Dashlane with ProtonMail

Dashlane is rated as one of the best password managers who also provides secure digital wallet.

Below you will find steps to configure Dashlane on mobile and web.

Web Browser

1) Navigate to the Passwords tab and click on the Add new button.

Dashlane Add New

2) Configure your login information and click OK.

Dashlane Login Configure

*Please note that our current login URL is: https://mail.protonmail.com/login. This may change in the future.

3) You can add more details into the right pane. If you want to be logged in automatically with your Login password, click on More Options and select the check-box “Always log me into this web site“.

Dashlane details

4) If you would like to save your Login and Mailbox password, you will need to create two different entries for both.
Follow the above steps to create Mailbox password entry and change the name so the fields can be differentiated.


5) Navigate to our Login page and click on the Login button if your auto-login option is not enabled.

Dashelane Login

6) On the Mailbox password page, select the entry for the Mailbox password and click on the Unlock button.

Dashlane Mailbox

*Please note that auto-login is not working for the Mailbox password.



1). Allow Dashlane to be used with Android apps in Settings -> Accessability.



2) Navigate to Passwords tab and click on the Add password button.



3) Type ProtonMail’s login url: https://mail.protonmail.com/login and click Next


4) Configure your Login details



5) Open the Android application and select the Dashlane floating icon to fill in the credentials.
*Please note that you cannot use Dashlane for logging in with your Mailbox password on the Android app.