Display name and email signature

Customizing your display name and email signature is a helpful way to provide identification and personalization to the emails you send. 

Your display name is shown in the From field of outgoing emails. If you choose to set one, it should reflect how you want to be identified to your email recipients. 

Your email signature is the text that automatically appears at the end of your emails. A typical email signature includes your name, position, workplace, and other contact information. Even if you set an email signature in your account settings, you can still modify or delete your signature within the Composer for each new email.

Customizing your display name and email signature

1. Go to Settings at the top right and click on Go to settings.

Go to settings

2. Select Identity & addresses in the left sidebar. Under the Identity & addresses section, you can customize your display name and email signature. 

Display name and email signature

3. If you have multiple email domains, you can customize each one by selecting an address from the dropdown menu.
Select email domain

You can also choose to leave your display name and email signature blank. If you do not enter a display name, your email address is automatically used as a display name in most email clients. For example, if your email address is john@protonmail.com, your display name will be shown as john or john@protonmail.com.

Here is how your email address is displayed when there is no display name set:

And here is how the same email appears in Gmail when the display name is set to ProtonMail: