to ProtonMail, will my emails transition over? Will I still able to access them in G Suite? Or, do I lose them?

  28. ProtonMail Support

    Your current messages will not be transferred automatically from Gmail to ProtonMail. At the moment, the only way to move messages from one account to another is to use the ProtonMail Bridge app (https://protonmail.com/bridge/) to set up both accounts in a desktop email client. Once you have both addresses set up in the same email client, you can use drag and drop to move messages from one account to the other.
    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, via the report bug button or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  29. vince

    I want to switch from a yahoo account to a paid protonMail account.
    Is it easy to 1) import all my contacts into protonmail 2) Import my yahoo folders into protonMail 3) import my “sent mail” from Yahoo. I don’t need details on how to do this, just want to know if it’s easy to do – If so I’m sure I can figure it out. Thanks thanks,

  30. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form, via the report bug button or at contact@protonmail.ch and support@protonmail.ch.

  31. Andrew

    I was looking to register a domain name here. and Protonmail has a link with a suggestion to namecheap.com This company is a straight fraud scam company. that im trying to deal with now and its just a nightmare. they are selling the domain names while their service is not even working and the next day you find out that the domain name you tought you got is still on their web page.Also so many people are having a terrible expirience with them…My poit is why you guys damage your reputation and sugest this scam companies to your clients. namecheap.com is the most terrible company out there.

  32. ProtonMail Support

    Namecheap is just put in as an example. You are free to use any domain registrar you prefer.

  33. MacGyver

    Hi there,

    ERR… From what I understood, YOU (Protonmail) were going to provide me with a domain option ie john@smith.com.
    Am I to assume that now I have paid for premium, I actually need to pay again for yet another email domain?

    Thanks – or not as the case may be lol

  34. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail does not offer domain registration services. You will need to purchase a domain name from a third party domain registrar which you can then use in ProtonMail. If you need help with setting up your domain after purchasing it, our support team can assist you: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  35. Brenda

    I upgraded to be able to manage my family’s email accounts- 3 separate email addresses (not aliases). Why would a private domain name be necessary? Won’t for example: husband@protonmail.com, wife@protonmail.com, and child@protonmail.com work where one would be the admin and the others users?

  36. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail addresses are not available to sub-users at the moment, but this might be possible in the future.

  37. RJL

    If i purchase my own domain, does Protonmail host it or do I need to have it hosted by a third party?

  38. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail doesn’t offer hosting or DNS services. You will need to purchase a domain from a third-party registrar and add the necessary DNS records for ProtonMail.

  39. Troels

    Is it possible to use our existing domain for both Proton mail and our website?

    And if yes, are there any technical pitfalls that we should know about in order to prevent issues?

  40. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, you can use an existing domain that has a website set up. Since ProtonMail requires a specific set of DNS records that are independent of those for a website, there should be no issues. For more information and help with setting this up, please contact our support team: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  41. ShellySeaShort

    If I use a domain name I own, that’s easily traceable back to the me, the owner. And for those few who get privacy protection with register.com or godaddy, all they have to do is obtain a broker as if they wanted to purchase it from the owner, and frequently the broker will reveal the actual owner. Seems ridiculous.

  42. nick

    I purchased the plus plan some time ago and setup my custom domain with little issue. however today i upgraded the plan to include two custom domains.

    While setting up the second one was no big deal am I going to be able to configure outlook to see this second domain as a valid send from email address?

    Do you have a topic on this part? I can access proton mail through the web login and verify I can sned and recieve from the webmail app but need to do this on outlook as well? Is this possible or should I have upgraded to the pro plan?

  43. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team for help with setting up Outlook via the Bridge: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  44. john

    When a recipient goes to enter password to read mail, they get “website is blocked”. Will a custom domain fix this? or has their internet provider / company firewall or something blocked proton mail?

  45. ProtonMail Support

    It’s possible that ProtonMail is blocked by their ISP or another firewall. Please contact our support team at https://protonmail.com/support-form so they can gather more details and look into it.

  46. Marc

    Is there a way to use email forwarding addresses such as those from https://www.email.ch/ with protonmail. I have upgraded in the hope this is possible. They offer paid forwarding addresses, but I do obviously not own the domain.

  47. ProtonMail Support

    If this service simply forwards messages, there’s no problem with receiving them at your ProtonMail address, however, you won’t be able to reply from @email.ch from ProtonMail.

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